Designing A Pastel Logo + 18 Inspirational Examples

The trend toward soft colored, pastel logos is growing! Pastel colors have a charming, and calming effect on the eye. A pastel logo adds a light, whimsical tone to your brand. Pastel logos are great for businesses in wellness, photography, weddings, floral design, and beauty. We’ve seen them used among bloggers and bakery owners, event-based businesses, and childcare or child education-oriented businesses as well!

What are the most common pastel colors?

Pastel colors are soft and muted colors often associated with spring color palettes. Airy blues, powdery pinks, lilac, and butter yellow are common pastel hues. Think macarons and mini eggs!  Here’s a great example of a logo that uses solely pastel tones. In Looka’s logo maker, a pastel logo can be easily designed by clicking the “calm” color scheme option under the palette tab. 

pastel logo design

Logo made in Looka

Examples of pastel logos

Looking for some pastel logo inspiration? We’ve got you covered with some real-life examples, plus some great logos made in Looka’s logo maker below!

Rainbow pastel

Don’t shy away from using multiple bright pastel colors in a logo! Look for complementary colors, and stick to a maximum of three so as not to overwhelm the eye. Lifestyle blog, Brit & Co, designed a multicolored logo that fits perfectly with their lively brand.

Muted pastel tones

Not all pastel logos have to be bright and bouncy! You can opt for more subdued tones if that better suits your brand identity.  The Wing is women-identified only social club and workspace based in New York. World-renowned design studio, Pentagram, designed The Wing’s brand with sophistication in mind. Blending muted pastel tones with fun pops of more vibrant colors to create a very unique design aesthetic.

Totally tonal

This involves picking one color and selecting different tones, both light and dark, to create contrast. Known for its pink sand and pastel-colored houses, Bermuda Tourism naturally gravitated toward a pink pastel logo. The logo uses multiple hues of one color to convey exactly what you’ll find in Bermuda: a whole lotta pink!

Pop of pastel

Leveraging a simple pop of pastel is a great way to brighten up a logo. Soft colors work well against neutral colors like these beige backgrounds below.

Pink and purple

A very feminine combo, soft pink, and purple make for great logos in the baby industry. This is a great color palette for beauty businesses as well!

Match made in heaven

Pink and turquoise are an unbeatable logo color combination. Seriously, pick any tone of those two colors and they’ll work. We love the gold Sweet Jesus Ice Cream logo paired on top of light blue packaging with pink accents. This pastel brand screams fun in the sun!

Baby blues

Blue generates feelings of calm, loyalty, and trust in a brand. Soft blue paired with white or mint-green makes for a very elegant logo. We love this logo by Something Borrowed Blooms, an ecommerce bouquet rental shop. Their monogram logo is classy and chic.

Just peachy

Warm pastel colors pair well together. If you’re trying to think of the right colors for your logo, you can draw inspiration from a single object—like a peach—and go from there! A simple peach is filled with colors and tones that blend beautifully together. Nature is a great source of color inspiration, you just have to pay attention.

Professional pastel

A professional logo is sophisticated, and doesn’t layer too many colors or patterns. If you’d like to incorporate pastel hues into your professional logo, it’s best to stick with one pastel color to add a bit of visual interest. Here we have Creemore Springs, a historic Canadian brewery use a soft pastel cream, and a sky blue to create a calming vintage logo. A video producer logo follows using a grey color palette with a pop of soft turquoise to give the logo some personality.

And there we have it! We hope you find inspiration from some of our favorite pastel brands. If you’re eager to get your perfect logo, hop into our logo maker, and design one yourself! It takes less than 10 minutes.

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