The Ultimate App Logo Design Guide: With Examples and Tips!

Apps have made our lives easier in every way. At the touch of an app icon, we can call family members, order food, or remember to water our plants. But the app world is fierce, so standing out with the perfect app logo and branding is critical to success.

Your app logo represents your brand, communicates your app’s purpose, and even helps boost clicks and downloads. All in a tiny square!

We’ll cover every aspect of app logo design to help you nail your brand and resonate with your audience. We’ll also give you tons of app logo inspiration to get you started!

Let’s dive in!

App logo size and formats

Your app logo will live in the app store and on a mobile phone. So, you’ve got very little room to make a big impression. Keep these size guidelines in mind as you get started on your design:

app logo size guidelines

  • App Store: 1024×1024 pt
  • Android: 96×96 pt
  • Formats: PNG with no transparency

App logo design tips

Here are some design tips as you gather inspiration and design your app logo.

1. Use a unique symbol

Your symbol will be the main focus of your app logo. Make sure it’s unique and communicates your brand as well as what your app is about. It may feel like a tall order for a symbol, but take your time choosing these elements!

Use a monogram logo if you have a business name that can turn into an acronym, or if you want to cut language barriers and tap into global markets. It also makes it easier for people to remember your app name!

Tip: Don’t use long words in your app logo. It won’t be legible in the app store and it deters users from clicking on your app.
facebook app logo

Source: Alexander Shatov on Dribbble

2. Choose unique colors

Color plays a big role in app logo design. Through color, you can communicate your brand identity and the industry you’re in. Be careful with your color choice though!

Colors influence emotion, so choose a color that communicates your app’s function, along with the emotions that you want to associate with your brand. Use your brand personality and values to guide you in the right direction!


Gradients and blurs are graphic design trends this year, and they’re a great way to stand out in a modern, edgy way. Above, Instagram and Messenger both use gradients to stand out and create a more dynamic appearance. It adds an eye-catching “clickable” element to your app icon.

Color combinations

App logos are usually two colors, with one of them being white. Here’s a quick crash course on colors and their respective emotions:

  • Blue: Trustworthy, loyal, confident
  • Green: Optimism, growth, sustainability
  • Yellow: Joy, fun, caution
  • Red: Excitement, passion, love
  • Orange: Friendly, fun, lively

Below, TikTok and Airtable use three colors to make a bold impression. When used minimally or as accents on the logo, it comes across as dynamic and tasteful.

You can also use hybrids of different colors, like the blue-ish purple mix very-peri color of the year. You’ve got limitless options when you mix colors to create shades of your own.

Tip: Blue is the most used app logo color across the board, so you might want to avoid this one or use a mixed hue or gradient to stand out.

3. Simplicity is key

You’ve heard this one before so we’ll keep it brief. Don’t sacrifice simplicity for the sake of standing out! Simplicity in your app logo communicates professionalism, reliability, and that you’re a high-quality application – and small business.

If you feel your app symbol or color combinations aren’t doing it for you, then keep adjusting colors, symbols, and layout until it’s just right. The answer is less, not more!

4. Compare your app logo

app logo color combinations

Round up your competitor’s app logos by pulling up your category and making notes on:

  • Top app logo colors used
  • What stands out most
  • What doesn’t stand out
  • Which apps you linger on

Place your app logo amongst your competitors and see how you measure up. Is it striking enough? Does it stand out from the others? Do some testing once your app is live to see which colors or app logo variation has the most clicks and downloads.

App logo design inspiration

Let’s dive into some popular app logo design inspiration!

Blue app logos

Blue may be the most common app logo color, but you can use a variety of shades to get the effect you’re looking for. The baby blue of Twitter is fun-loving and innocent, while the Linkedin deep blue is serious and professional.


Blue can be used for any industry, but we’ve found it mostly in communication, professional tools, and social media categories. It oozes a modern and trustworthy vibe.

Pink app logos

Although pink is associated with feminine and warm traits, it’s also a great pick for optimistic and bubbly brands that center around fun and self-care.

Apps like Airbnb and Darkroom Photo Editor stand out in their respective categories by using a bright pink background. It also accentuates their energetic and warm brand personalities!


Flo and IAm use pink to appeal to their female self-care audience and use gentle symbols to communicate their app functions. The feather and painted circle are unique enough to etch their own presence on your mobile screen.

Dating app logo

Dating apps were long dominated by colors of passion – red, orange, pink – along with heart and kiss symbols. These days, dating apps take a more casual approach to their design.

Hinge’s app logo is modern, sleek, and has a no-nonsense appeal to it. You’d hardly know it was a dating app! Plenty of Fish, on the other hand, uses symbolism and brand recognition to stand out from the new wave of dating apps.

Snack uses a pretzel symbol to stand out, along with cartoon-like pastel tones to emit a carefree and fun-loving look. Gradients and unique abstract symbols are also a great way to introduce a sense of intrigue.

Social media app logos

The social media category is crowded and cut-throat. There are few to no rules to follow beyond the general brand personality you’d like to exude. From heavyweights like Facebook and Instagram to TikTok and Reddit, they all have a different product – with a unique look to match.

Standing out is key, so use color and symbolism as well as layout to make your social media app stand out.

neon app logo example

Source: Around on Dribbble

Green app logos

Green is often associated with nature, sustainability, and health. If you’re creating an app in that realm, choosing a green app logo is the best way to go. It can be as subtle or loud as you think is necessary!

Most apps with green app logos are geared towards navigating nature, health, and being eco-friendly. But that’s not a hard and fast rule! Apps like Fiverr and Duolingo still use green as a calming force in a crowded category page.

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