How to Choose a Blog Name (With 90+ Blog Name Ideas You’ll Love!)

Choosing the right name for your blog is an important part of branding, ranking online, and attracting an audience. But, sometimes it can take a while to find the right name.

A good blog name should entice readers in. Ideally, it also tells potential readers what kind of content your blog contains. As a rule of thumb, remember that great blog names must appeal to their audience, be easy to brand, and have an available domain and social handle.

Getting stuck at the first step is frustrating, so we’ve created this guide to help you pick the perfect blog name in no time!

Align your name to your blog niche

You’ve probably already got a blog niche in mind, which is great! Choosing a niche helps you find the right audience and zero in on a good blog name. If you only have an abstract idea, here are some blog name examples from the top blog categories for you to consider.

Food blog name examples

For foodies and cooks, a food blog is perfect for delicious recipes, snacks, and fun dinner ideas. Choose a name based on the dietary restrictions or preferences your audience may have.

For example, Minimalist Baker is the perfect name for simple vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes. Sally’s Baking Addiction honors the indulgence of cookies, cupcakes, and other sweets.

minimalist baker food blog name ideas


Lifestyle blog name examples

Use your unique lifestyle to lay the foundation for an alluring and unique blog name.

Cup of Jo alludes to a coffee-fueled dynamic lifestyle, while the intriguing name, Reading My Tea Leaves, implies a whimsical and conscious way of living life.

Beauty blog name examples

Beauty blogs are perfect for those who like to experiment with or perfect their beauty routine.

The Beauty is Boring blog is ironically intriguing. If beauty is boring, why would they devote an entire blog to it? This is a great way to reel an audience in with a blog name!

Hello Glow presents a sense of natural, holistic beauty. The blog offers lots of tips to enhance your skin using DIY products made at home.

hello glow beauty blog name ideas


Travel blog name examples

Travel will always hold a special place in people’s hearts. Whether you prefer off-the-beaten-path adventures or tours through Europe, use a blog name that speaks to your unique travel style.

The blog name, The Blonde Abroad, implies a light and fun blog for female travelers. The Broke Backpacker tells us we’ll find content about traveling around the world on a shoestring budget.

Notice how both blog names speak directly to their niche audiences? This is great for creating instant relatability!

Mom blog name examples

Motherhood is a magical and sometimes hilarious journey of balance and love.

At Home with Natalie is a clean and direct transparent name for a blog about navigating life as a stay-at-home mom. Baby Boy Bakery covers anything related to family and cooking for your young ones.

at home with natalie mom blog name ideas


Learn who your audience is

Knowing your audience is the foundation for naming your blog!

Once you’ve picked a niche, dig into the kinds of subcategories and content you want to create. Your audience will have specific interests in mind that should align with your content, and your blog name should communicate these interests.

Check out your competitors and look through the social channels they’re most active in. Take a look at their followers and the kinds of content they post! This is a backwards way of getting to intimately know and understand your target audience.

Choose a name that’s easy to brand

It’s never too early to start thinking about creating a brand identity for your blog. The name will be at the center of everything, so choose something that’s easy to brand.  This means:

  • Choose an original name that doesn’t already exist.
  • Choose a name that’s available and readable as a domain and social handle.
  • Choose a name that looks good in a logo.

Choose a style of blog name

Here are the top three types of blog names. Brainstorming with these in mind will help you come up with a name that’s as unique as your brand.

1) Invented names

An invented name is a combination of two words, or a made-up word consisting of abbreviations.

Use your imagination and creativity to create a list of words that describe your blog. Try to merge them together or add a different beginning or ending. Take these examples:

  • Glamela
  • Comode
  • Grubero
  • Faradise

2) Your real name

Some bloggers tend to use their names combined with words that describe their blog. As a food blog example: Taryn’s Tasty Tips, Baking with Ari, Dish’in with Dee.

Color me courtney blog name idea


Keep a Thesaurus tab open and write synonyms related to your blog niche.

Mix and match your name with these words to create compounds and fun blog name ideas. Keep it relatable and easy to remember! Here are some real-life examples:

  • Colour me Courtney
  • Sincerely Jules
  • Aww Sam
  • Simply Taralynn

3) Compound names

Pairing relevant words together creates compounds. Here are some examples:

  • Barefoot Blonde
  • Curls and Pearls
  • Adventures Collective
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere

Try mixing and matching different words until you’ve found the perfect fit. You’re only limited by your creativity!

Here are a few more techniques to get you started:

  • Alliterations: Start each word with the same letter. For example Barefoot Blonde or Cupcakes and Cashmere.
  • Portmanteau: Blend two words. For example, “spork” is a spoon and a fork.
  • Translations: Try translating one of the words in a compound to add sophistication and a unique twist. For example Miel (Honey) Pot.

Want to skip the legwork? You can also try out a name generator for some blog name ideas.

Try a blog name generator

Name generators will work with the suggested words you input relevant to your blog and produce hundreds of results. When using a name generator, we suggest typing in three relevant words per search session. This way you can try different combinations and find the sweet spot for your blog name.

Here are five blog name generators to get you started:

  1. Looka Business Name Generator: Check domain and social media availability while you search for blog name ideas for every niche.
  2. Nameboy: Nameboy gives you options for domain availability along with suggestions for your blog name.
  3. Business Name Generator: Although a business name generator, you can find some great ideas for blog names with this tool.
  4. Themeisle: Themeisle gives you a list of options, all varying based on the keywords you enter.
  5. Domain Wheel: A combination of blog names and available domains brings you one step closer to securing the perfect blog name and domain.

Blog name ideas (for every blog niche!)

We’ve taken the steps from above and generated some blog name ideas for every niche to help inspire you. Check them out below!

Food blog name ideas

food blog name ideas

Fashion blog name ideas

Fashion blog name ideas

Travel blog name ideas

Travel blog name ideas

Beauty blog name ideas

Beauty blog name ideas

Lifestyle blog name ideas

Lifestyle blog name ideas

Mom blog name ideas

Mom blog name ideas

Things to avoid when naming your blog

Sometimes naming your blog can go wrong. Avoid the following when naming your blog.

Avoid intentional misspelling: You might invent a name that sounds cool to you but looks unprofessional to others. Check the spelling and get a second opinion on invented words.

Avoid cliches: They sound unoriginal and boring to most, it won’t garner attention and make it hard to brand.

Avoid Complexity: Avoid complex name compounds and invented names that are hard to pronounce or read. Read them out loud as a test and ask others for their opinion.

Be original: Do your research and make sure your blog name ideas don’t already exist. This can cause problems with branding and google ranking in the future.

Ready to start blogging?

By now you should have a solid list of blog name ideas that sound good and are aligned with your target audience. Once you’ve found the perfect one, it’s time for the fun part: building a brand!

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