55 Fresh Beer and Brewery Logos to Quench Your Thirst in 2024

With so many people stuck inside during the lockdowns, interest in home brewing steadily increased. Despite the limitations of the new curbside economy, more people are experimenting with brewing their own beers, making it a perfect time to get some inspiration for your own beer logo!

On top of the great logos for new breweries in 2024, we’re also seeing a ton of new craft beer lines, brand refreshes, and collaborations between breweries. In short, there are kegloads of ideas out there for designing your own logo, labels, and beer art.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled the most trendy beer logo styles. So sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the flavors of the best beer logos of 2024!

Modern beer logos

Modern beer logos are characterized by their use of bold colors and strong, no-nonsense sans serif fonts. In 2024, beer brands in this group are versatile logos that include subtle design elements relating to the brewing process itself – like Fair State Co-op’s pint glass logo or Pressure Drop’s bottle cap.

bold beer logo

Tips for making modern beer logos

  • Choose the right logo font, like a modern sans serif font, that emphasizes legibility
  • Include symbols that relate to the brewing process, like barley or water
  • Choose a simple and immediate color set
  • Use simple, strong lines and design elements

Check out these beer logos made on the Looka logo maker:

Psychedelic beer logos

Craft beers have a long tradition of using colorful psychedelic and graphic designs, and 2024 is no exception. The beauty of selling beer is that your packaging becomes part of your brand aesthetic: every can is a potential art piece. Expect to see some serious 60’s design elements, like expressive script fonts, vintage color palettes, and lots of swirly bits.

wildeye brewery beer logo

psychedelic beer branding

Tips for making psychedelic beer logos

  • Character fonts, like handwritten or brush script fonts, give an authentic psychedelic vibe
  • Get creative with your naming. Psychedelic beer labels and logos often use interesting or mysterious words to set a tone for the brewing and drinking experience
  • Use lots of color, but make sure you use color combinations that work best together
  • Get some swirly bois in your design!

Check out these logos made on the Looka logo maker:

Retro beer logos

Retro beer logos usually include some combination of regional heritage and rustic style. In 2024, you’ll see an emphasis on tradition, pedigree, and local customs in these beers’ brand aesthetics.

Muted, natural colors can be used to emphasize down-home values, but some heritage logos also include stronger color elements – like Hyper Cold or Young’s, who both got their old logos updated recently.

young's retro beer logo

vintage style beer logo

field house brewing branding

Tips for making retro beer logos

  • Think about storytelling elements you can use in your logo that relates to your values, environment, mythology, and customs
  • Animals, buildings, coats of arms, and classic serif font types are a good way to create a sense of story and nostalgia
  • Use muted, restrained color sets, but don’t be afraid to try out stronger accent colors that jump out more

Check out these retro beer logos made on the Looka logo maker:

Monogram beer logos

Monogram logos combine multiple letters to create one unified icon. They’re simple, punchy logos that act as a shorthand stamp for the name of the brand. Monogram logos are a great way to create immediacy and impact without going overboard on the design. As a result, they’re often distinctly memorable.

athletic brewing co beer logo

monogram beer logo

Tips for making your own monogram logo

  • Use one or two letters, ideally the first and most important letters of the business name
  • You can include other logo elements like symbols, but make sure they don’t distract your attention from the monogram itself
  • Use one or two colors, tops!

Check out these beer logos made on the Looka Logo Maker:

Minimalist beer logos

Minimalist beer logos and labels rely on simple bold colors and lots of empty space. In 2024, you’ll see sans serif, wordmark logos used, giving minimalist logos a clean, modern feel. Color is used in a way that emphasizes space, and the use of line is limited and unobtrusive.

Most importantly, minimalist logos are about simplicity.

minimal beer can design

colonial brewing co beer logo

minimalistic lively beer logo

Tips for making your own minimalist beer logo

  • Think carefully about how you can use color, line, and symbols economically. Minimalism is all about getting maximum effect with the least information.
  • Minimalist beer brands often use simple naming conventions
  • Try removing elements of your logo until you’ve gone too far. This gives you an insight into where the important info is!

Check out this Looka logos:

Graphic art beer logos

Like their psychedelic cousins, graphic beer art is a staple of the craft beer and brewing industry, and the huge offering of new and seasonal beer lines for 2024 doesn’t disappoint.Using vibrant colors and beautiful illustrations, the graphic style is a great way to tell a story about your product and make it stand out.

Brands using graphic art often weave their company logo into the beer label in creative ways, such as accentuating colors or even temporarily changing their logo color.

bad tattoo brewery beer logo

graphic art beer can design

rogue beer art

Tips for making your own graphic beer logo

  • Explore other craft lines to get inspiration for your logo: craft brewing is well known as an industry that generates humorous and creative names.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks in your design style. Graphic logos are about going ‘out there’
  • Think carefully about how your logo interacts with your label art. Does it take pride in place or sit back somewhere?
  • How do the label and logo complement each other?

Check out these beer logos with the Looka Logo Maker:

Get started on your beer and brewery logo!

If you’re thinking of starting your own beer company in 2024, creating your logo is a great way to get the ball rolling on your brand identity. It’s the first thing your customers will see and the mark they’ll come to associate with your product, so be sure to settle on a design style you like. In general, keep in mind the following points:

  • Take inspiration from existing companies. Try to pin down which design style you like best, and go from there.
  • Consider how your logo design and label art aligns with your consumers. Who is the product designed for? Do you have specific target personas in mind? Be sure to refine your logo design so that it meets those expectations and sends the right message.
  • Branding firm CODO, has a fantastic and in-depth guide to branding in the craft industry that’s well worth checking out.
  • What kind of brewery are you hoping to be? How many product lines do you see yourself shipping? Questions like these should inform your logo design.
  • Be sure to create a logo that works in multiple contexts.

Ultimately, logo design is a lot like craft beer. It’s all about exploring, trying new things out, and deciding what you like best. Get started today using our logo maker: you’ll be brewing up an awesome logo in no time!

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