The Top Logo Trends of 2024 You Shouldn’t Miss!

In the ever-changing landscape of design, logos aren’t just symbols; they’re storytellers. They have the power to convey a brand’s identity, ethos, and even its future aspirations. As we review the latest logo trends, we discover how they reflect our society, technology, and artistic innovations.

From bold color palettes to artistic typography, each logo trend carries its own flavor and message. We learn a little bit about what’s important to us now, how we’re feeling, and what we’re looking forward to.

Here’s a list of the latest logo design trends for 2024:

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1. 3D Logos

Trends oscillate over time from one design style to its polar opposite. In 2024, we’re seeing the flat design logo trend that dominated for years take a back seat to 3D design.

From Reddit’s logo redesign of Snoo to Android’s mascot logo update, these friendly characters came to life in new ways and paved the way for 3D logo designs in the future.

Android 3d logo design

3D logos, especially ones involving mascots, can elevate brand recognition and allow for more creative expression. In a globalized digital economy, brand mascots and animals can communicate a brand personality beyond the words in a logo.

3D design also gives brands the opportunity to have animated logos- another design trend we’re seeing with the rise of at-home VR and AR devices.

2. Royal blue takes the lead

Though Pantone declared this the year of Peach Fuzz, logo designers have another color in mind. Royal blue has exploded on the logo design scene, with major brands like Nokia, Fanta, Burberry, and Webflow incorporating this rich hue into their logos.


Blue is a certified hit in the world of logo design. Representing trust, stability, and loyalty, the emotional associations with this color are an easy win for brands looking to establish a connection with their target audience.

30% of the top 20 logo colors used by Looka customers were shades of blue.

With Barbie pink taking over last summer, we’re seeing a trend towards rich, bold colors in design. Combining bold colors makes for visually striking logos; don’t shy away from this trend!


When using bold colors in your logo, be sure to have a black or white version to ensure accessibility for folks with color blindness!

3. Paying homage

This logo design trend is about honoring the past. Perhaps as a cultural push-back to the rapid futurism we’re facing with the rise of AI, brands are looking back in their history for a sense of stability.

Last year, we saw Burberry bring back its 101 year old logo design of a knight gallantly riding a horse. The brand also replaced a somewhat bland sans-serif font with a classy and archival serif. This call-back to the past emphasizes the importance of tradition and helps communicate Burberry’s historic brand identity.

Burberry new blue logo design

Logo designs don’t have to be modern to make a lasting impression. Sometimes, the most memorable logos tell a brand story that is rooted in tradition or evokes a feeling of nostalgia.

Take Pepsi, for example. The brand announced its first logo design update in 14 years, reviving the quirky all-caps sans-serif font and bolder brand colors.

Pepsi retro logo design trend

For small business owners, digging into your company’s roots is one way to make logo design stand out.

4. Artistic typography

This logo design trend gets hotter by the year. Gone are the days of cautiously selected font pairs, and traditional font styles. We’re seeing a wave of whimsical and creative fonts take over font databases. Exaggerated strokes, whispy tails, and elongated stems can create visually striking wordmark logos.

Playful fonts logo trend

Source: Brent Schoepf

From vintage display fonts to experimental serifs, logo designs are gaining character from font choices alone in 2024. This logo trend is also about blending unexpected fonts together. Aim to create logos with personality by breaking uniformity.


5. Logos you can afford

Ok, while this isn’t exactly a logo design trend, it’s certainly a trend in the design industry at large. More and more small business owners are taking to AI platforms and logo makers like Looka to create impactful and memorable logos they can actually afford.

Working with graphic designers can be frustrating, and logos can be costly. Not to mention, economic instability means an increased caution in where and how we spend our money. Luckily for entrepreneurs, the ability to create beautiful, impressive logos is getting easier– and cheaper.

Y2K aesthetic logos made on looka logo maker

6. Monogram mania

One of the key logo design trends we’re seeing pop up are refined and playful monograms. Monogram logos are a combination of one to three letters to create a logo symbol.

In recent years, logo designers have upped the ante by creating unique monograms that capture attention upfront.

Monograms do well as interactive logos and offer versatility when used in profile images on social media platforms.

7. Lowercase logos

Some of the most iconic brands out there use lowercase logos, and more brands are following suit. Lowercase logos offer a friendly, laid-back style. Of all the logo trends mentioned, this is perhaps the easiest to adopt.

There are many ways to convey a brand’s personality, from font choice to color combinations, but lowercase wordmark logos instantly communicate an approachable brand. In 2024, consumers are looking for a more personable approach from brands. Take the recent logo update from Gustini pasta. The logo transitioned from a traditional feel to a lowercase logo catering to Tik Tok users searching for pasta recipes on the app.

Playful fonts logo trend

Creating a visual identity that speaks to consumer interests has massive benefits for brands, no matter the size.

Things to leave behind in 2024

While logo trends tend to take a couple years to shift in and out of popularity, there are certainly some trends to leave behind this year.

Here are a couple logo trends to leave behind!

  • Basic, boring, sans serif logos. The time for basic, bland sans serif logos is a thing of the past. Brands are catching the attention of followers with more of a maximalist approach. Think: color, playful and mixed fonts, geometric shapes, and hand drawn elements.
  • Overly complicated logo symbols. The time for multi-colored, intricate logo symbols has passed. Logo symbols can communicate complex ideas without being visually overwhelming. In 2024, it’s time to refine your logo symbols and make them more accessible to consumers.
  • Astrological symbolism. Astrology seemed to take the world of branding by storm a few years ago. While there’s a place for it, it’s time to set aside your moon symbols unless they are directly correlated to your brand identity.

Upgrade your logo with these 2024 trends!

The best logo designs capture people’s attention while communicating a brand’s identity. While following logo design trends is a great way to keep your brand up-to-date, we recommend picking only one that makes the most sense for your brand. A great logo is timeless, versatile, and unique.

By tapping into these logo design trends for 2024, you’ll make a logo that speaks to the reigning design interests and stands out against the competition.

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