Customer Spotlights: Northshea and Cleveland Fungi

We wanted to highlight some inspiring brands made with the Looka logo maker to show our love. From social entrepreneurship to local product sales, we’ll cover two inspiring entrepreneurs who started their brands with us.

Customer Spotlight: Northshea

Northshea brand highlight

Northshea is a heartwarming story of empowerment and quality. Born from a desire to help women in Northern Ghana, this social enterprise offers premium, ethically sourced Shea butter. The founders, Ghanaian social entrepreneurs, established Northshea to address female joblessness and poverty in rural Ghana.

They pay local women double their average income, enabling them to feed their families and reinvest in their communities. Northshea’s commitment goes beyond skincare; it enriches skin and life.

Brand Focus: Produces premium, ethically sourced Shea butter from Ghana.

Logo Design: The wordmark logo beautifully encapsulates the brand’s essence with a rich green brand color and a modern font

Brand Strengths:

  • Empower Northern Ghanaian women by providing them with sustainable employment.
  • Offers products like raw Shea butter, whipped Shea, and Shea soap, focusing on natural and effective skincare.
  • Engages in social initiatives, contributing to the betterment of communities in Northern Ghana.
  • They are committed to authenticity and purity in their Shea butter products.

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Customer Spotlight: Cleveland Fungi

Cleveland Mushroom brand highlight

Dylan always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He had a lightbulb moment when his dad gifted him a mushroom growth kit for his birthday. Soon after, he realized how easy (and delicious) it was to grow and cook mushrooms!

Dylan cooked up a business plan and has grown his client base from local restaurants and fungi aficionados to mushroom lovers across the US. 

As a bootstrapped entrepreneur, he built his logo and brand with looka, taking full advantage of the Brand Kit.

Brand Focus: Specializes in sustainable, organic mushroom grow kits.

Logo Design: Cleveland Fungi uses a golden mushroom as a logo symbol along with a bold sans serif font and logo slogan. It’s simple and functional, making it easy to scale on product packaging, t-shirt designs, and stickers!

Brand Strengths:

  • Offers a variety of mushroom grow kits like Lion’s Mane, Silver Pearl™ Oyster, and Hazel Phoenix™ Oyster.
  • Promotes sustainability and organic practices in mushroom farming.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Emphasizes easy and accessible mushroom cultivation for all.

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