Top 6 Color Trends of 2024 + Color Inspiration

We use color to communicate our visions, goals, and emotions. And with every year bringing about change and reformation, what will color trends look like in 2024?

With the Looka logo maker, we have direct insight into the minds of millions of entrepreneurs and designers, giving us a sneak peek into what color choices best reflect their mindsets. We analyzed our data and the cultural landscape to give you the ultimate colors and color trends that will shape design in 2024. 

Here are the top color trends this year:

  1. Golden hour optimism
  2. Shades of blue
  3. Deep purple and bright pink
  4. Grounding tones
  5. Green revival
  6. Dark academia

What are the most popular colors in 2024?

We analyzed color choices from users worldwide and found these colors were the most popular in branding and logo design:

  1. Gold #CBB26A
  2. Orange #F5793B
  3. Deep purple #230344
  4. Clay #C99383
  5. Gray #AAABAB
  6. Buttercream #F7E8D3
  7. Galaxy blue #223651
  8. Terracotta #B17A50
  9. Taupe #B9AC9D
  10. Tangerine #FB9C2A
  11. Bright blue #137DC5
  12. Green #59A52C

Our top color of 2024 is gold! We’ve seen this bright shade pop up time and again in branding and design.

Taking a further deep dive into our data, we’ve discovered 6 color trends in 2024. Expect to see a whirlwind of perspectives and emotions, mainly:

  • Colors that evoke optimism are coming up in all design spaces, adding light and positive energy to designs. 
  • Colors associated with reliability and serenity will be popular in 2024. Showcasing a need for stability and clarity in the world. 
  • In contrast, dark, rich colors are being used to complement lighter ones and add depth, luxury, and a sense of lucidity. 
  • A rise in earth-inspired tones will add a grounding and bohemian aura to designs
  • Pops of neon colors like fuchsia pink and radioactive green are being used as accents to create excitement and surprise. 

Top color trends 2024

color trends 2024 infographic

Using our data and studying global color experts like Sherwin Williams and Pantone, we’ve broken down the top color trends of 2024 with color palettes and design ideas. 

We’ve also curated color palettes and branding examples to illustrate how to mix these color trends.

Let’s dive in!

The theme for color choices this year is optimism and stability. With various shades of yellow and blue being the most popular color choices in 2024.

Color trend 1: Golden hour optimism

From mustard to buttercream, the many shades of yellow have become popular in graphic design, interior design, and branding. We’ve seen many variations of yellow, from shining gold to deep wild honey. 

Glidden named a buttercream, champagne yellow as its 2024 color of the year. It’s an uplifting color that combines “white, very light yellow, and nude”.
Glidden color of the year 2024


This color trend is all about optimism and energy. We’re seeing yellow, orange, buttercream, and mustard used as ways to add warmth and happiness to designs. We’ve seen it pair well with accents of blue, purple, pink, and orange. But the world is your oyster!

Here’s a fun branding example with the yellow, deep purple, and pink color trends:

color trends branding example 2024

Source: Parmigia on Behance

We’ve created some color palettes illustrating this color trend below:

1. Yellow, orange, and pink

Yellow, orange, and pink color palette color trend example

The combination of orange, yellow, and pink brings energy, optimism, and warmth to designs. It’s an inviting and refreshing combination! Whether you’re decorating a room or designing a logo, these colors harmonize beautifully.

2. Wild honey and pink

orange color palette for logo color trends

On the other side of the spectrum, we have wild honey! A rich hue that emulates the deepest orange of a sunset. Dark yellow and orange gained popularity in the past year, and we’re seeing them pop up in branding and logo design. Pink is a popular accent color that we cover in our third trend.

3. Deep yellow and blue color palette

yellow and blue color palette

The strong contrast of bold yellow and deep blue embodies energy and calm equally. Integrating these colors into design and fashion is perfect for uplifting and grounding at the same time. This deep blue is the perfect segway into our next color trend, blue.

Color trend #2: Shades of blue

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore chose shades of blue as their color of the year in 2024. We’ve seen it pop up in fashion, interior design, and graphic design. Safe to say, it’s a big year for blue!

From the sea-like calmness of cerulean to the depth of royal navy, these tones elicit a sense of stability and reliability. Two much-needed qualities in today’s world. 

Whether used as a base or an accent, blue is flexible and can create a serene and reliable atmosphere. It’s a color emotionally associated with trust, wisdom, and communication.

We’ve seen a dark galaxy blue and a bright blue pop up as top color choices amongst designers and entrepreneurs in our data.

Here’s a branding example incorporating the many shades of blue color trend:

blue color trends example

Source: Igawa design on Behance

Here are some blue color palettes for inspiration:

4. Blue on blue

blue color trend palette example

The monochromatic blue color palette above has a sense of sophistication, luxury, and reliability. It exudes trust and tradition. That’s the power of blue in full force!

5. Galaxy blue and taupe

blue and cream color palette

This divine blue commands attention, adding depth and wonder to designs. Galaxy blue came in as the 7th most used logo color, frequently paired with a taupe, buttercream, or the gold accent colors from our first color trend.

6. Ocean blues

blue color trend palette example

Source: Don Pitirijas on Behance

Like watching the ocean waves, blue is calming. The brand above uses many shades of blue to associate with the sea and the sky.

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Color trend #3: Deep purple and bright pink

Luscious tones bring a regal and rich vibe to color trends this year, creating a sense of luxury, mystery, and femininity. 

Opulent tones of royal purple and fuchsia pink come up time and again in our research for color trends in graphic design, fashion, and interior design. 

We’re seeing a turn towards cozy, warm, and opulent colors in 2024, as part of a greater collective yearning for depth and warmth.

Deep purple

Purple is associated with mystery, creativity, and magic. It has an unnamable quality to it that feels a little mystical. Purple is powerful and must be used carefully to not look gaudy.

It’s a shade that marries luxury with intrigue and has a unique look that stands out in most industries. Whether it’s through accents or as a main brand color, deep purple commands attention while remaining inviting. 

Here’s a branding example with the purple and green color trends in display:

purple color trend example 2024

Source: Module branding on Behance

7. Monochromatic purple

purple color palette example

Purple is the perfect color to differentiate a brand identity or garner attention as an app logo. It also works with a touch of pink, nude, or black!

8. Futuristic purple and gray

dark purple color palette

Source: Boddy by Skinn branding agency on Behance

Dark purple has a mysterious otherworldly look when paired with gray. This shade is unique and perfectly encompasses the current and future sentiments of a society on the cusp of reimagining its future.

Bright pink

Bright and bubbly, this bold pink is enough of a statement that it needs little else to complement it. It’s a great logo color or graphic design choice for those looking to create a fun-loving and animated design.

Pink came up as a bold and exciting accent color in branding and graphic design. Keep this palette in your back pocket as an accent color this year!

Perhaps it’s the remnants of the Barbie era, but it oozes positivity and feminine energy. For a peachier shade, check out some color palettes for the Pantone 2024 color of the year – Peach fuzz!

pink color trend branding example

Source: Shouter Marketplace on Behance

9. Monochromatic pink

pink color palette

The pink color palette above exudes a delicate yet vibrant charm, perfect for adding a touch of softness and clarity. Pink also alludes to fun and affectionate energy!

Pink came up as a bold and exciting accent color in branding and graphic design. Keep this palette in your back pocket as an accent color this year!

Check out some color palettes for the Pantone 2024 color of the year – Peach fuzz!

Color trend 4: Grounding tones

Earthy, neutral tones are popular in 2024, with society searching for calm, grounding, and comfortable experiences to offset the chaos of recent years. Similar to the blue color trend, but it offers a warmer alternative.

Three of our top ten logo colors are warm, grounding hues.  Sandy taupe, terracotta, and blush beige were a clear choice for entrepreneurs and designers in 2024.

We’re seeing earthy browns like terracotta, clay, and taupe used modestly in logo design, brand packaging, and brand identity design. These colors inspire moments of mindfulness, rest, and relaxation. 

Here’s an example to illustrate:

throwdown earthy color trend brand

Source: Tumbledown branding by Harriet Van Tongren on Behance

10. Maroon and buttercream

beige and maroon color palette

Source: Elizabeth Kiviorg on Behance

Pulling from natural elements, buttercream is luxurious but still warm and welcoming. It can be the base of any design, and it works well with vibrant colors as well as deeper shades.

Buttercream came in as the 6th most popular logo color due to its light and soothing look.

11. Espresso and sunshine

espresso and buttercream color palette

This pairing brings together the depth and robustness of espresso with the welcoming nature of buttercream, perfect for designs aiming to be both refined and inviting. This color combination is ideal for those looking to introduce a touch of refined coziness.

12. Terracotta and blush

terracotta earthy brown color palette

Blush beige was one of our most popular logo color choices, thanks to its warmth and versatility embodying both luxury and modesty.

Terracotta landed as the 8th most popular logo color. It was most commonly paired with white or dark gray, and occasionally with darker shades of brown.

Color trend #5: Green revival

Green hues add a vibrant look to designs. Think of lush forests, green leather couches, neon sprouts in the spring, or moss. Green is linked to sentiments of hope, health, and nature.

With rising awareness around physical and mental health, as well as environmental consciousness, green has organically emerged as a symbolic design choice.

Dark and light shades of green were emerging color trends in 2024 and a top accent color for many.

We’ve also seen neon green come up as a popular accent color to dark purple, fuchsia, and charcoal shades. Green works well in industries that want to have a cool, calm, and collected appearance.

13. Dark green and neon green

dark green and neon green color palette

Dark green offers depth and a grounding sensation, reminiscent of a dense forest, while neon green introduces a vivid, lively burst, like new leaves in spring. It’s perfect for creating dynamic, attention-grabbing designs.

Keep neon green (#EEFEBF) in your back pocket as an accent color this year!
green logo color trends

Source: Urban Circus on Behance

Neon green’s emotional association is the opposite of its regular green counterpart. It’s vivacious, energizing, and associated with modern and futuristic designs. It’s often used in very small doses, like on a logo symbol or slogan. It adds the perfect amount of shock value!

14. Seafoam and teal

green and blue color palette

The seafoam and teal palette is a refreshing and sophisticated choice, blending the tranquility of seafoam green with the richness of teal. It evokes the serenity of the ocean and the depth of the sea, creating spaces that feel both calming and refreshing.

15. Grass green and Taupe

green color palette for green logo color trend

The grass green and taupe palette combines the freshness of spring with earthy taupe, striking a balance between vitality and calmness. Grass green bursts with the energy of new beginnings, while taupe grounds it with a serene, sophisticated touch. It’s vibrant yet tranquil!

16. Bright green and black

green logo color trend paletteNeon colors are an escape from day-to-day life and are zesty and unapologetic. They’re ideal for creating a futuristic and modern look. Neon green was often paired with dark colors to enhance its nuclear look.

Trend #6: Dark Academia

Dark Academia emerged from the days of Tumblr and has surged in popularity once more due to its mysterious, dark, and luxurious allure. It’s sophisticated, clean, and intellectual, tugging at our desire for tradition, rituals, and ceremonies.

It’s a little goth, full of dark charm and gloom.  Dark Academia is an elevated color trend that holds intellect and prestige.

Behr’s color of the year 2024 is cracked pepper.  A soft black that works well for adding contrast colors. It’s the perfect blank (or black) slate!

behr cracked pepper color of the year 2024

Let’s take a look at some color palettes inspired by dark academia:

17. Umber, walnut, and iron

dark academia maroon and black color palette

Source: Sacro Cafe on Behance

Intellectual tones like maroon and walnut offer an edgy sophistication.  Whether it’s through the use of rich, earthy colors or incorporating natural elements like umber, wood, and iron, this trend captures a sense of timeless elegance while remaining approachable.

18. Maroon, seaweed, and stone blue

dark academia color palette

Source: Dead Nettle by Ezra Langford on Behance

Dark shades of maroon, seaweed, and stone blue add layers of warmth and tradition to this color palette. It works well for vintage logos or luxurious designs that need an old-craftsmanship appeal.

19. Gothic pine, gray, and maroon

gothic color palette example

Logo made with Looka logo maker

This gothic pine, gray, and maroon palette merges the mystique of historical elegance with modernism. It’s perfect for creating designs that are mysterious and stylishly serene.

The power of color trends in 2024

The past few years have built up to a boiling point of progressive change and upheaval for society. We’ve seen color trends that lift us into a dreamy positive mindset, while others root us into the stability of the present.

All the while, we indulge in the emotional power of color for inspiration. Whatever your design needs are, these 2024 color trends suit every need and sentiment:

  1. Golden hour optimism
  2. Shades of blue
  3. Luscious warm tones
  4. Grounding tones
  5. Green revival
  6. Dark academia

Times are changing, but that’s what makes it an exciting era in the design world. Use these color trends to stay relevant and competitive with your work and beyond.

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