Top 30 Business Card Inspiration Ideas for Every Style

Meeting potential clients can happen spontaneously. And when it does, a business card still remains the quickest way to exchange information and make a lasting impression. It won’t get lost in the endless notifications of Linkedin or social media, and it acts as a physical reminder of your business and brand.

Business cards can speak volumes about your work ethic, trustworthiness, and professionalism. Think of it as your brand identity condensed onto a small piece of paper!

Nailing your business card design can be hard, so we’ve curated a ton of business card inspiration to help you make a lasting impression and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Let’s jump in!

Information to put on a business card

Business cards should make it easy for people to contact you, and find out more information about your business.

Here’s the most important information you should include in your business card:

  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Logo and slogan
  • Business address (if applicable)
  • Social media handles (if applicable)

Brand your business card with your unique logo, color palette, and typography. This is your first impression on potential clients, so building trust and professionalism is critical!

Business card size and layout

A standard business card size is 3.5” by 2”, made to fit into a wallet or cardholder. Keep the diagram below in mind when designing your business card.

business card size and layout infographic

Note: The UK and Europe standard business card sizes are 3.3” by 2.1”, so tailor your business card size to where you’ll be handing them out.

Business card inspiration for every style

Let’s dive into some business card inspiration to help you create the perfect one.

Creative business cards

Creative business cards have a unique element that makes them stand out from the rest. Here are some ways to make a business card ideas more creative:

  • Vertical alignment
  • Gradients
  • Unique physical shapes
  • Striking color combinations
  • Unique fonts
  • Patterns and illustrations

Creative business cards are ideal for industries like design, advertising, consulting, and art. They’re great for freelancers in these fields as well!

Keep in mind your business card needs to be aligned to your brand and represent your business and yourself. So, keep legibility and the basics of design top of mind as you explore creative business card inspiration ideas.

Striking color combinations

bakery creative business card

Made on the Looka Brand Kit

bright and neon creative business card inspiration

Source: Mariana de Moura on Behance

People hold on to colored business cards for 10x longer than a plain white one. So choose a color palette that makes them more likely to hold on to yours!

Try using striking color combinations like bright pink and yellow, or neon green with Pantone’s very-peri for a distinct look. Make sure the colors suit your brand personality and are unlike your competitors.

Patterns and illustrations

creative pattern business card

Source: Brighthead Studio on Behance

illustrated creative business card

Source: Hazel Watson on Behance

Most business cards are thrown out within the first week, so aim for a business card design that’s beautiful enough to keep but bold enough to inspire action. Try using handmade illustrations or unique patterns to capture your client’s eye.

Look for fun serif or display fonts, or try using font color variations to add a creative angle. Like the business card ideas above, unique font color coordination can say a lot about your business!

Gradients and blurs

gradient blur creative business card

Source: Natalie Bursakova on Behance

Blurs and gradients are graphic design trends this year! Stay current with these trends to give your business card design and website design a polished, current, and trustworthy appeal. It’ll impress your clients and give you an edge over competitors!

Plus – gradients and blurs add a dreamy and captivating look to your business card designs.

Unique physical shapes

rounded edge creative business card


creative shape business card


Some business card designs get creative by altering the physical shape or material of the card. Try creating a clean-cut pattern, or rounding the edges of your business card. Or, use recycled materials to make your small business more sustainable. This can give you bonus points with climate-conscious clients!

Above, the Blossie business card inspiration has a soft rounded vertical side, while the Lize Designs card has wavy horizontal cutouts. Both use shapes to make their business card design stand out!

Tip: when altering the physical shape of your business card, alter only one or two parallel sides. Changing the shape too much might make it hard to slip into a wallet.

Design your logo and business card now!

Modern business cards

Modern business cards are contemporary, edgy, and professional. Here are a few ways to make your business card ideas modern:

  • Imagery and portrait
  • Monochrome colors
  • Embossing
  • Raised lettering
  • Textured patterns

A modern business card represents a forward-thinking brand that values professionalism and efficiency. They’re ideal for industries like accounting, law, architecture, construction, or consulting.

Imagery and portraits

modern business card inspiration

Made on the Looka Brand Kit

yellow modern business card

Made on the Looka Brand Kit

Add imagery or a portrait of yourself to create a more dynamic and personable business card.

This helps people remember you, and it can be especially useful if you work with clients in person. This style works well for industries that need a more personal connection, like child care, dog walking, teaching, and coaching.

Monochrome colors and modern fonts

monochrome modern business card

Source: Jennifer Seoh on Behance

red modern business card

Source: Anna Tsyplenkova on Behance

Try using a simple monochrome color palette for a contemporary look. Like the business card inspiration above, spice it up with unique fonts, shapes, or patterns that communicate your services and brand.

Opt for modern fonts or sans serif fonts to create a crisp appeal, and select a color palette that embodies your brand, but distinguishes you from competitors.

Embossed or raised

embossed bold background business cards

Source: Poble Studio on Behance

modern luxurious embossed business card

Source: David Espinosa on Behance

Going beyond ink and color- raised or embossed lettering can give your business card design a modern, high-quality look. Like the first example, having a bold color palette with an embossed logo oozes professionalism and quality.

The business card ideas above uses a raised wood-like pattern to add texture. The chocolate with gold foil color combination adds a sense of luxury and distinction. Having vertical lettering also adds intrigue!

Tip: Incorporate brail into your business card design to make it more inclusive, and add raised patterns to communicate your brand through physical touch.

Retro business cards

Whether you’re selling vintage clothing or natural skincare, there’s a charm in having a retro look. This style works for industries that have a history or tradition, so here are some ways to design a retro business card:

  • Handwritten or serif fonts
  • Grainy textures
  • Handmade symbols
  • Retro color combinations
  • Decorative elements

Use a combination of vintage fonts and colors to create a retro allure, and take inspiration from Soultrain, That 70’s show, or classic movies to inspire your design.

Retro color combinations

retro vintage business card inspiration

Made on the Looka Brand Kit

blue and yellow retro business card

Made on the Looka Brand Kit

Try vintage color palettes of mauve and cobalt, and complement them with hues of mustard or pumpkin. Light and breezy pastel colors are also reminiscent of days gone by, but add a grainy texture for an old-school effect!

Handwritten or serif fonts

Styling a serif font or handwritten lettering with a vintage color combination can instantly throw your branding into past eras. The business card inspiration above uses a groovy display font that has a funky, 70s appeal, while the minimal vintage business card design is more subtle.

Decorative elements and symbols

Decorative flicks, swirls, and containers can all add a handmade charm to your business card idea design. Play around with handmade patterns, enclosures, and symbols for a retro appeal that alludes to nostalgic eras.

Minimalist business cards

The clean appeal of a minimalist business card can be sharp and alluring. These designs are direct, confident, and modest. They’re best suited for consulting, coaching, counseling, and functional design. Here’s how to make your business card design minimalistic:

All you need is the bare essentials and a strong grip on your brand identity. The key here is to do the most with the least amount of elements.

Simple color palette

minimalistic business card design

Made on the Looka Brand Kit

minimalistic business card

Made on the Looka Brand Kit

Stick to a simple color palette, and choose one accent color to offset the negative space and black lettering. Also, avoid adding more than one accent color, it will take away from your minimalistic design.

Minimalistic logo

If you choose the traditional black and white color palette, create intrigue by adding a freehand illustration to the front of your business card. Or, you can play around with text layout and break words up into vowels like the business card to the left.

Tip: The key to the minimalistic design is altering the basic components to create intrigue but maintain simplicity.
yellow minimalistic business card

Source: Adil Karmo on Behance

minimalistic simple business card

Source: Ray Dak Lam on Behance

Vertical business cards

While some use color, fonts, and layout to draw their receiver’s attention, vertical business cards use perspective. Here’s how to style a vertical business card:

  • Multi-angle copy
  • Bold colors and embossing
  • Illustration and

These business cards are unconventional and work well for creative industries like design, architecture, brand consulting, advertising, and personal branding.

Illustration and multi-angle copy

creative minimalistic vertical business card

Source: Steven Huang on Behance

abstract vertical business card

Source: Veronika Creates on Behance

Doodles and modern illustrations can add mystery when left alone on the front of a business card. You can’t help but turn it over out of curiosity! The business card inspiration above uses both elements to create a sense of personalization and exclusivity.

Bold colors and embossing

embossed vertical business card

Source: Cinta Hosta on Behance

The example above only uses color and embossing to get their brand and business across. It uses an unconventional vertical alignment and orientation to shine through competition and make a statement.

Try adding colorful blurs, bold backgrounds, and psychedelic lettering if it suits your brand. Vertical business cards aren’t for safe plays on design. Get creative and use the rules of visual hierarchy to maintain clarity and aesthetics.

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