The 10 Best Logo Redesigns of 2022 (So Far)

We’re halfway through the year, and there’s already been a handful of great logo redesigns in 2022. In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite logo updates of 2022 so far, plus design tips and insights on how to design your own logo.

Right off the bat, there are a couple of clear design trends emerging this year. Think of these less as strict design guidelines and more design approaches. Here are the two trends we’re noticing more as the year goes on:

  • Retro-vitalizing. Tons of companies are looking back to their roots to push forward into the future. With major brands trying to connect their new direction to their heritage and tell a more coherent story, expect to see more logo redesigns that playoff companies’ historical elements in subtle, or not-so-subtle ways.
  • Connected branding logos. Increasingly, brands are starting to think more intelligently about how their logo reflects and informs their wider brand identity. Expect to see a lot of visual elements from logos repeating themselves in brand applications like websites, apps, and advertisements. GSK and Minecraft’s new logos are a couple of great examples of this trend.

Let’s take a look at some logos!

1. M&M’s

m&m logo redesign 2022

The new M&M’s logo is a design update for a progressive world. According to Mars, this slight logo adjustment from an angled logo to a straight one brings your visual focus to the ampersand, signaling the brand’s focus on belonging and togetherness. M&M’s character set has also changed, notably with the footwear some of the Ms are wearing.

Why we like it: from a design perspective, the new logo really does draw your eye to the ampersand. It’s a great exercise in visual hierarchy, and using subtle design elements like the spacing around the letters to draw focus and build off Mars’ concept.

2. Instagram

new instagram logo 2022

The lines are thicker and the gradient is friendlier. Instagram’s 2022 logo redesign is a great example of how you can update your logo for positive effect without changing anything too drastically.

According to Instagram, the new brand identity is ‘designed to embrace continued evolution to help…create more immersive and inclusive experiences.’ Cool!

Why we like it: Instagram’s new logo update is small but mighty. The bold gradient helps the app logo stand out on mobile devices. Plus, it had been a while since Instagram had updated its logo. A logo redesign is a smart way to pique people’s interest and get people talking about your brand.

3. Baskin Robbins

baskin robbins new logo 2022

The new Baskin Robbins logo is less synthetic looking and definitely more retro. The company has stated the new rebrand comes as a way to attract new audiences to the brand, after finally retiring its nostalgic old logo. By reviving the pink and brown used in Baskin Robbins’ original advertising campaign in 1953, the brand is going back to its roots to revitalize itself.

Tip: Color has a huge impact on your logo, and is one of the most powerful ways to set a mood associated with your brand’s character. Think carefully about the color combinations you can use when you’re creating your logo.


new cnet logo 2022

Turkish coffee shop? Markings found on a Russian space rocket a hundred years after the fall of mankind? No, it’s Cnet’s new logo.

A surprise favorite for logo redesigns this year, the 2022 CNET logo redesign is an attempt to give trust and dependability to the tech news website, which is looking to expand its impact beyond tech.

The new wordmark logo is an amazing use of typographic design to establish character and succeeds in giving CNET a much-needed grown-up-ness to a brand that once just looked like a tech news blog.

5. Minecraft

minecraft new logo 2022

Another example of subtle changes to an existing logo having a dramatic impact (sort of). The new Minecraft logo and refreshed visual identity by Bold includes an updated visual frame perspective and enhanced coloring. The new logo is sophisticated, flexible, and retro-cool.

6. Stanley Cup Playoffs

stanley cup new logo 2022

Beautiful to see for a brand designer. Hard to watch as a Leafs fan. 2022 saw a towering, monumental logo update to the greatest show on ice: the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The new Stanley Cup logo takes elements from hockey lore and memorabilia to re-ignite the tournament’s brand. The shape of the shield reflects the championship banners raised in the arenas of the trophy’s winners.

The logo font for ‘Stanley Cup’ matches the original tournament cup engravings. Finally, the font pairing for the word ‘Playoffs’ reflects the writing on Montreal’s Windsor Hotel, site of the founding of the NHL in 1917.

Why we like it: the new logo’s updated design is more fitting for a storied sporting event than the old one, which looked like a logo for a Beyblade tournament.

7. Indeed

Designed to help all people get jobs. That’s the tagline for job site Indeed’s new brand identity. Now, while they technically didn’t update their logo at all, this one’s worth mentioning. With a focus on a dynamic color range and ‘kind and authentic’ imagery, Indeed’s brand has gone from 2021’s ‘every generic tech company ever’ blue to an updated, beautiful website and brand system.

8. GSK

gsk logo redesign 2022

Bringing together science, technology, and talent – or at least that’s how design firm Wolff Olins describes GSK’s new logo and brand identity. It’s a familiar theme we’ve seen in logo redesigns of this year: reaching back into the brand’s history and heritage to push it forwards into a new future.

Why we like it: GSK’s new logo is a good case study in how your brand identity should be an extension of your logo (and vice versa), with shapes and elements of the logo appearing repeatedly throughout the company’s website.

9. Nākd

nakd new logo 2022

A staple of hikers, lunchboxes, and office snacks, the Nākd snacks brand underwent a refresh by BrandMe earlier in June this year. Losing the grungy edges and booger green from the old logo, the snacks giant has opted for a fresher, more flexible logo application that should serve the brand for years to come.

Why we like it: Simplicity works wonders. The new Nākd logo is cleaner, crisper, and reads beautifully to the eye.

10. Batman

batman logo redesign 2022

Marking the arrival of a new creative head, Chip Zdarsky, and a new era in the comic, the Batman logo has been updated for the first time since 2011. Created by designer Jorge Jimenez, Batman #125 will debut the new logomark on July 5, 2022. Featuring the shadow of the bat symbol, the new logo is punchier, grittier, and gives the comic a powerful re-vamped feel.

Put your mark on 2022 with a brand new logo

2022 saw some of the world’s biggest brands update its logos. If you’re looking to build a new brand, or just breathe more life into your existing logo, keep these tips in mind:

  • The world’s becoming a more inclusive and accessible space for everyone. Lots of companies are rethinking their designs to reflect that.
  • Think about cool story elements for your brand that could inform your logo. A logo is a great way to capture your brand’s character in the simplest, smallest application possible. Think about how your logo font and primary logo symbol capture your brand.
  • Simplicity, legibility, color, and visual hierarchy are probably the most important elements to think about when designing, or re-designing your logo. What simple ways could you enhance your logo, without totally rocking the boat or rebranding?

If you’re ready to take a step in a new direction, and you want to tell your brand’s story through a new logo, why not head over to our logo maker, and get designing!

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