20 Instagram Post Templates for Your Brand and Business

In today’s digital age, your brand identity is condensed into square images, engaging captions, and relatable content. The good part? A well-planned Instagram grid can open doors to international brand recognition, flocks of customers, and consistent revenue – all for free!

A Facebook survey found that 80% of Instagram users decide whether they want to buy your product or service based on your profile. So it’s safe to say a great Instagram profile is critical to getting clients or customers.

Using Instagram post templates makes it easier to plan your content without the design guesswork and with free reign of your creativity.  Below, we’ll help you create Instagram templates that will boost your Instagram profile and reel in customers.

Let’s get started!

How do you design an impactful Instagram post?

Branding is critical to a successful business social media account. Keep your brand identity, colors, fonts, and logo on hand as you work through the steps below.

Brands on Instagram are perceived to be more popular, creative, entertaining, and relevant according to Facebook.

1. Choose a goal and format

Set a goal for your Instagram posts by defining what action you want the viewer to take. Do you want them to like, share, comment, or save your post? This clarifies the purpose of each post and makes it easier to design.

Save the handy guide below to strategically plan your Instagram posts:

What To Post On Instagram

Not sure where to start? Here are 30 things to post on Instagram to get your ideas flowing.

2. Create Instagram post templates

Building templates for each of the goals above streamlines design work, so you can focus on creating quality content.

Once you design your logo with Looka, opt for the Looka Brand Kit to get branded Instagram post templates. All with your chosen colors, fonts, and logo already applied! Check out the Brand Kit Instagram templates below.

A lemony-fresh look for a skincare brand:

instagram post templates

A soothing hue for a consultant:

consulting instagram post templates

A bold palette for a food blogger:

instagram post template food blog

Pro tip: Create a cadence of posting various types of content. For example, a how-to guide, a lifestyle image, and a quote. Having an order for posting different forms of content is visually appealing and makes a great first impression on viewers.

3. Use original or sourced photos

Original photography is powerful, but there’s no harm in using stock images or sharing other people’s photos. As long as you give them credit in the caption!

If you sell products, however, use as much original product photography as possible. This makes your profile professional, trustworthy, and authentic in your viewers’ eyes.

Check out the rattan bag product photography from @amerii below.

amerii instagram grid

Tip: Add your logo to your Instagram posts to boost brand recognition. This makes your brand and social accounts easy to find when your images are shared elsewhere.

4. Use editing tools for a consistent look

Great-looking Instagram grids take a lot of editing. For visual consistency, use the same filter or adjust the brightness and contrast to fit your design aesthetic.

Here are some free editing tools for your photos and reels:

For photos:

  • Snapseed
  • Pixlr
  • VSCO

For videos:

  • Adobe premiere clip
  • InShot video editor
  • FilmoraGO

5. Use branded hashtags and engaging captions

Captions are important for engagement and storytelling. Use captions to educate your audience and encourage them to interact with your account.

Another underestimated tool is branded hashtags. These are unique hashtags that can be your business name, slogan, or a brand mission-related term.

For example, Herschel backpacks created a #welltravelled hashtag to encourage people to share their travels. Travelers abided and Herschel gained over 5.2 million user-generated posts!

instagram branded hashtags example

Herschel’s branded hashtag doesn’t have its name in it, but it has the essence of its brand identity. It pulls in the travelers and adventurers, Herschel’s exact target market.

Use at least 10 other hashtags on your posts to boost visibility. Try free hashtag research tools like All Hashtag and Tagsfinder to find popular hashtags for your category.

Tip: Once you have your content ready, use a free Instagram scheduling app like Planoly or Preview App to easily organize and post content.

20 Instagram post templates for your business

Let’s dive into some Instagram post templates to get your business out there. They’re all made with the Looka Brand kit!

Instagram post templates for service businesses

If you own a service business, your main goal on Instagram is to build authority and trust amongst viewers. Show off your expertise with how-to guides, tips, and resource lists to turn viewers into clients!

To show your approachable side, add some fun selfies, relatable memes, and inspirational quotes. Consider it your personal branding profile!

Check out the Instagram templates below for inspiration:

Instagram post with expert tips

This template uses brand colors, fonts, and a logo to establish a professional look. It sets the tone for relevant industry tips that build authority and bring value to the viewer.

Instagram post template
Contest alert post with design elements

With on-brand elements, this design is simple and straight to the point. The text is overlaid on the brand pattern, which should be used consistently for a cohesive and distinct look.

Instagram post template

How-to guide Instagram carousel

Carousel posts are great for sharing and showing off your knowledge. The subject of the guide is highlighted in the brand color, and there’s a reminder at the top to save the post. Every saved post brings you closer to a homepage feature!

Instagram post template

Check out some more post templates live on an Instagram grid:

instagram grid example

Made on the Looka Brand Kit

Take a look at service-based Instagram accounts like @NoraDekeyser (life coach), @Careercontessa (finance advice), or @Alexandragater (interior designer) for more inspiration!

Create Instagram post templates

Instagram post templates for eCommerce

Instagram is a gold mine for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to gain customers and boost sales – all for free! By posting great content and leveraging hashtags, you can multiply your reach and revenue.

Focus on building authority and expressing your brand personality through product photography, lifestyle posts, and expert guides. This way, your products can resonate with the right people and lifestyle.

Here are some ideas for Instagram templates:

Industry tips with product recommendations

Clean and minimal, the sourced on-brand image overlaid by colored text is a great carousel cover. The logo and website placement trace the post back to your account when it’s shared and saved by followers.

instagram post template

Giveaway Instagram post template

Giveaways boost engagement, followers, and brand recognition. Below, the template highlights the giveaway with a photo of the prize. Add the criteria for entering the giveaway in the caption to let people know how to participate.

instagram post template

Online flash sale Instagram template

Supercharge your sales and traffic by hosting a flash sale! Add details on when the flash sale is happening to your caption and mention the highest discount. Don’t forget to include a link!

instagram post template

Here are some more Instagram post templates in action:

instagram grid example

Made on the Looka Brand Kit

Check out eCommerce Instagram brands like @Jungmaven (apparel), @Chloesmartprint (illustrations), and @origins (skincare) for more inspiration.

Create Instagram post templates

Instagram post templates for bloggers

As a blogger, your goal is to gain blog traffic, followers, and brand partnerships. All of these can grow into streams of revenue, so the more the better!

Capture Instagram traffic by posting engaging, relevant, and high-value content. How-to guides, challenges, giveaways, and funny posts all build up your traffic and reputation. Focus on sharable posts to get your blog out there organically.

Here are some Instagram post templates to consider:

List carousel Instagram template

Get thumbs to stop and swipe with an exciting title and imagery. The template below previews photos and grabs attention with a bold font and color combination. The logo at the bottom brings viewers back to you with every share.

Instagram post template

New blog alert Instagram post

Send traffic to your website by posting a teasing excerpt of your new blog post. Curate a three-post carousel that hooks viewers and gets them to click on your blog link for more.

Instagram post template

Giveaway Instagram post

Boost followers and newsletter sign-ups with a giveaway! People love free stuff, so offer a treat to the winner and watch your following skyrocket. Mention the details in the post or caption based on your aesthetic. Make it BIG and get people to stop scrolling!

Instagram post template

Here are some more Instagram post templates in action:

Instagram grid example

Check out @Halfbakedharvest (food blog), @readtealeaves (lifestyle blog) or @iliridakrasniqi (fashion blog) for more inspiration!

Start creating!

With editable Instagram post templates under your belt, all that’s left is starting your Instagram account!

Here are some takeaways to keep in your back pocket:

  • Choose a goal and layout format
  • Create on-brand Instagram templates – and reuse them!
  • Take original photography or source from others
  • Use photo and video editing tools to keep the aesthetic the same
  • Add hashtags for better distribution

Get started today!

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