Top 20 Cannabis Brands for High-Powered Branding in 2023

Starting a cannabis business? Cannabis culture has come a long way from the bong-filled cabinets, neon signs, and Bob Marley t-shirts. With literally hundreds of providers currently popping up across North America, the need to create a distinct brand identity is more important than ever.

Fortunately, there are a ton of great examples of cannabis brands out there. To help you get started, we’ve grouped 15 of our favorite cannabis brands in 2022 – plus a few important tips on designing your cannabis logo.

Let’s take a look!

Core elements of great cannabis brands

Weed is a big deal nowadays. Since its legalization in Canada and parts of the US, some of the largest distributors have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the market size is expected to reach over 70 billion by 2028.

The market has generated a huge diversity of products; from medicinal and recreational CBD edibles to pre-rolled joints, plus an array of different buying options (brick and mortar, eCommerce, subscription-based).

As a result, you need to build a brand that will make you stand out and help define your positioning clearly. So what do most great cannabis brands have in common?

1. The logo

Unless it’s used subtly or originally, most modern cannabis company logos are steering clear of the ganja leaf symbology of the past. While images of giant green leaves might have had their place on the wall beside your Limp Bizkit posters, this isn’t the 90s anymore (sadly).

Having said that, the leaf symbol is an important and unique icon of the industry and, when used effectively, can spearhead some great brand directions. Check out these cannabis logos made on the Looka logo maker:

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2. The name

Cannabis culture is notorious for its overused cliches, and brands have realized it’s high time to stop that. Names generally work when they refer to cannabis in a cool, understated way, like Doja, Tweed, and Tokyo Smoke.

Luckily, the enormous cannabis lexicon has a huge range of words to choose from and adapt, like:

  • Kush
  • Cloud
  • Chronic
  • Smoke
  • Bud
  • Trees

Play around with business names and try to get something that pops in your market category. Use our AI-powered business name generator to find creative business names for you!

3. Look and feel

Cannabis brands are evolving in 2022. The look and feel you choose will depend on the kind of clientele your product aligns with. Take note of certain buzzwords and themes you notice in brands you like.

Are they health-focused? Organic-looking? Modern? Luxurious? Cannabis brands are no longer seen as part of an outsider or counterculture market. The branding has started to follow more conventional avenues as a result.

Tip: A lot of cannabis brands look and feel the same as beauty brands, organic products, or tea and coffee companies. This is no accident. Many actively draw inspiration from these verticals, since the applications of cannabis have crossovers in each.

Cannabis brands and styles

As the market for legal cannabinoids continues to flourish in 2022, we’ve noticed a natural clustering of cannabis brands into a few distinct categories. We’ve listed four of the most common cannabis branding approaches along with examples of cannabis brands for each.

Modern cannabis brands

A happy marriage of digital-era design and online buying models, cannabis brands under the Modern category have a clean, relaxed feel and design aesthetic. Many of the brands here go for stripped-back sans serif logo fonts, beautifully simple design elements, and gorgeous eCommerce displays.

1. Dosist

Dosist cannabis brand

With Apple-level attention to detail, dosist is an example of modern cannabis brands. Its aesthetic uses a backdrop of creamy pastel colors with some rich accents to highlight different formulas. We particularly love the clean, educational feel of the website and the bold branding elements, like the logo, packaging, and color palette.

dosist cannabis packaging

2. Houseplant

Houseplant cannabis logo

Houseplant is Seth Rogan’s branded weed line, made for cannabis aficionados looking to elevate their experience with THC products. They offer bud as well as THC-infused soft drinks with fun and bright branding. This brand balances the minimalistic logo with a loud color palette, giving it an edge along with a well-rounded appeal.

houseplant cannabis branding

3. Tweed

Tweed cannabis logo

Owned by the monolithic Canopy Growth Corporation – the first cannabis brand to be publicly listed – Tweed is a trendy cannabis brand that sells everything from pre-rolled joints to chocolate. The logo and branding follow a modern, urban feel reminiscent of sneaker and clothing companies. We particularly love their packaging!

Tweed cannabis packaging

4. Monogram

monogram cannabis brand and logo

Jay-Z’s new cannabis brand, Monogram, has a luxurious approach to cannabis that’s “defined by dignity, care, and consistency”. Music is intertwined into the brand through video interviews with hip-hop artists who love the plant. Its logo is striking and modern, with a bold sans serif logo font and shrunken vowels. Both unassuming and unforgettable!

5. Doja

Doja weed brand

Another brand under the Canopy Growth umbrella, Doja is a fantastic example of both a sleek cannabis brand identity and brilliant online execution, created by design agency, Article. The logo is an example of using cannabis imagery subtly, and the website is stunning—weaving story, function, and color into a seamlessly rich experience.

Doja cannabis website

6. Verde Vie

verde vie cannabis branding

Verde Vie is a retro, fresh, and unconventional cannabis brand. It’s women-owned and tailored specifically to women who enjoy cannabis in its many forms. With no mention of cannabis on its website, it has a mysterious appeal with a vintage color palette.

It approaches the high-life from a self-care perspective and is a fun treat for those looking to take their Sunday self-care ritual to the next level.

Tips for creating modern cannabis branding:

  • Keep your logo simple
  • Use a distinct, thoughtful color palette
  • Focus on functionality across your brand aesthetic, from the website to the packaging design
  • Think of a catchy, approachable name

Upmarket cannabis brands

Upmarket cannabis brands continue to grow as a market segment in 2022, with brands like Beboe and The Goodship Company coming to define the look and feel of the luxury cannabis aesthetic. Distinct design elements with a boutique cosmetic feel (plus a few extra dollars on the price tag) typify these brands.

7. Beboe

Beboe branded weed

Beboe is a Cali-based luxury cannabis brand created by artist Scott Campbell and tech and fashion executive Clement Kwan. Selling everything from vape pens to pastels, Beboe uses baroque-inspired branded weed with aspects of Campbell’s traditional tattooing background creeping in.

8. Défoncé

Defonce weed logo

No, it’s not a Beyoncé knock-off. Putting the high in high-quality, Défoncé (which is also French for “high”) creates luxury, cannabis-infused chocolate with gorgeous packaging – AKA nothing like the edibles you’re used to. Classy branded weed mixed with craft chocolate packaging, plus a super cool logomark, make Défoncé a great example of how to brand a specific product, market, and segment successfully.

Dafonce weed brand packaging

9. Van der Pop

Van der pop logo

Designed as a female-friendly cannabis business, Van der Pop ‘curates and creates cannabis experiences for the modern woman.’ A logo that couldn’t be further away from headshop aesthetic if it tried, Van der Pop’s branding draws inspiration from the world of fashion and cosmetics, with a delicately crafted brand story that directs cannabis education to women.

van der pop cannabis branding

10. The Goodship Company

The Goodship Company cannabis brand

The Goodship Company is another CBD-infused chocolate maker with baroque brand elements. Even if you’re just starting with a few products in your line, The Goodship Company is proof that it’s all about the brand you surround them in.

the good ship cannabis branding

11. Burb

burb cannabis branding

Burb is a lifestyle cannabis brand that highlights all the good parts of ganja culture. The light-heartedness, the fun, and the unity. Burb is more of a high-end retail store with the added benefits of refilling your stash with the newest and grooviest. They use a nude color palette on all of their products and have a minimalistic and earthy brand identity.

burb cannabis store

12. Dutch Love

dutch love cannabis brand

Dutch love aims to make the cannabis buying experience “disarming, compassionate and human”. It has an organic and friendly appeal, with soft retro colors and curvy serif fonts that pull from the freewheelin’ ’70s.

Tips for creating upmarket cannabis branding:

  • Draw inspiration from relevant industries
  • Play bold design elements off a sleek, sophisticated logo
  • Create a name that sounds expensive!

Organica cannabis brands

Probably the most ‘predictable’ of cannabis branding styles (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) organica branded weed centers around holistic approaches and an often rustic, mellow feel. Brands under this category use earthy tones and can often bear a passing resemblance to yoga studios or coffee company branding.

13. Juna

Juna cannabis brand

Juna is a cannabis brand designed for women, by women. They produce science-backed CBD oil that helps busy women and mothers prioritize self-care. Minimalistic and powerful, their brand colors have deep tones of lavender, emerald, and cobalt to create a soothing aura that people recognize and love.

14. Marley Natural

Marley natural cannabis brand

Marley Natural is a provider of cannabis products and accessories, with a distinctly rustic feel and an outspoken brand voice. Their iconography is Rasta-inspired, and their brand story does a good job encapsulating the feel and flavor of their products.

Marley natural cannabis product branding

15. Kiva Confections

Kiva cannabis branding

Kiva Confections is an edibles producer that makes cannabis-infused mints, bites, gummies, and chocolates. Their branding is on-point for its simple organic elements and laid-back color combinations. Products are individually named, and many have unique package designs that help clarify and define their offering.

16. Maitri

Maitri weed logo

Maitri, which means loving-kindness in Sanskrit, creates beautiful cannabis homeware and accessories for the ritually-minded. Wood-grain touches and soft porcelain-style details give their products a ceremonial quality that makes you want to throw on a ‘10 Hours of Gentle Rain’ track on YouTube and put your feet up.

Maitri cannabis product branding

Tips for creating organica cannabis brands:

  • Take inspiration from nature
  • Focus on textural contrasts and natural forms
  • Explore spiritualist traditions and approaches
  • Use earthy color combinations

Health-first cannabis brands

Health-first branded weed often combines a clinical look and feel with an approachable – but not too flashy – modern aesthetic. Logos and branding elements are simple, and websites are your usual eCommerce setup. The emphasis in this vertical is on no-nonsense functionality, education, and safety.

17. Sunday Goods

sunday goods cannabis logo

Made for no-nonsense chocolate and cannabis connoisseurs, Sunday Goods packs a punch without showing it. It has sleek brand packaging with modest cobalt, white and gold foil as its brand colors. It’s simple and delicate branding makes it a feel-good brand for a feel-good experience.

sunday goods cannabis brand

18. Blissco

blissco cannabis website

Blissco is a perfect mix of an organica and health-first cannabis brand. It’s minimalistic and focuses on the health-first benefits of using its products. Their motto is to “share nature with as many people as possible” and focus on the natural benefits of using cannabis to heal and connect with nature.

19. Wana Edibles

Wana cannabis logo

Wana sells accessible cannabis edibles in both medical and recreational formats, depending on which state you’re in. With branding more akin to a supplements company, Wana does a good job of positioning itself as a health-centric cannabis brand, without being too over the top about it. The logo could use some work, however!

wana cannabis packaging

20. Apothecanna

Apothecanna cannabis branding

Apothecanna is a US-based provider of cannabis-infused pain relief skincare products. According to the company mission, Apothecanna aims ‘to spread the wisdom of traditional plant medicine’, and has created a brand that’s not too in-your-face. This weed brand focuses on clearly describing the ingredients and benefits available.

Apothecanna cannabis brand packaging

Tips for creating health-first cannabis branding:

  • Take inspiration from mass-market healthcare and supplements, but put your twist on it
  • Keep design elements and themes simple and utilitarian
  • Focus on a clear, educational tone of voice

Starting a cannabis business

If you’re thinking about a cannabis business in 2022, you’ve probably put some thought into the practical aspects. But just in case, here’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Think about your positioning before you launch. For example, if you’re planning on creating a brand identity for a boutique brand of CBD edibles, make sure the strain and dosages are appropriate. Don’t send your clientele straight to Mars after just one gummy.
  • Make sure you understand the relevant laws and regulations in your state or province. Cannabis may be legal in Canada and 11 States (at the time of writing), but each jurisdiction has its regulations on possession and distribution. Make sure you’re up to date and compliant. Similarly, many social media companies have strict policies about marketing any kind of cannabinoid product, so double-check to be sure.

Ultimately, cannabis branding is a uniquely fun and rewarding terrain. Understanding the popular branding styles out there is a great way to give yourself a ballpark idea of your direction. Good luck, have fun, and happy 420!

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