18 Stunning Flower Logos + Tips for Designing Your Own

Flower logos are an increasingly trendy option for entrepreneurs in the wedding industry, wellness, or other creative fields. For centuries, flower symbolism has been used by artists, poets, prophets, and writers across all geographies. Flowers are a dynamic symbol; they can communicate love, support, grief, transitions, celebrations, and so much more. That’s why they make great symbols for your logo!

Different flower logo styles

If you’re considering using a flower in your logo, we’ve laid out some different style options and pulled some of our favorite examples to share with you here.

Abstract flower logos

Abstract flower logos are frequently seen in the wellness space but are versatile enough to be used in any industry. Using an abstract flower symbol is a great way to add visual interest without your logo looking overly romantic. Lotuses, daisies, and sunflowers are popular choices for abstract flower symbols. Pair a simple abstract flower symbol with a gradient for some added wow-factor!

Modern flower logos

Modern flower logos often use a hand-drawn flower or bold flowers paired with a contemporary serif or sans-serif font. These logos are a little edgier and bolder than their contemporaries. Have fun mixing fonts and font weights when designing a modern flower logo. Try pairing a dainty flower with a bold font, or vice-versa and see if the contrast works for you.

Minimal flower logos

Minimalist design does away with all unnecessary extras. Popular on Pinterest, minimal flower logos often involve an outline of a flower or flat floral symbol paired with simple text. These logos are versatile, we’ve seen them used everywhere!  From florists to soap-makers, book editors, and coffee roasters. If you run a small business that doesn’t actually have anything to do with flowers, this might be the best way to go.

Watercolor floral logos

Watercolor logos are most often seen in the wedding industry due to their romantic nature. They’re quite colorful, and therefore eye-catching. A note of caution with watercolor logos- they can be costly and difficult to print on bags, clothes, or other cloth-based items. These logos also need a lot of space to show-up digitally on your website or social media pages as they don’t always scale down well.

An easy alternative to get the watercolor look is to design a logo yourself in Looka using a brush script and a brush container. Pick a symbol with an illustrative look and feel and play around with organic, or calm color palettes until you get the desired effect.

Make your own flower logo now!

Vintage floral logos

Vintage logos have a well-aged appeal to them. To get the vintage look, opt for a flower that looks illustrated or hand-drawn. Containers are a popular choice with vintage-style logos—look for containers that resemble old apothecary labels. Next, select an old-world font with character. Lastly, you’ll want to use a vintage color palette to tie it all together.

Botanical logos

Botanical logos are a huge trend these days! There are so many elements of a flower that can be used in a logo other than the actual flower—the stem, the bud, leaves, etc.  A botanical logo style is great for consultants and other creatives, food and beverage businesses, and artisanal products. It creates a smooth, organic feel while maintaining a sophisticated charm. We recommend pairing these dainty, minimal symbols with a script, or serif font.

Floral frames

A nice way to involve flowers in a logo is to use floral or botanical themed containers. This brings an organic, earthy influence to your logo without it being overly flowery.

Picking the right flower for your logo

When selecting a floral design for your logo consider the following things:

  • If your vibe is soft, and feminine, opt for a rose, peony, or daisy and pick a style that is more minimal.
  • For a more modern look, opt for an abstract flower symbol and sophisticated font—we recommend serif or sans serif.
  • Keep your color palette minimal—3 or fewer colors is best. Flower logos can become overwhelming and difficult to print and scale if they involve too many colors.
  • If you like the look of floral logos but want to avoid an overly romantic feel, a botanical style logo might be a better option.
  • Make sure you like your flower as a standalone feature. In your social media pages and websites, you’ll want the option to use your flower symbol only in profile photos or a favicon. Make sure you love the flower symbol you’ve selected, and that it properly represents your brand identity! See the example below.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board we’ve put together that’s bursting with flowery logos for more ideas! 

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