Logo Design Inspiration: 44 Resources to Fuel Your Creativity

Choosing a logo is one of the most important branding decisions you’ll make as a business owner. So where do you begin? Start by collecting logo design inspiration that matches your vision, and create a solid idea for what your brand identity will be. Reviewing what other businesses have done is a smart (and fun!) way to get logo design inspiration for your brand.

Here are 44 Instagram accounts, websites, and color tools to help you succeed on your journey to the perfect brand identity.

You can also check out our industry-specific logo ideas pages!

Instagram accounts for logo inspiration

1. @Looka

As an AI-powered logo and brand generator, we live for the latest and greatest in logo and brand design. We share trending logos, colors, typography, and branding as well as showcase our customers’ beautiful logos. You’ll also find beginner-friendly tips on how to design a great logo and resources for your journey as an entrepreneur.

looka logo design instagram

2. @Welovebranding

If you love branding, then naturally, @welovebranding is the perfect Instagram account to keep you posted on the latest graphic design trends. From logo design to brand identities in stunning mockups, it’s a destination for all things branding.

welove branding logo inspiration

3. @logos.ai

Logos.ai is a fun account to browse to find logos created by expert and amateur designers alike. The channel often discusses the concept behind logos so you can learn more about how designs came to be (and see how they look across different mediums).

logosai insta logo inspiration

4. @Logonew

Logonew is another popular Instagram account that features curated logos and brands. It’s the go-to profile to follow if you want to read public opinions about logos — every post has a stream of lively comments about typography, colors, and other design factors.

logonew logo inspirations instagram account

5. @logoimport

Logoimport is another popular Instagram account that features creative logos and sketches. With more than 1.4 million impressions a week, it’s the go-to profile to follow if you want to read public opinions about logos — every post has a stream of lively comments about typography, colors, and other design factors.

Logo Import design inspiration

6. @logoplace

Logo Place shares logos from artists around the web. The logo designs are created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and several other tools. Posts discuss the history of design and how it influences logos today, as well as recommendations for learning more about the industry.

logo place logo inspiration

7. @learnlogodesign

If you’re at the beginning of your logo design journey and want to learn more about the systems and techniques designers use to make art, then follow Learn Logo Design. Build your understanding of how the design process works, and you’ll be better equipped to pinpoint a style when you create a logo.

Learn Logo Design Instagram

8. @logoinspirations

Logoinspirations delivers just that – logo inspiration for every industry, preference, and style. You can find brand moodboards, as well as unique and creative logo designs to fuel your own brand aesthetic.logoinspirations instagram account

9. @logopassion

With 106,000 followers on Instagram (and counting), logopassion is a popular profile to get inspiration. The feed shares new logo designs, mockups of how designers would redo famous logos, and sketches that give you an idea of the creative process.

Logo Passion logo design inspiration

10. Branding.mob

branding.mob is a popular profile to get branding inspiration. The feed shares new logo designs, mockups of real or experimental brands, and exposure to trending designs.

branding.mob instagram account

11. Thelogopassion

Whether you want simple, detailed, abstract, or illustrated logo ideas, The Logo Passionshares super creative examples. Take note of the spectrum of colors, shapes, and typography styles used. We especially love their tutorials and tips!

thelogopassion instagram account

12. @thedieline

The Dieline focuses on package design, but it’s a fantastic place to see logos in real-life scenarios — the color combinations will make your eyes happy and get your creative juices flowing. This account is great if you sell physical products online or in-store.

thedieline logo inspiration

13. @logobooks_

Logo Books shares posts for the design-curious mind — pages and pages of popular and rare logo books are featured. Think of it as a logo history library in an Instagram account! Retro designs are back in style, so this account can be a great source of logo design inspiration and unique vintage logos.

Logo Books Instagram logo design inspiration

14. @logoarchive

Speaking of history, we love the deep dive Rich Baird takes into abstract and pictorial logo design on this feed. All posts feature white symbols on a black background, many from the 1970s and 80s. It’s the perfect place to get lost in logo shapes, lines, and curves.

logoarchive instagram account

15. @logodesignersclub

The logo designers club is a community of the world’s top logo designers. They post daily logo design inspiration, and regularly unpack logo redesigns. Their feed acts as an open discussion of all things logo design, it’s a great resource to both learn and get inspired!

logo designers club instagram

16. @Branding.board

Another stunning feed for branding and logo inspiration, branding.board is an authority on new and trendy brand concepts. Every caption covers quotes from the designers, the process involved in the brand aesthetic, and the purpose behind it all. It’s an excellent tool for finding niche designs by renowned designers.

branding.board logo inspiration instagram account

17. @logolemon

With over 90k followers, logo lemon acts as a curated space for logo designs. You’ll also find the occasional meme and out-of-the-box logo concepts.

logo lemon instagram for logo design inspo

18. @thebrandingcollective

The branding collective showcases the very best in all things branding related. They also highlight designers and out-of-the-box trends. From logos to packaging, to beautifully designed brand identities, you’ll be swimming in inspiration here!

the branding collective instagram

Branding agencies for logo inspiration


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the most prominent design firm in the world. With designers Paula Scher (featured in Netflix’s Abstract series) and Michael Bierut among its ranks, some of the most innovative logos are shared on Pentagram’s account and serve as a reference for the graphic design industry.

pentagram logo design inspiration

20. @fivestarbranding

This branding agency posts real and experimental brands in stunning mockups. From skincare to coffee, they post logo design inspiration that covers every category and taste.

fivestarbranding logo design inspiration account


This account is great for logo inspiration and design prompts for fledging designers that need a boost of inspiration from time to time. They also post stunning typography inspiration and mockups for websites, mobile, and editorial. The logo color combinations and fonts are drool-worthy!

collard.designstudio logo inspiration

22. @TogueStudio

Luxurious and sleek, Togue has a sophisticated style and portrays its many minimal logo designs in crisp mockups and aesthetically pleasing backgrounds. They have beautifully modern fonts and are a great source of logo inspiration for those looking for a more refined look.

togue studio logo inspiration

23. @Studiobyserendipity

This studio offers bold and striking logo and brand inspiration that is more unconventional and different. From bubble fonts to experimental typography forms, this agency takes a different perspective on branding.

studio serendipity logo design inspiration

Designers for logo inspiration

24. @bmnicks

Brandon Nicks is a freelance graphic designer in New York City. His feed is clean and curated — we particularly love the wordmark logos featured and the dreamy color palettes he uses (hello, Millennial pink).

bmnicks logo inspiration

25. Hellotayloramy

Taylor Amy is a designer based in Australia and has a dreamy, feminine aesthetic that works well for any vintage, modern, or aesthetic brand. She shares the brands she’s working on, and tips and tricks on what makes them work. Our favorite is her weekly brand briefs, a great prompt for designers to practice creating brands.

hellotayloramy logo inspiration

26. @Byashley.design

Hailing from Trinidad, Ashley creates brand identities for bold brands and infuses an unapologetic brightness to every visual. She also shares tutorials on how to use Illustrator, and shares her process of creating logos and brands.

hellotayloramy logo design inspiration

27. @nichedbynoto

Cass is a designer who shares her latest work along with design principles for fledgling designers. Her designs can range from dreamy and retro to modern and ethereal. She shares beautiful illustrations as well as color and font combinations.

nichedbynoto logo design inspiration account

Websites for logo inspiration

28. Dribbble

Dribbble is one of the most popular platforms around for design ideas. Part social media site and part freelancing platform, it’s a place to share, see, and comment on logo design ideas (it’s also a favorite around the Looka office!).

dribbble logo ideas

29. Behance

Behance is a platform where designers and other creatives showcase their work, including modern logos and graphics. You can endlessly browse the site’s curated galleries to explore different ideas and get inspired.

Behance logo inspiration website

30. Designspiration

Designinspiration is a platform designed to inspire artists and share design ideas, logos included. Use their keyword suggestions to search the database for specific logo designs — for example, orange logos or restaurant logos.

designinspiration logo design

31. Brand New by UnderConsideration

Brand New is the design and logo blog to visit if you want to learn more about how designers think and work through their process. Each post illustrates how new logos from established brands tie into trends and changing brand identities.

brandnew by under construction

32. Logo Design Love

If you want to learn more about the stories behind iconic logos, Logo Design Love is the blog to check out. They delve into how some of the most famous logos came to be and what factors drive a logo’s success and longevity.

Logo Design Love logo inspiration

33. r/logodesign

The r/logodesign Reddit thread is a great way to get valuable (and constructive) criticism on your designs from experienced designers and the general public. Try posting your work on Reddit to get feedback and suggestions!

reddit logo design thread

34. Vintage Logos

Vintage Logos offers some ultra-specific inspiration from a collection of logos in a mid-70s edition of the book World Of Logotypes. If you want to learn more about the roots of logo design or want some vintage ideas, this is an excellent resource.

Vintage Logos inspiration

35. Logospire

Logospire is a simple website with a scrollable logo design inspiration gallery featuring different artists. If you find a logo you like, you can click back to the designer’s website to see more of their style and work.

Logospire logo inspiration


36. World Brand Design

Founded in 2008, the World Brand Design Society (WBDS) is an internationally focused community, dedicated to highlighting exceptional branded packaging and corporate brand design. Additionally, if you have serious design chops you can submit your work to be featured on their website, and amazing Instagram account!

World brand design website

37. Pinterest

This might sound obvious, but Pinterest is a go-to online platform for design inspiration. With a quick search, you’ll find boards upon boards of logo inspiration!

pinterest logo inspiration

Color tools for logo inspiration

38. BrandColors

BrandColors isn’t a traditional logo design resource, but it’s super valuable nonetheless. You can browse or search the brand colors big companies use and click on a color to copy the HEX code. (Tip: You can copy HEX codes into Looka’s editor when working on a logo.)

Brand Colors logo inspiration

39. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is a robust color scheme builder that’s also fun to casually play around with. If you have Adobe Creative Cloud, you can save and include color schemes directly in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It’s also useful to explore as a free web app.

Adobe Color CC inspiration

40. Coolors

Coolors is a color scheme generator that integrates with Adobe but also has a standalone iOS app and Google Chrome Extension. You can browse existing schemes by simply pressing your space bar. Additionally, there’s a paid subscription, but you can easily explore for free and jot down the HEX color codes you love.

Coolors color inspiration tool

41. Colourcode

Colourcode is a more fluid inspiration tool – as you move your cursor around the screen, the color changes and the HEX code appears at the bottom of the screen. Then, click to save, continue to the next color, and opt for one of the many options to export your scheme. Trust us; it’s mesmerizing.

Colourcode color inspiration

42. Color Supply

Color Supply has loads of information on how to pick the right colors, plus plenty of links to designers using interesting color schemes in their work. To begin, pick a color on the wheel and see its complementary color (plus 20 suggested color combos on the right). Then, scroll down to see colors in action and get HEX codes.

Color Supply color inspiration tool

43. Mesh Gradient

gradient mesh logo design tool

Gradient logo design can come in handy when you’re trying to create a modern and ethereal look for your brand. Finding the right colors to create a gradient with is hard, so this website is great for finding the perfect hues for your mesh. They’re all mesmerizing!

44. Mycolor.space

If you have a specific color in mind but struggle to find a palette that complements your main color, this is a fantastic website that helps you fill your palette with different styles of hues. It’s a great tool for finding a style that matches your vision.


When designing your logo, it’s best to source some examples of looks you’re after to streamline your own design process. We hope you’ve found this list of helpful!

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