10 Striking Business Card Trends of 2023 (+ 40 Examples)

When opportunity knocks, having a business card handy is still the best way to promote your business. It’s a big part of your first impression, so nailing the perfect design is critical to getting clients! Following business card trends keeps your brand in touch with the world and its evolving design tastes.

So, we’ve researched for you and curated the top 10 business card trends of 2023 to help you make the most of every business encounter. We’ve also collected business card inspiration to nudge you in the right direction!

1. Accessible and inclusive design

Accessible business cards help to accommodate everyone as they are. It’ll help you win grateful clients and trailblaze a more accessible future while you’re at it!


Vision disability is one of the top 10 disabilities in the US, affecting over 12 million adults. Add braille with your contact information to make your business more accessible for visually impaired clients. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll have tapped into an underserved market!

Tip: Braille is equal to a 29 pt font, so you need to keep it concise! Make it even more readable by opting for a thicker business card.

Color blindness

Accessibility doesn’t stop with braille. For people with color blindness, some color combinations are not readable. So be careful when choosing your color palette! Although bold colors are a graphic design trend in 2023, rely more on form and layout to express your brand personality.

Here are some color combinations to avoid for the color blind:

  • Green and red
  • Green and brown
  • Blue and purple
  • Green and blue

Use this contrast checker to make sure you’re staying within the confines of legibility for color-blind folks!

creative inclusive business card design

Source: Blackbox on Behance


Opt for a larger font size to meet accessibility standards for people with low vision. Small text might look modern and minimalistic, but nothing beats clarity and legibility.

large text business card

Source: Studio 8 on Behance

2. Sustainable materials

Businesses are becoming more sustainable all around in 2023. Since most business cards end up in the bin, why not print them on sustainable materials like recycled paper? Or, opt for cork or repurposed cardboard if it suits your business. You’ll still have free reign of your design, but with the added perk of sustainability.

This business card trend is ideal for any company that values sustainability and makes it an integral part of how they operate.

cardboard business card

Designed by: business-card.uk

Another way to make sustainable business cards is to use seeded paper. It’s infused with plant seeds and can be tossed into a garden box or compost bin to grow or enrich the soil. It’s great for industries like landscaping, botany, florists, or any business committed to a better tomorrow.

seeded business card example

Source: studiosoprano.com/brand-stationery

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3. Breaking tradition

Break convention and add a twist to your business cards. Add a personal touch like your handwritten signature, or note. Introduce longevity to your business cards by making them more useful to potential clients. They’ll also double as a reminder of your business and the solutions you offer!

Think of a rectangular multitool for your handyman business, or a small cheat sheet for tutors or teachers. A business card can also be converted into a coaster to promote your catering business! The possibilities are limitless once you find a small convenience your business card can fulfill.

tool business card example

Source: boredpanda.com

You can print your logo and information on anything these days, so the challenge lies in offering value with your business card. Check out the seed packet and thread business card below!

business card design trend

Source: Daniel Patrick Simmons via Behance

4. Textured business cards

Business card design trends in 2023 take advantage of something that websites can’t – physical touch. Bold embossing and raised lettering tap into our sense of touch and wow clients with their contemporary style.

Embossing and raised lettering

This style is modern, sleek, and perfect for a minimalistic design that packs a punch. Embossing is ideal for most industries, but best suited for creative brands that like to experiment outside of the box.

We’re seeing simple palettes of one or two colors with a focus on the feel of printed text.

Raised patterns

The raised pattern below creates wave-like oscillations, with the minimalist logo balancing out the negative space. This type of design is best suited for technology, architecture, construction, and real estate. It’s forward-thinking and unconventional!

textured pattern business card

Source: j-b-design.fr

raised pattern blue business card

Source: creativeboom.com

5. Experimental materials

Who said business cards had to be on paper? Business card trends in 2023 are leaning towards experimental materials like fabric, wood, and even edible foods!

Edible business cards

From pasta to cookies, we’re seeing experimentation with edible business cards. This trend is specific to the food industry, and it gives people a delicious incentive to take your business card. It also associates you with a positive experience from the start!

Fabric and wood

Experimental materials like wood and deadstock fabric are leading business card trends in 2023. They both have more longevity, and they’re a great way to wow your potential clients with an unconventional look.

If you’re a vintage store owner or a fashion designer, a cloth business card is both relevant and refreshing. For those in the trades, woodwork, or custom designs, a wooden business card would make a solid impression on clients.

6. Postcard-like business card

Freelancers and creatives are opting for a more human-centric business card that has a friendly, note-like design.

Instead of having a traditional layout, there’s a small note indicating who they are, what they do, and how they can help. It adds a human touch to networking, with each business card seen as more of a note offering help.

This business card trend is an opportunity to let your personality shine and build stronger connections with potential clients in 2023. Think of it as a fun and quirky way to present a solution to your client’s problems!

Postcard business cards are ideal for creative industries like writing, design, branding, or freelance copywriting. Keep it fun and personal, and check out the inspiring examples below!

note-like business card example

Source: Top Girl Studio on Behance

bold colorful business card example

Source: Caitlin Hottinger on Dribbble

7. High-contrast colors

Maximalism is back in full swing! And people are updating their brands and businesses to be bold and daring. If you’re looking to make an explosive impression, this 2023 graphic design trend is ideal for competitive industries doing creative work.

Bold color combinations

This business card trend highlights striking color combinations like electric blue and mint, or metallic hues with neon modern fonts.

Metallic fonts

Metallic palettes of pink, silver, and gold are trending for those bold enough to venture there. With bold backgrounds and unapologetic fonts, it’s all about overwhelming the senses in the best of ways!

metallic font business card

Source: Blush Design Agency

Neon edges and gradients

Neon-colored edges are making a comeback and creating a glowing, hover-like effect. Paired with a simple design, they strike the perfect balance of modern and simple.

High contrast gradients of red and blue, or orange and teal are used as bold approaches for businesses that go against the grain. They have a calming yet mysterious appearance that makes them irresistible.

8. Art meets function

Ever received a card that was too beautiful to throw it out? This is the goal of the “art meets function” business card trend. It’s about creating a design that embodies your brand but also appeals to our senses and curiosity.

This 2023 business card trend takes an out-of-the-box approach, and works for competitive businesses like advertising, design, and copywriting.

artistic creative business cards with color gradient

Source: carddsgn.com

Holographic foil

Alternative materials like holographic foil are used to capture eyes and attention. Unconventional color gradients are raising eyebrows and piquing interest. It’s all about making an unforgettable first impression and standing out from a sea of traditional design!

holographic foil business card

Source: carddsgn.com

Handmade illustration

Handmade illustrations and artwork are a key business card trend for design, art, or photography businesses. Turn your business card into a work of handmade art, or make it personal by drawing the content yourself. It adds a personal touch that is alluring in its uniqueness.

illustrated artistic business card

Source: creativemarket.com

illustrated business card

Source: No Ame on Behance

9. Wrap-around design

Business cards may be small and rectangular, but it doesn’t mean they’re confined to those dimensions. Create intrigue with immersive designs that flow from the front to the back. It’ll spike people’s curiosity about you and your business!

Double-sided business cards use unique designs to creatively draw people in.

This design isn’t traditional but it works well with any type of business. From creative advertising to architecture, it’s a great way to do something different!

wrap around business card design

Source: Design_bet on Behance

mondrian theme creative business card

Created by: Nati Sheredeha on Behance

10. Retro revival

Retro design is fun, nostalgic, and brimming with personality. Add a playful look to your business cards with the bubbly fonts of the ’70s and the retro color palettes of the ’90s.

Vintage fonts

This business card trend is a direct result of website design trends, with industries rooted in tradition taking a fond look at the past for inspiration. Vintage fonts and muted pastel colors are taking over as entrepreneurs add nostalgic charm to their brands.

Retro Business Card

Source: SunatationDesigns on Etsy

Bold retro colors

Get inspired by the funky color palettes of disco nights and the old-school vibe of serif fonts. Use these elements to trigger nostalgia and charm your potential customers.

retro color palette business card

Source: Aurélie DANIEL on Behance

Bold color business card

Source: Sam Dallyn on Behance

Retro gradients and blurs

Leave your comfort zone behind and add retro gradients of purple and red, or a tie-dye pattern of neon shades. Gradients and blurs add a psychedelic effect to your brand and transport your clients to a pre-digital time of care-free expression and ambiguity.

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