9 Eye-Catching Food Truck Designs from Around the World

There’s something satisfying about a spectacular food truck design. It’s that connection between the good eats, the location, the vehicle, and the brand identity, meshed into one tasty package.

What’s unique about food truck design is that the logo ties into the whole theme and decal of the truck, and isn’t just a standalone piece of branding. Because food trucks need to capture attention on city streets, most tend to use bright colors and playful imagery.

So, in a world filled with beautiful, lively, and flavorful food truck logos and designs, how does one stand out? Well, there are definitely a few things that help – besides having great food, of course. It takes some creative thinking and hard work to get the look just right.

Let’s check out these 9 businesses for food truck design inspiration!

1. Mandu Box

Where: Seoul, South Korea
Serving up: Dumpling boxes

The colors. The cute logo. The bubble letters. How could you say no to some freshly steamed dumplings from this Korean food truck?

Going for baby pink and blue hues, Mandu Box exudes childlike wonder, prompting onlookers to find out more. Did you spot the little cartoon dumpling sticking its head out of the box? The symbol represents the business itself while adding a fun (and adorable) visual element to the logo.

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2. Del Popolo

Where: California, USA
Serving up: Wood-fired pizza

Not only is this one of the coolest looking food trucks out there (it’s a recycled shipping container!), the logo fits perfectly with the Italian cuisine they serve. You’ll notice many Italian restaurant logos contain red or orange tones, teasing us with the colors of our favorite Italian dishes – pasta and pizza!

Instead of using traditional block letters in the wordmark, Del Popolo has a simple 2D style, layering the letters to give more dimension and interest. It’s proof that not every food truck design has to contain fun icons or bright, crazy colors. Know your brand, know your audience.

A post shared by Crux Systems (@cruxsystems) on

A post shared by Crux Systems (@cruxsystems) on

3. Zillord’s Fried Chicken

Where: Alberta, Canada
Serving up: Nashville fried chicken

If you weren’t hungry yet, you’ve gotta be by now! Crispy chicken, creamy coleslaw, gooey mac & cheese…

All right, back to the focus here.

The Zillord’s logo stands out with its cursive font, cool blue background, and pops of red sparks. Though cursive fonts can often come off as prim and proper, this font has a confident, edgy feel with a bit of classic retro, which brings authenticity to the brand.

It’s nice to think that the piece of perfectly fried chicken you’re about to eat is based on a family recipe handed down from generation to generation. Zillord’s logo does a great job communicating this.

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4. Toasta

Where: Melbourne, Australia
Serving up: Toasties

Toasties, in their simplest form, are what North Americans would refer to as “grilled cheese.” They’re simple, but oh so tasty.

Food truck Toasta mixes a crisp wordmark logo with fun cartoon toastie characters to play into this theme. What’s wonderful about their logo is that it can be displayed as either the wordmark, or as a cartoon toast figure. Depending on where they’re using the logo (e.g. a sign versus an Instagram profile photo), these two options give them flexibility.

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5. Nine Soft Serve

Where: AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia
Serving up: Soft serve ice-cream

So retro. So fun. Nine Soft Serve puts a twist on the classic soft serve cone, throwing on fun toppers like cereal, kunafa (a noodle-like pastry), and panda cookies.

The all-caps typography in their logo is classic, pulling on art-deco themes that are evocative of South Beach, Miami, and Havana. This food truck is also #killingit on social. Their Instagram feed is beautiful, staying true to their brand aesthetic – colorful, playful, and creative.

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6. Feiner Herr

Where: Berlin, Germany
Serving up: Sweet + savory pancakes

Feiner Herr brings the magic of pancakes to the streets of Berlin in their white-painted food truck, which is a prime example of a clean, minimalist style.

Their branding is really something special and carries consistently to their other marketing materials (social images, business cards, menus, and more). If you look closely at their symbol, the letters F and H are incorporated into the character, making up his head, hat, and nose!

A post shared by Feiner Herr (@feinerherr_berlin) on

A post shared by Feiner Herr (@feinerherr_berlin) on

7. Tutto Food Co.

Where: Johannesburg, South Africa
Serving up: Paella and tapas

Bridging the gap between street food and modern cuisine, Tutto Food Co. serves up tasty Spanish dishes in their bright yellow food truck, a color that carries throughout the rest of their branding.

Their logo consists of a wordmark, and a monogram enclosed in a container. Containers can be all different sorts of shapes, but Tutto chose the perfect one for their business – a frying pan!


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8. Combi

Where: Porto, Portugal
Serving up: Coffee, tea, and smoothies

One word: cute. The typography in this wordmark logo has so much whimsy and personality, making it easy to recognize.

This VW van is easily spotted with its earthy green paint and classic style. This fits well with the gourmet coffees Combi serves up!

This logo is a study in the power of simplicity. It can be used in black, white, or color, making it versatile and easily placed over different colored backgrounds, while always looking superb.

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9. Bite into Maine

Where: Maine, USA
Serving up: Fresh lobster rolls

Did someone say lobster rolls? Being on the edge of the sea, Maine is known for its fresh seafood and laid-back vibes. Food truck Bite into Maine emulates just that.

Their logo has a distinct homestyle vibe with the location included in the name. Resembling a stamp or crest, the logo is easy to print on car decals, stickers, on T-shirts, and more — their swag shop is #fire. It works in both bright colors, and all-white or all-black. Win-win!

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Because they’re different from traditional restaurants, food trucks aren’t afraid to push boundaries and come up with crazy (and sometimes downright mind-blowing) food creations.

The #treatyoself mentality makes every food truck purchase feel like a mini gift to yourself. This carries through to cool food truck designs and brand identities: from bright colors to cute symbols and bold typography, there are plenty of ways to stand out on the road and draw a crowd.

For more food-related design inspiration, check out our logo ideas page!

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