The Best Newsletters Have These 5 Things in Common

Email newsletters make it easy for you to share information with your customers. When you consider the millions of people that use email every day, it makes sense why businesses would use it as the main communication channel. Since businesses recognize the power of newsletters, it also means you face more competition for your customers’ attention!

You need to make sure your newsletters stand out from the crowd to get your valuable content in front of people’s’ eyes. These five tips will help you write an engaging newsletter engagement.

1. Catchy subject lines

Subject lines are the first thing customers see when receiving your newsletter. Subject lines give you the chance to leave a strong impression on your customers so they want to open them.


These stats show just how important subject lines really are! 75% of people will mark emails as spam based on the subject line and 35% will open emails based on the subject line alone. Given this, it’s a good idea to A/B test subject lines often to make sure you’re getting the best open rates.

A/B test means sending two different versions of an email, with one element changed between them, to two segments of your email list. By A/B testing, you’ll be able to gather information on what people responded to best.

So, how do you make catchy subject lines that appeal to people? Here are a few ways:

  • Personalize subject lines since people will naturally look at their names
  • Mention the main content of your newsletters so people know what to expect
  • Use appealing language and emotionally-charged words to draw in your audience

Here’s an example that puts it all together: “Hey Sandra! Get 50% off your next order, today only!”

In short, creating catchy subject lines requires you to think about what your customers want and figure out how you want to phrase it. Spend some time experimenting and collecting data to help you find the best subject lines for your newsletters.

2. Emojis and images

Getting people to open a newsletter is just the beginning— you need to keep their attention. You can do this by using images in your newsletter.

Images and visuals matter when it comes to understanding and engaging with a message. People will understand visual information 60,000 times faster than words. Since people only read 28% of webpage words, this means that people value quick information and understanding.

On top of that, 90% of the information our brains receive is visual. That’s why your visual brand is so important!

Images will help your brand in multiple ways:

  • Present your products in a visually appealing way
  • Break up words with images to draw their attention
  • Make your message easier to understand with visuals for promotions

Images and emojis are a great way to keep your subscribers engaged as they read through your newsletter. But, make sure you don’t use too many of them since they could clutter and drown out your message. Find the sweet spot for both by adjusting the number of images and emojis in your emails by consistently testing your content.

3. Consistent brand and colors

Visual improvements don’t end with emojis and images: you also need to keep your brand consistent. This means you can stylize and adjust your emails to help people easily recognize your brand. While this may seem strange, color is one of the best ways to establish your brand and style.

oblero color matters for brand recognition


That’s right: using a signature color, or combination of colors, will boost your brand recognition by 80%. This means people will look at your emails, know who sent them, and feel reassured by the information you provide. Focusing on your brand colors helps your business by:

  • Improving the look, feel, and click-through rate of your campaigns
  • Creating branding assets that are easily definable

Keep this in mind: a consistent brand includes color, voice, style, and other features. It’s up to you to figure out your brand identity to help create an established and consistent brand. This way, your business will stand out and form an identity that appeals to your customers while building trust with them.

4. Interesting content

While consistent branding will help you to boost your open rates, people won’t continue reading your newsletters unless you serve them with content that interests them. This means writing in an appealing way to hold their attention, teach them new ideas, and maintain their interest to encourage them to open your other emails.

the average email word count should be 435 words


Avoid using passive voice, and keep your word count low. A word count below 435 tends to keep an audience’s attention. The longer emails take to read, the less likely they’ll hold a person’s attention.

Use this opportunity to share something that matters to the reader. This way, they’ll view your brand as informative, reliable, and trustworthy. An engaged reader will be more inclined to click on links you include in your emails, which gives you the chance to boost engagement further.

Check out this blog on great newsletter ideas if you’re looking for inspiration!

5. Relevant CTAs

Good call-to-actions (CTAs) convince people to do what you ask of them. CTAs involve inviting your customers to perform an action that leads them further down the funnel toward a purchase with you. This can include asking them to click on a link or button, book a call, download a piece of content, or further interact with your company.

"Learn More" is the highest performing call to action


Some CTAs are more popular than others. Nearly three out of four business emails use Shop Now buttons, but it’s only the second most effective one for click-through-rates (CTR). As shown above, Learn More will draw the most clicks, followed by Shop Now and Download.

Each button works well for different reasons.

  • Learn More: Allows the subscriber to find out more about your business based on the information they found interesting in your newsletter. It’s pretty low commitment
  • Shop Now: The subscribers can immediately shop for any items or products that you mentioned in the email
  • Download: The subscribers can gain access and use any feature you offered in the email

Your CTAs can encourage your readers to act, but make sure you use the email to explain how it will benefit them.

building a newsletter list

Email newsletters are part of creating an awesome brand experience. Each of these tips will help you to create engaging emails to boost your sales and improve your relationship with your audience.

As you apply these tips, your subscribers will be treated with engaging content and will (hopefully) want to read your newsletters more! Keep looking for ways to make adjustments to your content, draw in your customers, and provide them with information that will encourage them to return.

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