30 Winter and Christmas Color Palettes To Warm You Up

As temperatures begin to drop and the winter jackets come out of hibernation, we start to feel a cozy and nostalgic winter mood. The dramatic colors of fall slip into the quieter, more subdued colors of winter. It’d be easy to think that winter is a season void of color. We’ve created winter and Christmas color palettes to show you the many color combinations of the holidays, including HEX codes and some usage ideas. Add these winter and Christmas color palettes in your social media graphics, brand colors, packaging, business cards, and more!

Winter color palettes

From frosty nights to cozy dinners by the fire, these winter color palettes cover every mood of winter.

Light the way

candlelight color palette Hex Codes: #889b70 #ede0d1 #f8f1ec #ffe299 #f2934c Winter is the perfect time for candlelight and sitting by the fireplace. Muted hues of green and orange are great for warming up your winter color palette.

So romantic

deep red flowers color palette Hex Codes: #231e05 #80785e #d7b588 #8b1d1a #1c0205 The season of love and warmth calls for deep shades and bold palettes. This festive color palette is perfect for those looking to create a warm and romantic appeal.

Winter wonderland

winter wonderland colors Hex Codes: #fef8d0 #fad9a9 #dca99a #bd808b #5b3849 There’s something about a sunset over a snowy scene that is truly captivating. From the gold of the morning to the pinks of the evening, this winter palette perfectly captures the feeling.

Staying in

blue and gray color aesthetic Hex Codes: #eaeaea #c2cbca #a3b5b2 #555e59 #171c17 Soft pastel colors of teal and gray have a calming effect. From the white of snow to the turquoise of your favorite scarf, it makes for a cool but comforting winter palette.

Citrus twist

red and orange color palette Hex Codes: #102e05 #6f7f34 #f49e3f #cc5f2e #8d201a Warm drinks and cinnamon sticks are the makings of a perfect night-in. This holiday color palette highlights the crisp orange and deep reds of the season along with the evergreen of a Christmas tree.

Frosted violet

plum shades and hues Hex Codes: #070709 #421131 #4d2768 #745480 #a8acce This luxurious color palette brings the deep mahogany and plum of winter foods to life. Blue undertones help create a classic, cool winter palette. 

By the fire

deep brown hues and shades Hex Codes: #ddc6b6 #b2a394 #665445 #583a31 #262223 Earthy dark tones are comforting and grounding. This palette offers a more rustic and centered appeal with hues of dark brown and beige reminiscent of warm nights in a winter cabin.

Stand out

red and green winter hues Hex Codes: #932421 #ed4d45 #dedfe4 #93a08d #3f4636 A true winter palette. Red and green are the perfect Christmas colors. When used in various shades and hues, however, you can have a natural palette with a pop of red to garner attention.

Warm and cozy

orange color palette Hex Codes: #113640 #5098b3 #dae3ef #edaa88 #f28f3d Blue and orange sit on opposite ends of the color wheel, making them complementary winter colors. From the orange in your mulled wine to the blue of frozen ponds, this winter color palette is warm yet refreshing.

Woolly knits

deep shades of winter colors Hex Codes: #421808 #895838 #cdd1c9 #a78c4a #1e4f42 Cozy up with sweaters, scarves, and gloves. Add depth to cool winter colors with mahogany, mustard, and apricot. They work well in transitional fall periods as well!


wood colors Hex Codes: #382f28 #766353 #ecdbba #863f27 #47231c From the off-white of birch to the deep brown of walnut, the many shades of wood add a vintage look to any winter color palette. Use them for a country feel.

By candlelight

burning candles hues Hex Codes: #fffff5 #fde28e #ffc251 #faaf5b #712710 Turn up the cheer with analog yellow and orange for a bright winter color palette. They add a soothing, warm, and comforting effect to frigid winter colors. Use them to lighten up any mood!

Twinkle lights

lavender and pastel color hues Hex Codes: #ffe8e3 #d1b8ba #ba9ead #687275#40505a Pastel hues of pink, lavender, and gray add a pop of color to frosty winter hues like white, blue, and gray. Think of soft sunsets over snow-covered rooftops and frosted trees!

Let’s go skating

blue and white winter hues Hex Codes: #eae4e2 #d0ced0 #add1eb #98b4cb #6693aa Classic winter colors like blue and white embrace the purity of a frosted landscape. Use them to add serenity and peace to any element.

Frozen in time

dark teal and walnut winter hues Hex Codes: #011014 #2a6d8a #09443b #491b0d #c9ced3 A palette full of deep winter shades. Rich forest green and mahogany add depth and dimension to more muted gray and blue winter color palettes.

Christmas color palettes

Add a Christmas aesthetic to your brand with these warm and festive Christmas color palettes.

Red Christmas aesthetic

Orange and red holiday colors Hex Codes: #e02d2d #f5d2be #e86335 #491410 #090c12f Christmas is all about warmth. From red to orange, this Christmas color palette covers the cheer of the holidays and the inner warmth that comes with colder seasons.

Pastel postcards

chrismas cards color palette Hex Codes: #E9E8C2, #EDE498, #F3888C, #F99B7C, #1E7F53 These quirky colors are perfect for expressing the playfulness of Christmas. From pastel green to peach, use them to add a bubbly flair to any Christmas aesthetic.

Golden hour

Gold and green christmas color palette Hex Codes: #E9C457, #E1B44C, #E1B44C, #678C78, #677D78 With a classy and organic appeal, yellow and emerald green work well together. The bright gold is offset by the nurturing green, making this a perfect Christmas match.

Blue and true

gold and blue christmas color palette Hex Codes: #F3BD3C, #AE8B43, #C6A989, #4557B8, #1B2278 The cobalt blue of the night and the gold of twinkling stars create a stunning Christmas color palette. These high contrast hues are fit for a more luxurious and trendy vibe.

Vintage Christmas aesthetic

vintage christmas color palette Hex Codes: #977545, #E9E3C9, #4A8764, #BD3E2F, #832831 A true winter palette embraces the traditional tones of Christmas. The bronze and rich holiday hues are old-fashioned and classic.

Secret Santa

organic christmas color palette Hex Codes: #CBB294, #D4B06A, #A74737, #587455, #305647 A more earthy and organic Christmas aesthetic, this color palette maintains a uniform tone with a wide range of colors. From cream to evergreen, it’s made to stand out with its perfect color balance.

Gingerbread lane

gingerbread christmas color palette Hex Codes: #a85d2a #d08c54 #fef1e2 #f1f0ed #c4ded7 Sweet and delicious, this Christmas color palette has soft brown gingerbread hues stabilized by crisp pastels. Much like a gingerbread house, its brown hues are held together by pops of cream and icy teal.


ornamental christmas color palette Hex Codes: #314143 #147878 #e7f5f6 #eb834f #db4009 These complementary ornamental colors pop out individually as well as together. They’re a perfect balance of hot orange and red with cold teal and onyx.

Frosted tips

green winter color palette Hex Codes: #402c27 #484e3d #9caa83 #ccd7cf #f4f7f2 Pinecones and evergreens, this color palette pulls from the natural winter landscape. With lighter tones adding a light dusting of snow, this palette is a breath of fresh air.

Mulled wine

Red Christmas color palette Hex Codes: #3e0d1e #9d0d2f #b4204a #e87d87 #eca59d Rich and warm, this analogous color palette covers the many shades of everyone’s favorite seasonal drink. From deep reds to pink, it has a romantic and sultry feel.

Deck the halls

classic christmas color palette Hex Codes: #050505 #211c19 #56524f #dad9dd #9e0707 The strong and classic looks of black and gray are perfectly offset by the pop of red, making this a classic Christmas palette. Use red sparingly, and focus on adding grayscale to maximize its bold impact.

Sugar and spice and everything nice

brown and cinnamon colors Hex Codes: #93280b #904931 #ba6717 #bc9575 #f2e6d0 From cookies and gingerbread to dasher and prancer, brown hues are popular around Christmas time. Use different shades of brown, orange, and red to create a sweet Christmas aesthetic.

Cuppa Cocoa

Hot cocoa color palette Hex Codes: #180d0a #562910 #eddfd9 #2e6365 #272d23 Like a cup of cocoa on a dark winter night, lean on deep teal hues to offset the warmth and intensity of rich chocolate brown. Together they create a rustic Christmas appeal that’s both original and powerful.

Dine with me

Christmas dinner color palette Hex Codes: #e4181e #ebd2bd #b37e4a #968f2d #19290d Holiday party season calls for soft candlelight, bright red, and supporting tones of green and caramel to balance things off. This palette has the perfect equilibrium of rambunctious red and down-to-earth tones.


winter woods color palette Hex Codes: #8f694d #b59c7c #ab9991 #e4dcd3 #e9eaf0 Minimalistic and calm, this palette embraces quiet moments in nature. The brown of frosted bark and muted mauve are held in a delicate balance of white and beige nude.

Choose your own cool winter color palette

While we’ve given you 30 winter color palettes to choose from, you might just want to make your own. Use this infographic to combine winter colors as you see fit. Pair similar shades for a more monochromatic feel. Or, pair lighter shades with darker ones for some contrast.

cool winter colors

Choose your own warm winter color palette

We’ve pulled together some more festive and warm winter colors here for you to choose from. Winter offers an array of color choices to use as brand colors. Make your own color palette by selecting a few of your favorites.

Warm winter color palette

Get into the holiday spirit!

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