41 Minimal Logo Designs for Stunningly Simple Branding

There’s something captivating about minimalist logo design. Minimal logos make for modern and chic branding that elevates your brand identity. However,  it’s easy to get caught up in over-designing a concept. The best designers are famed for their ability to take design elements back to basics. By focusing on the essentials, you can create a stunning minimalist design that has an eye-catching and timeless look.

Minimalism can be applied to all elements of life: from houses and wardrobes to business websites and social media graphics. We’ll unwrap the concept of minimalism and then show you some examples of great minimal logos, and how you can achieve the look yourself!

What is minimalism in design?

Neo-minimalism is a product of the modernist movement of the 1960s. It’s influenced by Bauhaus culture, which rejected the lavish designs of the past for a more down-to-earth feel. Minimal designs can be found in all types of art, including painting, dance, music, filmmaking, fashion, architecture, and even logos.

The best part of minimalist design is that it plays on the way our brain already works. Instead of remembering complex pictures, our mind simplifies images to store them in our memory. By doing this in the design process, you increase the memorability of your minimalist logo.

What makes a minimal logo design?

What is a minimal logo? Bold, simple shapes and single-color designs characterize minimal logos. They avoid unnecessary extras and focus on the core design concept. The result is impactful branding that’s easily transferred onto any medium or background.

Why are minimalist logos so popular? People are drawn to a simple, clean, and modern look. They allude to clarity, professionalism, and a progressive brand and business. It’s also easier for our brains to remember them!

Is a flat logo a minimalist logo?

Flat logos are the best examples of minimalist designs. They remove additional graphic elements like texture, gradient, and dimension to create a 2D symbol with no realistic traits. The simplicity of a flat logo design makes the design bolder and eye-catching.

What are the benefits of minimalistic logos?

Minimal logos make you look twice. Their strong colors and shapes stand out in even the most crowded places. Other benefits include:

  • They retain their impact even on smaller mobile screens
  • You can easily use different color combinations for seasonal events
  • They’re easier for customers to recognize and remember

5 famous brands with minimalist logos

Now that you understand the hype around minimalism, let’s check out how the big-name brands have used minimalism in the design of their logos. You can use these examples as logo inspiration for your own.


Apple minimalist logo

Apple is a pioneer of the ‘extreme minimalism’ concept. The popular logo design started as an elaborate sketch but was simplified over time to the basic logo symbol we know now. Even the color scheme got the minimalist treatment, changing from rainbow stripes to sleek monochrome.


Uber minimalist logo

Uber is a fantastic brand example of applying minimalism to a wordmark logo. Instead of following most apps by using a monogram or symbol, the brand searched for the perfect, simple logo font.  The MCKL Type family is now synonymous with the brand.

Check out these trending minimalist fonts!


Airbnb minimal logo

Airbnb’s monogram shows us that minimalist doesn’t mean uncreative. The use of the ‘A’ shape has been expertly designed to represent the inclusivity and community that is the brand’s personality. It’s a far cry from the previous complex wordmark and shows how minimalism makes logo design more memorable.


Nike minimalist logo

You can’t talk about minimalism without mentioning Nike. The ‘swoosh’ is often used in examples of unforgettable, minimal logos. It plays on the company’s namesake— the winged Greek goddess of victory. Communicating movement and speed, the simplistic design is full of meaning, making it a truly iconic logo design.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton monogram minimalist logo

This high-end brand perfectly manages to match simplicity with luxury. The monogram logo style is made memorable by the tiny logo design details— like the italicized ‘L’ and the serif font. It’s small choices like this that make minimalistic logo designs so powerful.

Minimalist logo design examples by industry

Let’s look at some minimalist logo design inspiration to get you in the right headspace to design yours.




Real Estate






Tips for making an unforgettable minimal logo

Now you’ve had a good look at what makes a minimal logo great; it’s time to make your own perfect logo. Consider your brand personality and the message you want to convey. Then, follow these tips to make a minimal design that really pops.

Design your minimal logo now!

Use geometric shapes as inspiration

Shapes convey meaning. A square logo conveys a different message than a triangle logo. Do some research on what each shape represents, then use your favorite as a starting point for your design.

Learn more about logo shapes and their meanings!

Think about fonts

A minimal logo can be a wordmark or monogram. In this situation, your typography choice is essential. Slab or serif? Bold or italicized? Play around with different typeface ideas.

Learn about the different types of fonts and which one is right for you.

Experiment with color stories

Color is perhaps the most impactful element of a great logo. Don’t just stick to one brand color scheme. Try out a few and see how it changes the overall impression. Check out these color combinations for inspiration!

Remove all extras

If you already have a logo and want to simplify it, start by removing all the extras. Is there an unnecessary outline, or a few different logo symbols? Chop out what you don’t need and work from there. Prioritize negative space and the bare essentials.

Make it flat

If you want to include a picture, make it flat. This is achieved by removing all gradients and shading that create a more 3D effect.

And there you have it! Now, try experimenting with all the above options until you create a new logo that really works for your brand. Very few classic logos were made on their first attempt—but that’s the wonderful thing about logo design!

You can use our logo maker to try out countless different options until you find the one that truly brings your brand and business to life!

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