Looka-This Update! See What’s New in the Looka Logo Editor

Since launching in late 2016, Looka’s mission has always been to make design delightful and accessible for everyone. We’ve delved into that mission by developing an online logo editor powered by artificial intelligence, offering both flexibility and guidance for our users to create their very best logo design.

Our logo maker works by taking personal design preferences and company details to create endless custom logos. While many other logo makers offer editable templates — which means the logo designs generated are limited and not unique — Looka uses a non-templated approach.

By doing so, our logo maker generates endless designs by creating combinations of symbols, fonts, colors, and layouts (what we call “ingredients”).

Once you answer a few design questions, our app takes you to the logo generator page where you can keep scrolling until you find a design you like. Then, you can easily make edits to any of the elements!

Scrolling through logo designs in the Looka logo editor

With that, let’s take a look at a few cool features we’ve recently packed into our logo maker.

More variation-based design

Much like how a designer would show their client many variations of a design to narrow down what they like best, our app is creating this visual feed in real time.

You can then save as many designs as you’d like, and quickly make edits to end up with a logo you love.

In each of the main editing tabs (Layout, Background, Name, Slogan, Symbol, and Container), you’ll see Variations.

Instead of leaving it up to you to scroll through lists and manually apply each change to see it, you can see your logo with these changes already applied. This makes the process a lot more visual and easier to navigate.

Below is an example of how the variation-based design works in the Symbols tab of our logo editor.

Scrolling through symbol variations

Inspiration tab in the logo editor

The Inspiration tab is one of our top new features!

Our team of designers have created hundreds of custom designs using our logo maker. In the past, we’ve only used them in the onboarding flow, where you get to choose 5+ logos to help inform our AI-generated designs.

Now, you can actually take any one of those designs to apply the same style elements directly to YOUR logo.

Your company name, slogan, and symbol will remain the same, but your logo will take on the same layout, colors, and fonts in the inspiration design. See below to understand how this magic works:

Inspiration tab in the Looka logo editor

It can be helpful to use this feature when you feel a bit lost with your design. Our goal is to provide the inspiration and starting point, so you end up with a design you’re proud to call your own.

Try our logo editor for free. It only takes a few minutes to see results!

Containers around symbols

Containers are precisely what they sound like: a visual element that goes around your logo design, containing the elements inside (kind of like a stylized border).

If you’re planning on using your logo on a sticker or stamp, one way to make your design stand out is by including a container, like this:

Black sheep logo with container

However, instead of stopping there, we also offer the ability to add containers around symbols. This is super simple to do! As mentioned above, you can actually scroll through variations of each element to land on one that fits your style.

Geranium logo with symbol container

Here’s a step-by-step on how to add a container around a symbol in our logo editor:

  1. Go to Layout, and select a logo that has a container around the symbol.
  2. Click on Container, and easily change style, color, size, and position.
  3. Select Symbol, and move the symbol around to get the right spot, size, and more.

The History tab

Using the new History tab, you can view all the previous iterations you’ve made to your logo. Whether you changed the font, background color, symbol, or otherwise, you can see all changes you’ve made in this tab.

It’s an easy way to go back and see what edits have been made and revert to any of those designs as you see fit.

History tab feature in Looka

On a similar note, making a copy of your logo when you land on a version that could be “the one” allows you to have a curated gallery of the top potential designs for your business.

You can find all copies of your logo under the Saved tab in our logo editor.

Saved logos in Looka

Custom HEX color codes

Because color is such an integral part of logo design, we wanted to give users the control to pick the perfect colors to represent their brand.

Changing colors is simple with our logo maker. You can either choose from the suggested colors, use our color picker, or input a custom HEX color code.

A color HEX code is a way of specifying color using hexadecimal values, starting with a pound sign. These values specify the levels of red, green, and blue (RGB), to produce the exact color.

Changing colors in the Looka logo editor

Don’t go overboard, though. We suggest having only one to two colors in your design (definitely no more than three!).

If you take a look at some of the most popular brands, you’ll see this is a common practice. Think about Coca Cola, or National Geographic — they’ve both developed strong brands that each tie back to their singular logo color.

We’ve got a blog outlining some of the most popular logo color combinations if you’re looking to find some inspiration or logo ideas!

What does Looka have in store for the next major app release?

We have a team of developers, data scientists, and designers teaching our app fundamental design principles so it can make better AI-generated designs. We’re also learning more about how our users interact with the app to continue improving the logo design process.

Stay tuned for more updates as our design platform continues to learn and grow! In the meantime, check out our intro tutorial video, where our Head of Customer Success walks you through how to make a logo:

And you can find even more helpful tips and tricks in our Help Center or in our in-depth guide to designing a logo.

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