Top Font Trends of 2024: Creative, Fun, and Human

Font trends in 2024 give us a glimpse into society’s feelings and thoughts, and how design choices reflect them.

We looked into our logo maker data for the top font choices emerging among entrepreneurs and designers in 2024. The data gave us insight into how feelings and aspirations are distilled into font selections this year.

With more of the world becoming automated, there’s a shift towards nostalgia and a desire for experimentation and boldness. Designers are also opting for words over visuals, and playing with font pairs more than we’ve seen in the past few years. 

We’ve found 5 font trends emerging in 2024, and we’ve scoured leading font directories to curate a list of 25 fonts that embody this year’s font trends. Here they are:

  1. Quirky sans serifs
  2. Handwritten scripts
  3. Display fonts
  4. Old-school vintage
  5. Fantastic font pairs

Let’s get into it!

Top font trends of 2024

font trends 2024 infographic

Font trend #1: Quirky sans serif fonts

Designers can’t seem to shake off the allure of the sans serif. Their legibility and wide range of styles make them a popular choice for most occasions.

But sans serif fonts don’t have to be boring, and designers are choosing ones full of personality in 2024. We’re seeing geometric sans serif fonts with quirks like imperfect lines, long and expressive limbs, and abstract apertures that add an eccentric look.

We looked at our logo maker data and found that 80% of the top 10 fonts used for logos and branding were sans serif fonts.

From block-like sans to handwritten styles, we’re seeing a departure from rigid Helvetica and Futura towards striking and unique sans serifs that stand out. Here are some unique font style choices we saw in our data;

  • Sans serifs with elongated (tall) lettering
  • Ulta thin sans serifs
  • Imperfect lettering
  • Unique decorative strokes

Check out this font trend at work in the Looka logos below:

Celebri Sans Bold was the most used font amongst logo and branding designs in Looka. Airwaves Regular is the 3rd most popular font choice for logos and branding.

Here are some trending fonts in 2024:

1. Katarine

Katarine sans serif font

Tall, lean, and striking, Katarine is a beautifully balanced font. The strokes within the letters are all equal – creating a slightly monospaced hybrid look. The rounded edges add a soft feel to the lettering. It’s ideal for modern web design that needs a professional but creative vibe.

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2. New Astro

bold sans serif font

On the opposite side, we have New Astro — a stocky, bold, and demanding font with unique stylistic options. The font has unique quirks like opened ‘bowls’ (the circular portion of a normally enclosed letter). With variable fonts, New Astro is a great choice for branding and logo design.

3. Panno Text

panno thin sans serif font

Ultra-thin geometric sans serifs surged last year, challenging the rise of thick block-like fonts. We’re seeing modern designs take a futuristic turn in 2024, with fonts like Panno text entering the chat to create minimal designs that have a soothing effect.

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4. Gyst

gyst unique sans serif font

Gyst’s slightly skewed lettering and distinctive decorative elements create a standout look and a clean aesthetic. Its varying stroke weights contribute to a dynamic, contemporary feel, making Gyst fitting for forward-thinking designs that want to project creativity and flair.

5. Kensington

kensington unique sans serif font

Kensington has the ideal balance of crisp, modern lines and eclectic details. Its subtle quirks inject personality without overpowering the text. It’s the perfect sans-serif typeface with a harmony of eclectic style and practicality. It’s the type of variable font that can seamlessly transition to various styles!

Try out different font trends on our logo maker!

Font trend #2: Handwritten script

The handmade aesthetic has an unmistakable allure. We’ve seen script fonts pop up in YouTube thumbnails, branding, artisanal product packaging, Instagram posts, and designs. Basically, everywhere!

This font trend captures the essence of authenticity and personal touch in a digital world. Handwritten scripts add a human element to branding, echoing handwritten notes that are individual and distinctive.

They’re part of an overarching 2024 trend towards authenticity and a human connection.

Here are some interesting font style choices we noticed in the data:

  • Marker-like handwritten fonts
  • Thick-stroked hand-drawn lettering
  • Child-like lettering
  • Caligraphy-like signatures

Check out this font trend at work in the Looka logos below:

This font style is popular for designs with the goal of a personal, intimate connection with an audience. Designers appreciate their versatility and the warmth they bring to digital communication, making designs feel more inviting and engaging to their target audience.

Auterra handwritten font was the 5th most popular logo font used by Looka customers last year.

6. Des Montilles
des montilles handwritten font

Des Montilles has a human-like fluidity and distinct calligraphic strokes that look handmade. Casual handwritten scripts convey an inviting and trustworthy aesthetic while striking a balance between sophistication and warmth. It’s perfect for elevated designs in the artisanal market, food industry, and personal branding.

7. Del Ray

del ray handwritten fontDel Ray’s effortless charm is a nod to 2024’s lean toward authenticity in digital design. Its unrefined and legible typography style encapsulates the trend of merging human touch with digital clarity. The rise of handwritten fonts underscores the shift away from stark, corporate fonts towards those that convey a brand’s personality and relatability.

8. Apothecary

apothecary script fontThe apothecary pairs an elongated traditional calligraphic script with a monospaced serif, literally creating the look of apothecary labels from the 1800s. In 2024, font trends lean toward striking design choices that still look clean.

handwritten script branding example

Apothecary provides a balance between old craftsmanship and modern functionality, making it a go-to for designers seeking heritage and forward-thinking aesthetics.

9. Franceur

franceur handwritten font

Franceur is another example of the popularity of handwritten, imperfect font design. With its condensed and slightly irregular form, it has the ideal balance between professional sharpness and personalized flair.

This trend highlights a shift towards authentic, approachable branding. There’s a yearning to connect through fonts that mimic the human touch in 2024.

10. Pinklatte

pinklatte script font

Pinklatte brings on an effortless charm and subtle whimsy. As part of the 2024 trend towards handwritten fonts, Pinklatte has warm, casual curves mimicking the nuances of natural handwriting. It creates an inviting and relatable vibe that looks cozy and feminine.

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Font trend #3: Display fonts

Display fonts transcend font style. They can have any look, and don’t abide by all the rules of typography. In terms of style, they can have various decorative features that set them apart and make them unique.

Their popularity reflects a broader trend towards vibrant, expressive graphic design that connects with audiences emotionally. The allure of display fonts lies in their dominance and simplicity!

Display fonts appear in design, video, branding, and editorial. Notably – designers are flocking to thicker display fonts with unique decorative elements that make them look bespoke.

Here are some unique font style choices we’ve seen in the data:

  • Wide and open apertures
  • Graffiti-style lettering
  • Gothic styles
  • Unique decorative strokes
  • Skewed alignment

Check out this font trend at work in the Looka logos below:

These fonts are a go-to for industries that want to make a statement with words and color, like entertainment, advertising, and digital media. They’re often seen in large headlines, billboards, and posters where they command attention.

Bourton Inline and Brocklyn were the most used display fonts in 2023 by Looka users.

11. Gracie display font 2024

gracie bold display fontBoth modern and versatile, Gracie is perfectly suited for those seeking a typeface that combines contemporary flair with functional design. With varying apertures, strokes, and uniquely angled serifs, it’s a display font that keeps you guessing and has an abstract look about it.

12. Lawless Years graffiti style font 2024

lawless years graffiti display font

Lawless Years has the spirit of the wild and varied look of spray-painted lettering. We’ve seen a surge in the popularity of graffiti-style fonts in 2024. This font’s raw energy and urban aesthetic make a bold, authentic statement. It’s ideal for industries aiming to reach a youthful, dynamic demographic.

Font trend examples

Below, the new Bolt redesign embodies the bold display font logo trend. It has a contemporary and lively look, with distinctive curves in the letters “L” and “T” giving it a striking appeal.

bolt logo redesign

Source: Bolt on Creative Boom

14. Morsan

morsan bold display font

Morsan has discreet psychedelic notes with a playful aesthetic. It’s a little bit retro and a little bit modern. With varying strokes and fun alterations, it’s the perfect middle ground for designs that need an infusion of spirit.

14. Uniquen

uniquen display font

Uniquen has futuristic lettering morphed with a standard geometric sans serif. It shocks with liquid-like letterforms while holding onto its legibility. It’s ideal for designers aiming for a futuristic stand-out appeal.

15. Ravenhell gothic font

ravenhell gothic font

Ravenhell channels the timeless aura of gothic-style typography, bringing a contemporary spin to the ancient look. Its meticulously crafted characters embody the gothic aesthetic, making it a standout choice for infusing a touch of darkness and mystery into designs. It’s for the edgy and bold!

Font trend #4: Old-school vintage fonts

Who doesn’t love the vintage aesthetic? We’ve seen a regression to Y2K and grunge in recent years, but font trends in 2024 are leaning toward the pre-internet times of hand lettering, and quirky color palettes. We’ve even seen some designs embrace the wild-western aesthetic!

These typography trends are not just about nostalgia; they encapsulate a sense of authenticity and timelessness that modern audiences crave. Brands are using vintage fonts to evoke the craftsmanship of the past, telling a story of heritage, quality, and longevity.

56th Street Caps was a top choice for vintage branding in 2023.

These vintage fonts are more than just a fad—they’re a tool that taps into a collective memory, giving modern products a classic edge.

Here are some unique vintage-style font and design choices we noticed:

  • Western aesthetic
  • Bulbous serifs
  • Grainy textures
  • Groovy swirls

Check out this font trend at work in the Looka logos below:

16. 56th Street caps

56th street vintage font

56th Street Caps is a standout choice due to its versatility and hand-crafted look. As a top choice amongst logo and brand design, its aesthetic resonates with audiences looking for substance and style. It has a modern peaky blinders look to it!

17. Nomadic

nomadic vintage font 60s

Nomadic is the font embodiment of a flower crown and tweed trousers. It takes a full dive into the psychedelic look of the 60s but keeps the serifs and flicks to a minimum. With ligatures that connect one letter to another, it has a divine look of peace, old-time fun, and playfulness.

18. Thistails

thistails script vintage font

Thistails has a blend of classic calligraphy with a grainy, vintage finish that’s perfect for a traditional look. Its textured strokes and rounded forms evoke a handcrafted feel, making it ideal for projects that need rustic charm. Ideal for adding character and transporting your audience to a time of simplicity, and maybe cowboys?

19. Chee

Sleek and playful, Chee is a vintage font with a twist of modernity that encapsulates the retro aesthetic with its unique geometric shapes and curvilinear forms. It provides a nod to the past while maintaining a clean, contemporary edge.

20. Kolabore free 2024 western font

kolabore western font

Kolabore conjures images of the Old West with its bold lines and assertive presence. Its design strikes a balance between the unrefined charm of a frontier billboard and the precision of modern typesetting. The font is free to download!

Font trend #5: Fantastic font pairs

Font combinations are emerging stronger than ever! For many years designers have shied away from taking risks with multiple font pairs. Although the golden rule for typefaces is two –  Designers are sometimes using three…in the same word!

Font duos create clashing font styles that add personality and uniqueness to branding, designs, and websites. What better way to stand out in a non-obvious way?

Based on our 2023 logo maker data, the Airwaves regular sans serif font and script font duo are the most popular font pairs amongst Looka users.

Here are some unique font pair choices we noticed in our data:

  • Bold sans serif with wispy handwritten cursive
  • Sans serifs with serifs font pairs
  • Monospaced fonts with retro serifs

Check out this font trend at work in the Looka logos below:

There’s no wrong answer to how many fonts you can put together. But, there is a wrong answer in how you do it. It takes skill to break the rules and create an out-of-the-box composition! Let’s look at some examples:

Font pair trend: Sans serif and serif

sans serif and serif font pair example

Source: Equiterre on Behance

The Equiterre project is a lesson in the art of font fusion. This font pair balances the modernity of a sans serif with the classic touch of a serif, reflecting a full brand identity that is both innovative and grounded. This distinguishes the brand in the market and enhances legibility and aesthetic appeal.

Font pair trend: Sans serif, monospaced, and cursive

enchant font trio branding

Source: Enchant on Behance

The Enchant branding project is a harmonious interplay of diverse typographic elements. A clean sans serif provides a modern, uncluttered foundation, elevated by the elegance of slight cursive letters to add a personal, handcrafted feel. A monospaced font punctuates the design with white space and clarity, lending character and a unique rhythm to the overall look.

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21. Airwaves

airwaves sans serif and cursive font duo

The Airwaves font pairing is versatile and bold, perfect for branding and logo design. Our logo maker data shows a spike in popularity for this font pair, with a clear and striking sans serif font offsetting the whimsical cursive. You get the best of both worlds and the ability to change your mind!

22. The Apparel

this apparel sans and cursive font pair

For those who stand at the intersection of innovation and tradition, The Apparel font duo delivers. Pairing a quirky sans serif with an eclectic cursive, this duo breaks the mold in style while keeping communication clear. It’s the perfect mix for brands that demand a unique yet approachable vibe

23. PGF Orqquidea font pair

bold display and cursive font pair

The PGF Orquidea font pair is capturing the attention of designers in 2024 for its commanding display sans coupled with a playful handwritten script. This font pair caters to brands looking for an executive yet whimsical aesthetic. Reflecting the trend, sans, and cursive combinations have soared in usage by mixing formality with fun.

24. Rational Mood

rational mood handwritten font pair

Sophisticated yet welcoming, Rational Mood is a font pair that unites neatly handwritten sans with a fluid cursive script. This duo is versatile and perfect for businesses seeking warmth in their branding. It’s a top pick for kids’ toys or clothes, creative media, and any industry that seeks a personalized, fun look.

25. Milky way

milky way display font pair

Milky Way is not just a font; it’s a testament to evolving trends in display fonts, emphasizing playfulness and innovation in typography. This font pairs bold, attention-grabbing pillow-like characters with more subdued sans-serif styles. It epitomizes the mixed-use trend of versatile fonts, creating impact across any medium.

Use font trends to elevate your work

Font trends will keep you in the loop of what people all around the world are feeling. With the right font, you can resonate with a demographic that holds a certain belief, a specific need, or even just a feeling!

Take these font trends as inspiration for your next designs, and experiment with the boundless world ahead of us. Here’s a recap of the font trends of 2024:

  1. Quirky sans serifs
  2. Handwritten scripts
  3. Display fonts
  4. Old-school vintage
  5. Fantastic font pairs

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