The 19 Best Logo Redesigns of 2023

2023 has seen a clear shift in logo design trends. Many brands have focused on more energetic design styles and telling their story through spatial elements in their logo.

Overall, we saw a few logo design trends that dominated the biggest logo redesigns of 2023.

  • The use of bold, neon colors, especially greens and yellows. This logo trend is popping up everywhere. Brands like Wise, 7UP, Channel 4, and Bolt are going for bright greens and yellows as their primary color choices.
  • Minimalism reigned supreme. Concept-driven minimalist design is a logo trend we’ve seen from the likes of Pepsi, Sundance Film Festival, and Nokia, popping up several times in 2023. Expect to see such logos become more common into 2024, with black and white logos, geometric shapes, and art deco elements coming to the forefront of logo designs (and graphic design more broadly).
  • Spatial storytelling. One of the most popular logo trends of 2023 was the use of space to highlight aspects of a brand. It’s a simple way to tell a story and is often used in minimalist design.
  • Dynamic logos are making a comeback, with brands like Android and Reddit leading the way.

With this in mind, it’s time for logo redesigns 2023. Here are the best-updated brand logos this year, why we love them, and how you can create your own iconic logo.


pepsi logo redesign 2023

Pepsi is no stranger to dramatic logo evolutions over the years, and 2023 was the next step in its legendary brand story. After 15 years of Pepsi’s lowercase ‘slanted globe’ logo, the cola giant returns to its roots with a bold, 70s-inspired logo.

Why we like it:

Pepsi’s new logo builds on logo design trends we saw last year in the best logo redesigns of 2022, taking elements of the brand’s history and revitalizing them in a modern context.

The new Pepsi logo is a great example of how to bring new life to an old logo by taking it back to its roots. It has a familiar vintage vibe with a fresh appearance.

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Wise logo redesign 2023

As part of a major brand overhaul, the payments platform and Fintech, Wise, unveiled its new logo and visual identity in March 2023.

Wise’s new brand includes a new logo, font, colors, and icons, along with updated UX across the Wise platform.

Why we like it:

Taking elements from Wise’s old logo and brand, the new Wise logo features a bolder, crisper font with reduced spacing and tighter typography. It’s punchier and more immediate.

We also love that Wise kept their flag logo symbol instead of just ditching it for the generic, wordmark logos that have become a dominant logo design trend in the last few years. Such logos are particularly rampant in the tech industry, so we’re glad to see Wise stick to its roots!


7up logo redesign 2023

7Up’s first rebrand in almost a decade features a new logo, simpler packaging, and a more streamlined design style. Driven by PepsiCo’s Design and Innovation Team, the 7Up rebrand aims to refresh the drink’s label and give it a more global market appeal.

Why we like it:

The new 7Up logo design is one of our favorite minimalist logos to date. A new 3D logo with high-contrast lines gives a sense of upward thrust. The logo evokes 7Up’s new “Upliftment” brand messaging. The citrus symbolism from the old packaging now features brighter colors and abstract shapes. Ultimately,  the new logo has a fresher and more modern feel.

Tip: Think carefully about the use of color in your logo. Color tells an important story about the tone and character of your brand, and your company. Play around with different palettes, and explore different tones, from pastel shades to brighter hues!

Channel 4

channel 4 logo redesign 2023

channel 4 logo redesign 2023

In partnership with Pentagram, Channel 4 redesigned its logo with a retro-inspired update, marking a new era of British television.

Playing off the iconic ‘blocks’ of the historic 4 logo, Channel 4’s new brand features an updated logo, fonts, animation, and colors.

Why we like it:

The new Channel 4 logo and brand identity has brought the British TV channel up to date. With an ever-evolving entertainment landscape and the multiple platforms it broadcasts on, this logo update came at the perfect time.

Pentagram and its partners nailed the new brand, giving it iconic simplicity, a vibrant color palette, and playful animations.

Sundance Film Festival 2023

Sundance film festival logo redesign 2023

New York Agency Porto Rocha helped Sundance Film Festival develop a logo that’s solid both in execution and concept.

Sundance 2023’s new logo gives a historic film event a modern and minimalist feel. The redesigned logo changes its aspect ratio depending on its context. Plus it now has a beautiful, wider, monochromatic visual identity overall.

Sundance 2023 white new

Why we like it:

The standard 16:9 aspect ratio mimics the popular indie film screen size, and the dark negative space in the logo is emblematic of the dark screen before a movie begins. The coolest part? As the logo’s context shifts, so does its aspect ratio, as shown here in Porto Rocha’s fantastic brand identity case study.


nokia logo redesign 2023

Once known primarily as the creator of the 3310, AKA the world’s most indestructible cell phone, Nokia’s business has evolved a lot in the last few decades.

Nokia is known now for its work in B2B telecommunication and cloud networks. The new Nokia logo reflects a sharper, more futurist brand. It conveys how the company seeks to push the world’s technology forward.

Why we like it:

nokia new logo

Against a backdrop of thousands of generic tech logo designs, Nokia’s new logo feels refreshingly different. The new logo has sharp, angular lines and negative letter strokes. It’s a fresh take on the standard tech logo design, and we love it!


bolt logo redesign 2023

Bolt, the ‘Shockingly Simple’ one-click checkout platform, recently enlisted the help of design agency Koto for its beautiful new brand identity.

With a bold new font, electrified color palette, and enhanced messaging, the new Bolt brand leaped forward from its previous, dull tech logo design. Logo designers, take note!

Why we like it:

The lightning bolt between the L and T in the wordmark is a great example of negative space that doesn’t interfere too much with the font’s legibility. It’s a solid execution of a simple concept, and we love the new bright colors too.

Minute Maid

minute maid logo redesign 2023

As part of its first global campaign and a major brand refresh, Minute Maid’s logo has been stripped down and simplified to help the brand reach more markets worldwide.

Made in collaboration with JonesKnowlesRitchie, Grey, VMLY&R, and Landor&Fitch, Minute Maid’s new logo dropped in May 2023, just in time for some summer refreshments!

Why we like it:

minute maid logo redesign

The stripped-down logo includes a modern font, making the new Minute Maid logo more flexible. The new logo is also more applicable across a range of contexts and packaging than its predecessor. Let’s hope Minute Maid doesn’t go the way of Tropicana’s unfortunate rebrand back in 2009!

Myers & Briggs Foundation

myers briggs transformation

Myers & Briggs is a personality type assessment, and the Myers & Briggs Foundation continues the work of the test’s pioneers, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. The agency behind the new logo, Parker Studio, described it as ‘a personable re-brand for a historic, world-renowned personality type assessment’.

Why we like it:

The new M&BF logo is a firm example of great minimalist design. It features a clean font and a beautiful, adaptable logomark that’s emblematic of the organization’s work as a whole.

(According to Parker Studio, the flower logomark represents ‘personal growth through understanding,’ which is synonymous with the M&B test itself.)

Tip: A successful logo symbol should tell people something meaningful about what your company does, either by representing it literally or symbolically. Look at Sundance’s ‘movie-screen’ logo, for example, or Bolt’s lightning bolt symbol. These logo choices help us understand what each brand does.


fanta logo redesign 2023

One more drink brand gets a refresh for 2023.

Fanta’s rebrand features a new logo that ditches the fruit shapes of the previous one and focuses on a fun, eclectic wordmark. Why get rid of the fruit – you ask? According to Coca-Cola’s Global VP of Design, Rapha Abreu, the orange shape in the old logo confused consumers buying a grape soda or any other non-orange flavor. (Okay, Rapha.)

Why we like it:

To be fair, though, when used in the context of its packaging, the Fanta logo comes alive with new fruit symbols and supporting abstractions. It’s more lively and lends itself to the broader mix of flavors that Fanta experimented with for many years.

(We also love the new color palette, which features bold, neon colors and strong color contrast.)

Western Union

Western Union 2023 logo redesign
A brand new monogram-style logo icon and font update makes the new Western Union logo one of this year’s simplest, yet most effective logo updates. Designed by Darrin Crescenzi and Love Street and Co, the new Western Union brand has been completely overhauled for the digital age.

Why we like it:

Western Union ditched the old ‘WU’ logo and opted for a cleaner, more modern pairing of the white font and yellow logo symbol. The new logo symbol is a great way to depict the letters ‘W’ and ‘U’ in one simple, memorable monogram.

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson logo redesign 2023

After over 130 years, pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson replaced its old cursive logo with a new logo design and brand from the consultancy Wolff Olins. The new logo comes as part of a major update to the company’s strategy, which includes a completely new name for the company’s consumer health arm, launched as ‘Kenvue’ in the fall of 2023 (whose brand identity Wolff Olins also designed.)

Why we like it:

The new logo font’s simplicity is effective as part of the company’s evolving strategy. While the old logo was perhaps more unique, the new generic logo design fits Johnson & Johnson’s positioning strategy and makes room for more original sub-brands, like Kenvue.


Glassdoor logo redesign 2023

Designed by global design studio Koto, the new Glassdoor brand includes an updated logo, illustrations (designed in collaboration with designer Joseph Puy), and visual identity refresh.

Why we like it:

Although at first glance it looks like the first speechmark for the logo is upside down, it’s actually a hidden ‘g’ that matches with the hidden ‘d’ of the second speechmark, referencing the company name. Pretty cool!


Android logo redesign 2023

Revealed to the masses in early September, the new Android logo is part of a wider brand refresh for the world’s largest operating system (OS). The new visuals are designed to tie the OS closer to its ummbrella brand (Google), as it continues to evolve.

Why we like it:

Opting to buck the minimalist logos trend, Google brought Android’s ‘bugdroid’ mascot to life in full 3D. It’s unique, original, and the bugdroid’s multiple colors and animations are a powerful reflection of the diversity of Android’s user community. It’s also one of the best-animated logos of 2023!


wework logo redesign 2023

Bankruptcy and impending collapse aside, co-working pioneer WeWork got a nice brand refresh earlier this year, before everything went FUBAR. Creative studio Franklyn designed the new brand to ‘help the undisputed leader in coworking meet the moment.’ Now that’s irony!

Why we like it:

From a design perspective, the new brand identity is beautiful. It’s a shame it might end up being WeWork’s last. One of the cleanest wordmark logos of the year, WeWork’s art deco style logo is somehow elegant, organic, and modern all at once.


SiriusXM logo redesign 2023

The new SiriusXM logo design was unveiled in November, courtesy of the company’s new agency, Uncommon. Like a lot of the logos in this year’s top 20, it’s part of a bigger brand refresh designed to highlight SiriusXM’s push towards digital content. 

Why we like it:

SiriusXM’s new logo design incorporates negative space in the form of a star shape in the ‘S’ to tell the story of Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. The old logo’s radio waves have also been canned, as the company looks to be known for more than just radio broadcasting. 

Tip: Your logo design can tell your story in a simple way. As your business evolves, don’t be afraid to change certain logo elements to reflect your new strategic direction and stay relevant.


Facebook logo redesign 2023

2023’s design update is the latest iteration in the evolution of the Facebook logo. Done in-house, the new logo design features a bold blue color refresh and flat design, moving away from the gradient-style logo the company had earlier this year.

Why we like it:

The bold blue packs more punch. The move to a flat design is cleaner, simpler, and an example of the refined minimalism that has dominated logo design in 2023.


Webflow logo redesign 2023

No-code web design platform Webflow got a much-needed brand and logo update back in October, and it looks dope.

Why we like it:

Another great example of simple storytelling in a logo, the new Webflow logo icon uses elements of the code languages that form its core building blocks: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s a smart, simple way to show what powers the Webflow brand, in a logo icon that has great dynamism and immediacy. The new font isn’t bad either!


Reddit logo redesign 2023

Last but not least, the ‘front page of the internet’ itself surprised us and millions of other redditors at the end of November by quietly updating their brand overnight. The result? An update to the famous ‘Snoo’ mascot, brand new logo font, and one of the best three-dimensional logos we’ve seen!

Why we like it:

Global design studio Pentagram updated the Reddit mascot by rendering it in full 3D, much like the Android rebrand. It’s a more creative design that complements the new logo font perfectly. The negative space in the letter d has been turned into speech bubbles, highlighting the website’s main function as a community for comments, questions, and news.

Tips from the top logo redesigns of 2023

2023 has given us a range of great logo redesigns. If you want to craft your own powerful new logo or revamp your existing one, focus on these tips:

  • Your logo reflects your brand and should tell the story of who you are and what you do. It doesn’t have to tell the whole story (in fact, the simpler, the better). By being thoughtful about the elements included in your logo design, you stand a better chance of capturing the attention of your target audience.
  • Immediacy is a term used by graphic designers to describe a viewer’s ability to quickly grasp the tone of a logo and the legibility of the logo font. If you’re designing a new logo or updating your old one, think about how you can make your logo simpler, more impactful, and easier to remember. Clean lines and bright colors are both great places to start if you want to create immediate visual interest.
  • 2023 is a year of vibrant colors or monochromatic brand design. Think carefully about your color palette and which aspects of your brand you want to stand out. For example. Sundance’s logo works well in monochrome because it shows the festival’s role as a staging ground for movies and not as the main attraction itself. Bolt’s logo, on the other hand, relies on the electric yellow color to bring the brand to life.
  • Use space in your logo to tell a story. Some of the best logo redesigns in 2023 were pretty simple, like the Western Union or Reddit logo. But they used simple shapes in an effortlessly creative way. Play around with negative space in your logo design if you want to get really creative!

It’s up to you which route you take, but if you’re ready to move ahead with a new or updated logo, why not try our logo maker and get started now!

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