50 Logo Color Combinations to Inspire Your Design

Our brains are hardwired to react to and remember color combinations. If you close your eyes and think of three famous brands, chances are you’ll be able to conjure up the company’s logo colors immediately. Starbucks: green and white. Ikea: blue and yellow. FedEx: purple and orange.

Color is a powerful tool for engaging people’s emotions and piquing their interest. It’s especially important when developing a brand identity, and brand assets like a logo.

Picking the right color combinations can be tricky business. Lucky for you, there’s actually a science to it called color theory that’ll make it easier for you to select your brand colors.

Types of color combinations

Working with the color theory wheel is the best way to start when choosing your logo colors. The color wheel contains warm colors (red, yellow, orange) on the left side and cool colors (blue, green, and purple) on the right. Understanding the relationship between colors and how they interact on the color wheel is the key to successful design.

  • Complementary color combinations are colors that sit on opposite sides of the color wheel. These two colors create contrast and make for high-impact, legible brand designs.
  • Analogous color combinations are two to five colors that sit beside each other on the color wheel. These colors generally create a sense of harmony and balance. Analogous color schemes are often found in nature, where one color dominates and the others support its depth.
  • Triadic color combinations are rich and vibrant color combinations. Use the triadic color theory if you’re looking for a dynamic three-color palette. Simply draw a triangle on the color wheel and you’ll hit three colors that are evenly spaced out.

Tip: In logo design, you’ll want to select one color to dominate and the other two as accents.

We’ve chosen some of the best color combinations (complete with a bit of color psychology) to inspire your next logo design. Let’s dive in!

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50 Logo color combinations for unique designs

Let’s dive into logo color combinations paired with logo designs ideas!

1.  Tea green and moss

This logo color scheme echoes the serenity of nature. Tea green, with its soft, calming hue, contrasts subtly with the deeper, earthier tone of moss. Monochromatic are a logo color trend this year, offering a refreshing yet grounded aesthetic that’s pleasing to the eye.

green and moss logo color combination
2. Clay and beige

This comination carries a warm, inviting, and neutral feel. Clay, with its rustic and earthy undertone, harmonizes perfectly with the soft and serene beige. Together, they create a sense of calm and tranquility. This pairing resonates well with industries that emphasize natural and minimalist styles. Like interior design and fashion!

clay and mohagony logo color combination

3. Electric blue and dusty gray

The vibrant electric blue offers a vivid splash of color, which is harmoniously tempered by the muted tone of dusty gray. This contrast strikes a balance between energy and subtlety. It’s an ideal choice for industries that strive for a modern, engaging, and sophisticated aesthetic, such as technology or digital marketing.

electric blue and gray logo color combination

4. Blazing orange and mahogany

Blazing orange and mahogany evoke warmth and intensity. The bright hue of blazing orange beautifully contrasts with the deep tone of mahogany, making it ideal for modern industries like marketing or food and beverage. This pairing conveys strength, depth, and opulence!

blazing orange and red logo color combination

5. Aqua and evergreen

Aqua and evergreen create an invigorating palette inspired by the vitality of nature. The bright, refreshing aqua complements the deep, robust evergreen, achieving balance and invigoration. This combination resonates with sustainable business brands promoting health and wellness.

green and blue logo color combination

6. Royal purple and periwinkle

Royal purple and periwinkle create a regal and soothing color palette. The deep hue of royal purple beautifully contrasts with the soft tone of periwinkle, blending intensity with tranquility. This combination balances richness and calmness. It resonates well with the beauty and fashion industries for a sense of sophistication and serenity.

deep purple and periwinkle logo color combination

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7. Pine and lavender

Pine and lavender creates a harmonious blend of freshness and tranquility. The deep, earthy green of pine complements the aromatic light hue of lavender, balancing between richness and lightness. This palette resonates well with industries like wellness and home decor. It’s a calming aesthetic logo that brings a sense of peace and rejuvenation.

pine and lavender logo and color combination

8. Stone blue, pastel blue and sand

Stone blue, pastel light blue, and sand create a calming seaside color palette. The deep undertone of stone blue blends harmoniously with the soothing pastel blue, while the warm and neutral sand hue adds balance to the cooler colors. This beach-inspired aesthetic appeals to industries like tourism and interior design.

blue and beige logo color combination
9. Teal, sky blue and mustard

Teal, sky blue, and mustard create a vibrant color trio that exudes energy and professionalism. The cool tones of teal and sky blue provide a calming backdrop, offset by the bold and warm Mustard.It’s the perfect color for visual contrast! This palette suits creative industries like design agencies or startups, projecting confidence and uniqueness.

blue, green and mustard logo color combination

Real estate logo make on Looka

10. Neons on black

Neon green and violet on black create a vibrant color combo that’s visually striking and exudes a modern, edgy vibe. Neon colors are trending this year, and this bold color scheme works well in entertainment, fashion, or any field where distinct branding is desired.

neon and black logo color combination

Real estate logo made on Looka

11. Yellow & red

This bold color combination immediately draws your eye to the center of the logo. The vibrant red and unique layout of the company name pops against the happy shade of yellow, creating a sense of energy and playfulness. We love this color pairing for its versatility

Yellow and red logo color combination

Hex Codes: Coral #F96167, Yellow #FCE77D

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12. Black & yellow

Like the smiling monkey symbol in this logo, the bright yellow used is full of energy and delight. The almost-black shade of grey, popular within the entertainment industry (especially nightclubs), has an air of mystery and intrigue. Black and yellow are two colors that go really nicely together.

Black and Yellow Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Yellow #F9D342, Charcoal #292826

13. Purple & pink

Warmth, playfulness, and ambition wrapped in one! The bright pink in this logo adds a spark of energy, while the purple acts as a mature counterpart. This color combination is often seen in industries such as beauty and blogging.

Pink and purple logo color combination

Hex Codes: Pink #DF678C, Purple #3D155F

14. Blue & green

Blue and green are often associated with tranquility, but this electric blue and lime green exude energy and youthfulness. A bright color combination works particularly well in the fashion, media, and entertainment industries.

Blue and Green Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Green #CCF381, Purple #4831D4

15. Orange & purple

Uncommon color combinations can be risky, but when they work, they work! This pairing of warm peach and eggplant purple is both elegant and unique. Consider this combination for a fashion, beauty, or home furnishings brand.

Orange and Purple Color Combination Logo

Hex Codes: Purple #4A274F, Orange #F0A07C

16. Red, navy, & yellow

Feeling bold? Try an electric trio of colors! The bright red in this logo complements the cheery yellow and regal navy, exuding power and confidence. Try using a color combination like this for an entertainment or restaurant brand.

Red, Navy, and Yellow Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Eggplant #2B3252, Red #EF5455, Yellow #FAD744

17. Purple & yellow

Want a logo full of wisdom? Use an optimistic and energizing yellow with a rich purple to spark feelings of creativity. This classic complementary logo color combination is popular in the restaurant and education industries.

Purple and Yellow Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Yellow #FFF748, Purple #3C1A5B

18. Pink & blue

A delicate pink paired with navy blue gives off a playful yet trustworthy vibe. The navy pops against the light background, creating a beautiful contrast. Consider this pairing for a logo if you’re in the beauty, blogging, or wedding industries.

Pink and Blue Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Blue #2F3C7E, Pink #FBEAEB

19. Black & red

Daring and surprisingly inviting, this fierce logo color combination dominates and instills a sense of power and energy. The intense red draws the eye to the company name, while the black provides a grounding background color. Red signals passion, danger, and intrigue in color psychology. It can be used to generate excitement, especially when paired with a color as stark as black.

Black and Red Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Red #EC4D37, Black #1D1B1B

20. Blue & turquoise

If it’s intelligence, confidence, and trust that you’re after for your logo, try combining blue and turquoise. The colors are from the same color family but are different enough to create a striking duo, with the turquoise used sparingly. Tasteful use of bright colors can really make a design pop! Bright teal pairs well with almost any darker, muted color.

Blue and Turquoise Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Mint #8BD8BD, Blue #243665

21. Orange & blue

Make your audience feel excited about your brand while instilling trust with an orange and blue logo. This complementary color duo is a classic yet powerful pairing and is popular in the technology and banking sectors.

Orange and Blue Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Navy #141A46, Orange #EC8B5E

22. Blue & white

This peaceful sky blue and white combo is a definite crowd-pleaser, communicating feelings of trust and tranquility. Creating a logo with this combination ensures flexibility across industries, from non-profit to tech to health. Remember that white is a color in design, and can be used to create negative space and draw the eye towards an important design element.

Blue and White Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: White #FFFFF, Blue #8AAAE5

23. Yellow & green

This youthful yellow brings life and energy to the otherwise calming green in this logo color combination. Yellow and green are colors frequently found in nature, and thus often seen in industries like agriculture, cleaning, and environmental services.

Yellow and Green Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Green #295F2D, Yellow #FFE67C

24. Black & orange

This black and orange logo is a strong yet friendly pairing. The orange provides a dose of optimism, while the black is a professional and grounded counterpart. This logo color combination would work well for the film and music industries.

Black and Orange Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Orange #F4A950, Black #161B21

25. Blue & pink

Want your logo to evoke professionalism while maintaining a friendly look and feel? Opt for a navy and hot pink logo color combination. The vibrant pink radiates against the blue and works well for industries like beauty and blogging.

Blue and Pink Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Pink #ED2188, Purple #080A52

26. Brown & mustard yellow

We love this vintage color combination. Great for professional services looking to give off a sophisticated and traditional vibe. These colors would complement any artisinal services, as well as restaurants and cafes with a more traditional feel.

Brown and Mustard Yellow Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Brown #4A171E, Mustard #E2V144

27. Lipstick red & white

This color combination packs a punch! Red is an exciting and energizing color, and when used in a hue this bold, should be paired with something calm and neutral. It’s a great logo color combination for teams, as well as retail spaces. Any brand that needs to catch the eye from afar could benefit from this duo.

Red and White Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Red #D2302C, White #F7F7F9

28. Teal & coral

Combined, teal and coral bring a fun and creative vibe to your logo. They are bright and joyful colors without being too demanding to the eye. This is a great color scheme for creative consultants, and education-based businesses.

Teal and Coral Color Combination

Hex Codes: Teal #358597, Pink #F4A896

29. Yellow & electric-purple

Neon and psychedelic colors are making a big comeback in design these days. It’s a bold move to use a color combination like this, but if your brand is loud we definitely recommend going for it! This color pair is great for beauty businesses, and bloggers.

Yellow and Purple Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Yellow #E7D045, Purple #A04EF6

30. Charcoal grey & taupe

This is a very classy combination, great for hospitality logos as well as photography logos. Use the black as a background color and bring the taupe in as an accent to make a sophisticated statement.

Charcoal and Taupe Logo Color Combination

Hex Codes: Charcoal #262223, Rose #DDC6B6

31. Beige with a red gradient

This red gradient paired with black text and a beige background maintains a highly professional feel. A great fit for tech businesses, the red gradient establishes seriousness and professionalism.

beige and red gradient color logo

Hex Codes: Beige #F4EFEA, Red Gradient #7D141D + #FF1E27

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32. Light purple, mint, and butter

This logo uses a triadic color scheme to create a soft, yet dynamic effect. Lavender purple looks great with yellow, and the green accent color adds the perfect flair. This is a beautiful pastel logo with very spring-inspired colors!

purple green and yellow logo color combination

Hex Codes: Purple #AA96DA, Mint #C5FAD5, Yellow #FFFFD2

33. Grey & green gradient

Just like in nature, our eyes are accustomed to seeing various shades of green. By applying a green gradient over a light background, your design will radiate with life and energy. Like smelling fresh-cut grass.

green gradient logo

Hex Codes: Grey #F7F7F7, Green gradient #006838 and #96CF24

34. Royal blue & pale yellow

This logo uses a royal blue color combined with a soft butter-yellow. Royal blue is a very professional color—great for tech, finance, and legal industries. This complementary color palette evokes a sense of history, stability, and trustworthiness.

royal blue and yellow color combination

Hex Codes: Blue #234E70, Yellow #FBF8BE

35. Pink with a purple gradient

Easily capture anyone’s attention with a bright purple gradient. Purple communicates royalty, luxury, and power as well as creativity, fun, and wisdom. When paired with a lighter color of a similar shade, your logo will feel balanced and luxurious. Pink and purple might seem like a youthful color combination, but a gradient helps to mature the visual impact and add a modern flair.

purple gradient logo with pink background

Hex Codes: Pink #FFE8F5, Purple gradient #8000FF and #DE00FF

36. Black & gold foil

Everybody loves a bit of gold foil! Black and gold make for a very sleek and sophisticated color combination. The color pair is modern yet approachable and looks great in print materials.

black and gold logo color palette

Hex Codes: Black #191919, Gold #B88746 and #FDF5A6

37. Pink & red

This red and pink palette is an analogous color combination. It’s soft but very modern and maintains high enough contrast to remain perfectly legible. Pink and red pair surprisingly well together, so long as their tones are kept far enough apart to create a visual hierarchy between them.

red and pink logo color combination

Hex Codes: Red #CC313D, Pink #F7C5CC

38. Royal blue & lilac purple

We’re loving this analogous color combination that strikes a balance with deep royal blue and soft lilac purple. It’s an eye-catching pair that could be used for almost any industry. Royal blue offers a sense of trust and longevity, it’s a stable reliable color for any brand. While soft purple lightens the mood and provides a sense of balance to the logo.

royal blue and pale purple color combination

Hex Codes: Purple #E2D3F4, Blue #013DC4

39. Eggplant & yellow gradient

This is a very royal color palette. Yellow and purple are the perfect complementary color scheme, but the gradient here adds a new level of dimension to this logo design. This is a very warm gradient, blending yellow and orange to make a rich, honey-colored gold. Very uplifting and perfect for a wellness business!

purple and gold color combination

Hex Code: Eggplant #533549, Yellow gradient #F6B042 and #F9ED4E

40. Fushia & neon green

Now, this is a cool color combination! Using trendy cyberpunk colors, neon green, and fuchsia, this logo is hard to look away from. Pink looks great with a green accent (they’re complimentary colors after all) and these deeply saturated colors generate the kind of excitement you’d expect out of a spin class.

fuchsia and neon green logo color combination

Hex Codes: Green #99F443, Pink #EC449B

41. Black & silver

What color goes with silver, you ask? Nothing works better than black. Black is the perfect neutral tone to allow a silver foil really shine. A stark, professional, yet intriguing and mysterious color combination, black and silver make a very sophisticated pair.

black and silver logo color combination

Hex Codes: Black #050505, Silver gradient #616161 and #E6E7E8

42. Peach & burnt orange

Here’s a monochromatic color scheme that uses the analogous color theory. A soft peach background makes way for this louder, burnt orange. This color pair does well because it maintains a balance between the two tones. One is stronger than the other—there is no battle for attention between the two.

peach and orange logo color combination

Hex Code: Orange #EE4E34, Beige #FCEDDA

43. Navy & orange gradient

This logo uses complementary colors blue and orange, as well as a gradient to make a high-impact statement. It remains professional while still being visually interesting with the use of an orange gradient to outline a mountain range.

navy blue and orange gradient logo color combination

Hex Codes: Blue #072C50, Orange gradient #B88746 and #FDF5A6

44. Beige & rust

Here we have a beige and rust color pair that exudes warmth and maturity. This sandy beige is a stable, relaxing color and the rust maintains a sense of sophistication. This warm color palette is perfect for businesses in real estate, travel, or lifestyle because it generates a sense of ease you want your clients to feel when working with you.

beige and rust logo color combination

Hex Codes: Terracotta #96351E, Sand #DBB98F

45. Teal & lavender

This one’s an unconventional color palette, but teal and purple look great together so long as one remains the dominant color. Here, we’ve used a soft lavender to create contrast against a darker background. This color combination is moody and magical.

teal and lavender color palette

Hex Codes: Purple #E2D1F9, Teal #317773

46. Jungle green and linen white

This exotic green and white color combination is clean, crisp, and highly flexible. Mixing green with white creates a sense of refreshment and revitalization. Brands in medical, healthcare, and environmental awareness can benefit from a green and white color pairing. There’s a real sense of color harmony when green and white are combined.

green and white color combo

Hex codes: Green #53A57D, Linen White #FBF7F4

47. Cyan and bubblegum pink

Cyan and hot pink are two vibrant colors that make an excellent logo color combination. It’s cyberpunk and pop princess all in one! These bright, high-contrast colors embody an excitement that is ideal for more playful brands. Think scene/punk branding.

cyan and bubblegum pink logo colors

Hex codes: Hot Pink #FF69B4, Neon Blue #00FFFF

48. Sage green and dark purple

You won’t have to look much further than sage green and dark purple to create color harmony. Green is one of those colors that goes well with purple. These two can be extremely complementary colors when selected in contrasting shades. 

Both purple and green are luxurious colors that fill a design with increased vitality and energy

sage green and dark purple logo colors

Hex codes: Sage #CFCAA8, Dark Purple #635E87

49.  Vintage mustard and earthy greens

Here we have a very retro color combination! Vintage mustard, sage, and forest green. These three colors come together to form the ultimate earthy color palette. These colors are perfect for natural brands and suitable for logo design, web design, product design, and packaging. 

vintage logo colors

Hex codes: Mustard #E3B448, Sage #CBD18F, Forest Green #3A6B35

50. Creamsicle orange and yellow

Pastel orange, peach, and custard combine to create a dreamy orange gradient creamsicle.  This analogous color palette shows how well orange and peach colors go with yellow. This combination is ideal for cosmetic or fashion brands who want a fun, and peaceful feel. Use this bright and cheery color palette when creating flyers, Instagram posts, and invitations.

orange and yellow color palette

Hex codes: Pastel Orange #FFA351FF, Peach #FFBE7BFF, Custard #EED971FF

Choosing the right logo color combination

The psychology behind color plays a huge role in our lives. Every day, we subconsciously make associations in our brains that trigger positive or negative emotions.

Remember this when creating your logo — the color combination you choose tells a story, and you want that story to reflect your brand while resonating with your target audience.

Want more insight into how to combine colors in your logo and their meanings? Head over to our logo colors pages for more inspiration, and watch our logo color theory video above! Try some color combinations using Looka’s logo maker!

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