18 Branding Ideas to Bring Your Logo to Life

Once you have a logo you love, you’re one big step closer to getting your business in front of people.

It’s the most prominent part of your visual identity, and using it for different marketing and promotion efforts will help you gain recognition and instantly appear more professional.

Here are 18 easy branding ideas that’ll put your logo to work (plus resources for making each idea happen).

1. Add it to your website

A website is a HUGE part of your brand and business. The two most common areas to put a logo are the header (usually in the top left) and the favicon, the small icon next to your address bar or the title on your browser tab.

For the header, ensure your logo is legible on different screen sizes so it makes an impact as soon as someone lands on your page. For the favicon, use the icon-only or monogram version of your logo to fit a small space (16×16 pixels or 32×32 pixels).

Instructions for adding a logo to your website will depend on the platform you’re using to build it — see these how-to articles from Etsy, GoDaddy, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix. (If you’re using WordPress, your logo placement will depend on the theme you choose.)

Logo on a website header

2. Insert it in your email signature

An email signature is a no-brainer place to put your logo because it reminds people of your brand whenever you send a message or reach out to someone new.

See this help article for instructions on how to add your logo to a Gmail or Outlook account. You can also use email signature generators like this one. Upload a PNG version of your logo to Dropbox or Google Drive, right-click to copy the image URL, and paste it into the generator tool.

Logo in an email signature

3. Use it on all your social media channels

Once your logo is ready, you have a go-to profile photo for all your social channels! If you have an icon-only version of your logo, use it to make a bigger impact in a small space. For more tips, see this article on how to use your logo on social media.

p.s. With Looka’s Social Media Kit, you’ll get 40+ perfectly sized versions of your logo for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

Logo on social media pages

4. Get business cards

One of the most exciting places to see your logo is on a business card. It’s a physical representation of your brand you can share with anyone who’s interested in your products or services.

Decide if you want a horizontal or vertical layout, a traditional size (3.5” x 2”), and white or colored cardstock. With Looka’s Business Card Designs, you’ll get a sheet of designs with your logo and contact information in different layouts. Upload these designs to print-on-demand websites or send to a local printer to get business cards made.

Where to print business cards:

Logo on business cards

5. Put it on a T-shirt, hat, hoodie, or other pieces of clothing

You can put your logo on a range of apparel to show off your brand IRL and get word-of-mouth advertising in the process. For the best results, send vector logo files (EPS or SVG) when getting clothing and swag made.

When looking at branding ideas for clothing, consider logo placement, sizing, and the material (and color) you’re printing on to make sure your gear looks amazing.

Where to get branded clothing:

Logo on a t-shirt

6. Make custom stickers or labels

Available in circle, square, or die-cut (custom) shapes, stickers can be handed out at events or stuck on laptops, notebooks, and more for portable branding.

If you’re going to be using a high volume of stickers for packaging purposes, it’s a good idea to buy them on sheets or in rolls.

Where to get custom logo stickers: 

Logo on circular stickers

7. Use it on images

Want to put your logo on Instagram posts, social media cover images, or product photos? Use a free editing program like PicMonkey to create watermarked images or a paid program like Adobe Illustrator.

Make sure to use the transparent background version of your logo!

Logo watermark branding ideas

8. Put it on letterheads and envelopes

Adding your logo to letterheads and envelopes makes your business instantly appear more legitimate and trustworthy. Use a transparent version of your logo to use on a white or colored background, depending on the document.

See this article on how to add a logo to a letterhead in a Microsoft Word or Google doc.

Logo on stationery and letterheads

9. Add it to your invoices, receipts, and post-purchase emails

Speaking of documents, don’t forget to add your logo to invoices and receipts after you’ve completed work or made a sale. It’s one more step in your customer journey that will leave an impression.

Instructions for adding a logo to your website will depend on the software you’re using to build it — here are how-tos from invoicing platforms QuickBooks, Wave, and FreshBooks.

And if you’re sending out email marketing campaigns, post-purchase emails, or automated shipping notifications, brand these messages by putting your logo in the email header (see how to add your logo to your MailChimp and Shopify email templates).

Logo on an invoice

10. Create branded presentations

Are you creating a presentation on PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or another online platform? Use the transparent background version of your logo in the footer of every slide, and feature it prominently on the opening and closing slides to drive your brand home.

You can also create a presentation template with your logo and brand colors to ensure you’re ready for client pitches, training presentations, and more.

To do this in PowerPoint, create your template and then click Save As > PowerPoint Template (.potx).

Logo on a Powerpoint presentation

11. Set it as your desktop and phone wallpaper

Want to see your branding every time you unlock your computer, phone, or tablet? Make a logo version of your wallpaper (this is also a great idea if you have company devices to give to employees or use at events).

To create custom wallpaper, use a free program like Canva. Or, if you purchased a Looka Social Media Kit, you’ll see versions of your logo sized for your desktop wallpaper, iPhone (can be used on most phones), and iPad.

p.s. Don’t forget to add your logo to your profile on video chats you might use to run your business, including Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom.

Logo on iPhone wallpaper

12. Put it on packaging

If you run an ecommerce or retail business, you have a unique opportunity to use your packaging to increase brand recognition every time you send or sell your goods to a customer.

Packaging options include paper bags, boxes, poly mailers or padded envelopes, cardboard tubes, labels and stickers (see #6), packing tape, wrapping or tissue paper, postcards, and more.

For a budget-friendly option, start with utility packaging like blank boxes and customize with stickers, stamps, or packing tape. You can decide if you want to upgrade to custom-printed bags or boxes when your business is more established.

Where to get branded packaging materials: 

Logo on a box

13. Print brochures, menus, notecards, postcards, and more

What better way to show off your logo than on printed collateral? Especially if you’re in an industry like restaurants, real estate, or fashion.

When you’re working with a professional printer, send them vector logo files — either EPS or SVG — and always request a proof before moving forward with a print run.

Where to get brochures, postcards, and other printed collateral: 

Logo on a company letterhead

14. Get branded office supplies

Looking to add more branding to your office space — even if it’s your home office or kitchen table? Get your logo printed on supplies like coffee mugs, sticky notes, mousepads, pens, desk calendars, sticky notes, notebooks, agendas, and more. Profesh!

Where to get custom office supplies:

Logo on a mug

15. Swag it up

You may have already printed stickers, T-shirts, or office supplies to use as swag. But if you’re looking for other creative product branding ideas, perhaps for a trade show or corporate gifting initiative, there are MANY more.

Think keychains, magnets, pint glasses, lighters, stress balls, carabiners, water bottles, bottle openers, temporary tattoos, puzzles and games, energy bars…and beyond!

Where to get custom swag: 

Logo on water bottles

16. Get decals for your walls, windows, or vehicles

Decals are a relatively inexpensive and fun way to brand a space or vehicle.

It’s best to use easy-to-remove wall decals for your office and boardrooms, window decals (or front-adhesive stickers) to call attention to passersby, and weatherproof stickers (such as vinyl lettering or bumper stickers) if you want to use your logo on vehicles or outdoor windows.

Where to get logo decals: 

Logo on a window decal

17. Make it into a rubber stamp

Having a stamp of your logo is the ultimate in branding convenience — you can use it on packaging, labels, printouts, receipts, and more!

Choose from self-inking stamps (pre-loaded with ink) or a traditional rubber stamp with an ink pad. And make sure to have your logo’s exact color handy so you can order ink in that shade!

Where to get logo stamps: 

Logo on a stamp

18. Print it on party supplies

Throwing a big party or grand opening? Don’t miss the chance to execute some branding ideas for your event!

Put your logo on party supplies, including cups, napkins, plates, coasters, and more. Check out Totally Promotional for party supply options.

Logo on a paper cup

And there you have it — 18 unique branding ideas that let you show off your logo to the world!

Pick the branded assets that make the most sense for what you’re offering, and remember: there are plenty of ways you can promote your business on a budget, whatever stage you’re at.

Now…go work your logo!

p.s. Learn more about building a brand identity in our ultimate guide, or try our logo maker to get started on a design for free.

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