46 Stunning Aesthetic Logos and How to Design Your Own

A little bit 90s, a little bit anime, a lot of pink, and definitely filtered-looking, we blame Tik Tok for this too-cool and totally Instagramable trending new logo style: The aesthetic logo.

What makes a logo aesthetic?

Generally speaking, the word “aesthetic” means “concerning beauty, or, the appreciation of beauty”. So, you could say the term “aesthetic logo” essentially means having a beautiful logo. But, there are some common design elements to this logo look. So if you want to create your own aesthetic logo, let’s dig in.

Aesthetic brands to learn from

Wondering what makes a brand aesthetic? It’s the intentional beauty of every design choice stretched to every expression of the brand.

From logo to brand packaging and social media posts, an aesthetic brand has infused its presence with consistent beauty. Check out these stunning aesthetic brands and how they’ve tied them all together.

Sunday Goods has a tranquil brand aesthetic with light and dark shades of sky blue contrasted by white and gold. Their product packaging, website, and social media display the same colors and font, along with their illustrated flower logo symbol.

Pop & Suki, on the other hand, is feminine and bubbly. It has a monochrome pink color palette contrasted by black and white. With a simple color palette, it makes it easy for them to experiment with new colors and designs on their handbags and website. It’s Barbiecore at its finest!

Benefit Cosmetics is known for its 50’s inspired vintage aesthetic logo design and stunning silver branded packaging. It has shades of pink and earthy tones meshing together on its packaging, creating an alluring aesthetic that looks original and endearing.

Kin Euphorics leans into a mix of psychedelic, Y2K aesthetics. The wide range of color use stimulates sensory overload and stretches over their product packaging and website imagery.

How to make your own aesthetic logo

Aesthetic logos are beautiful. While there are variations in the look—some are full of attitude and whimsy, while others are cute and soft— it’s the logo color palette that really defines a good aesthetic logo. We’ll cover how to design your own, and we’ve included tons of aesthetic logo inspiration for your moodboard.

Pick a soft, and earthy color palette

There are a few variations in the aesthetic color palette. Earthy colors are common. Think desert sand to chocolate brown, Tuscan reds, and muted sage greens. These colors create a calming, yet professional effect. Earthy colors are great for consultants, businesses in beauty, the outdoor sector, or wellness space.

Check out the aesthetic logo designs below!

Earthy tones are some of the hottest logo color trends in 2023!

earthy aesthetic color palete

Use the Looka logo maker to instantly generate earthy and muted color palettes for your aesthetic logo.

aesthetic color palettes on looka logo maker

Dreamy handmade illustrations

Aesthetic logos often have logo symbols with illustrated flowers, abstract shapes, natural objects, and containers. It adds a soft and dainty look to branding! Other design elements like lines, squiggles, and doodles also work well for product packaging. If your company offers handmade products or bespoke services, potential customers will resonate with illustrations more than with a modern look.

Choose from tons of dainty and whimsical illustrations for your logo symbol through the Looka logo maker!

aesthetic logo symbol on looka logo maker

Y2K Aesthetic

The lingering nostalgia of the early 2000s has that bold and unruly look that looks (and feels) liberating and creative. Rounded block fonts, striking outlines, and unapologetically clashing neon color palettes. Be bold, nostalgic, and different in any creative industry with this logo aesthetic.

The Y2K aesthetic is a top graphic design trend in 2023!

Use the Looka logo maker to instantly generate bold and striking color palettes for your aesthetic logo.

Y2K aesthetic logos made on looka logo maker

Blush tones are everything

Pinks are popular in aesthetic color palettes. When putting together your pink color palette, try imagining a sunset. Soft lavender and blue are contrasted by rich warm orange and pink hues. Check out our blogs on color combinations for more color palette ideas!

pink aesthetic color palette

Design an aesthetic logo now!

Barbiecore pink aesthetic

The unapologetically pink Barbie look has long been revered as a classic. With the new Barbie movie coming out, the iconic Barbie pink color palette is also taking over aesthetic design! The soft, soothing look of pink has a bubbly and femme effect that looks confident.

Pink is compatible with most colors, try hot pink with apple red, peach, lavender, sunny yellow, or other shades of pink! Anything that Barbie would approve of goes.

feminine pink aesthetic barbie logo

Mara Vallini on Behance

Go for a vintage feel

To capture the trendy aesthetic vibe in your brand, take a look at some old-school vintage-style logos. These logos carry a nostalgic feeling with them. They’re a bit rustic, a bit adventurous, and involve visual elements like faded textures, serif fonts, decorated fonts, and elaborate symbols. A perfect way to remember the Tumblr days of yore.

Check out these vintage color palettes for inspiration!

Add a kawaii character

Cartoon style icons and symbols are a common theme in aesthetic logos. If your brand has a mascot, take advantage of this logo style by playing up their character and bringing it to life in your logo. Achieving the aesthetic look is all about creating a cool-yet-calm effect.

Pair a kawaii logo character with some quirky font in Looka, and opt for a soft rose-toned palette for the ultimate aesthetic logo!

Vampiric vibe

Sultry, and mysterious, this side of aesthetic logo design is more sensual. It involves rich shades of deep red, charcoal black, or even blood orange. Paired with lighter shades like sand or pearl gray, it packs a punch visually with its beauty. Fonts with swooping curves paired with razor-sharp serifs add a vampiric vibe that elevates the look.

It’s a great choice for brands that focus on pleasure, indulgence, and self-care. Or, are in industries that have tradition and a sense of luxury.

Wabi-sabi hand-lettering

Perfectly imperfect, wabi-sabi leans towards the cuter side of aesthetic logos. Using crooked and uneven hand-lettered font can create a friendly and inviting atmosphere for a brand identity.

When do I use aesthetic logos?

Aesthetic logo design does really well on popular social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest. If you own a business that is active on social media, hopping on the aesthetic train might increase your shareability. Here’s how:

  • This logo style works well on branded packaging because it has so much character. It makes a great opportunity for user-generated content!
  • Bring your brand packaging to life with an unboxing experience that accentuates your aesthetic logo style.
  • Pair your logo with layers of tinted tissue paper or a Kawaii sticker of your logo.
  • Add-ons in your packaging will go a long way in encouraging customers to share your products on social media!

There you have it folks! have fun designing your beautiful aesthetic logo and brand.

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