Why Entrepreneurs Love Using AI to Design Logos

When you need to create a logo for your new business or project, the first step is deciding what method of design fits your budget, timeline, and creative needs.

With artificial intelligence gaining popularity in all areas of technology, a new wave of graphic design has come to the forefront, creating an accessible option for bootstrapped entrepreneurs and startups.

As an alternative to DIY logo design (time-consuming) and hiring a designer (expensive), an AI-powered logo maker is a fast way to look professional and appealing to your target audience.

Here are five reasons to use AI to build a beautiful brand:

1. It’s fast. 

Don’t want to spend weeks going back and forth on logo drafts with a designer? Too busy to spend hours trying to figure out how to use design software like Illustrator or Photoshop?

An AI-powered logo maker can have a designer-quality image ready for you in minutes, with no design experience needed on your end. That’s right — you can have the logo of your dreams to show the world in under an hour.

2. It gives you more control. 

Why hand over one of the most important parts of your business — your brand image and identity — to someone else?

With an online logo maker, you’re part of the entire design process, providing input every step of the way.

And unlike other online logo makers or templates, an AI-powered generator will never duplicate your design, giving you peace of mind that no other business will have the same logo.

3. It’s smart. 

Based on the design preferences and inspiration you choose, an AI-powered logo maker uses algorithms — and accumulated knowledge from millions of users — to determine the best logo options.

By leaving research and design decisions to machine learning, a logo maker is able to create beautiful brand ideas and logo mockups that will appeal to both you and your target audience.

4. It’s inexpensive. 

It’s okay if you don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on a graphic designer. Using an AI-powered logo maker will give you a high-quality logo for a fraction of the cost.

It’ll also provide you all the formats you need — including vector files like EPS, SVG, and PDF  — to build your brand across channels.

Best of all, you can try before you buy! With Looka, create as many logos as you want for free and only pay for a design when you’re happy with it.

5. It’s fun!

With a human designer, you often have to negotiate what you want or get on the same page with what they want to do. It can also be difficult to explain what you’re looking for.

An AI-powered logo maker is different because you can make logo revisions on your own and see how your ideas look in different contexts, including business cards, T-shirts, and more.

At Looka, we’re committed to working with you to create the perfect logo for your new business or project. To date, we’ve helped more than five million entrepreneurs — let us help you next!

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