Shop Small This Season With Looka’s Holiday Shopping Guide

Looking for some original holiday gift ideas? Why not support small businesses by shopping small this holiday season. The impact of supporting entrepreneurs who have invested the time, money, and energy into starting and sustaining a small business this year is massive.

Shopping small by making Christmas and holiday gift purchases from small businesses is important because:

  • It directly contributes to the income of a person or family, rather than the pockets of large corporations.
  • Small businesses create job opportunities, in fact, as of 2018, small businesses employed 59 million people in the US alone.
  • Positively impacts the economy. Small businesses cycle tax dollars into the local community, contributing to the health of local economies.
  • It adds diversity and character to local communities.
  • It’s better for the environment! Many small businesses sell sustainable hand-made goods.

So, to make your holiday shopping a little easier, we made a list (and checked it twice) of small businesses you should shop from this year. This amazing holiday shopping guide is packed full of some of our favorite Looka customers and has something perfect for everyone on your list.

Let’s start shopping!


Giving the gift of jewelry is more than just a pretty accessory for someone to wear – it’s sentimental. This meaningful gift is versatile, customizable, lasting, and most importantly, unforgettable.

Kaloi Jewelry


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Based in Brazil, Kaloi Jewelry offers an excellent assortment of high-quality handmade jewelry. They specialize in 18K Gold, precious gemstones, and fine-diamonds, perfect for that special someone in your life.

gold jewelry logoAbout the logo: When you work so closely with gold, why incorporate it into your logo? Kaloi Jewelry perfectly captured a high-end brand aesthetic, in their design with a serif font and use of a gold gradient.

Love Sam Jewelry


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If you’re looking for bold and beautiful jewelry, then check out Love Sam Jewelry. Made with love, these handcrafted pieces come straight from Australia. These items are one of a kind and are guaranteed to impress.

black and white logo with a heart

About the logo: Simple but effective, Love Sam’s logo perfectly communicates the story behind their brand. Their jewelry is made with heart so why not show that off in the logo design.


Apparel can sometimes be tough to gift. But there are a few items that you can consider that are always a hit. When buying a gift like apparel, aim for something that celebrates your loved one’s personality and make them smile.

The Sock Keeper


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Looking for an affordable gift that reflects someone’s personality? Then check out The Sock Keeper. This UK based brand offers a wide range of high-quality designs and ships worldwide. Find the perfect pair by visiting their website.

black and gold logo with two socks

About the logo: The use of gold in this logo communicates a sense of warmth and comfort, just like their product does.

Soft Soul


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A post shared by SoftSoul Footwear INC. (@softsoulfootwear)

Soft Soul is the perfect gift for the newborn in your life. These baby slippers are designed with the environment and parenthood top of mind. Not to mention, their products are Eco-Friendly, PETA-Approved, vegan, and made in Canada. Yes! Shop their adorable collection here.

wordmark logo with script font

About the logo: There’s a perfect font for every company name, and Soft Soul is an excellent example of that. This script font with its smooth lines weaves together a story behind this comfort-focused business.

Size 13


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You can never have too many face masks this year, so why not give them as gifts? Size13 offers a variety of vibrant colored masks, constructed entirely from ethically sourced or deadstock materials. Read more about how Size13 used Looka here. They also provide mask and earring sets as well as tie-dye bandanas. Get them before they’re all gone!

orange logo with sewing machine

About the logo: The use of a symbol in this logo perfectly communicates what type of business this is. We love the balance of weight created between the bold “13” and the large sewing machine symbol.

Pet care

Let’s face it, gifts for a beloved pet are, in many ways, a gift to ourselves. Seeing our furry companions all dressed up can’t help but make you grin.

Poochi Gang Bandanas


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Bandanas are a fun way to dress up your pet and give them a boost of style. Whether this is a gift for your fluffy companion or someone else’s pet, Poochi Gang Bandanas offers a variety of quality designs. Check out their new holiday selection here.

black and gold pet logo

About the logo: A fun brand deserves a fun logo. With the use of negative space, Poochi Gang’s symbol purrrfectly represents their two biggest (and fluffiest) clients.

Furniture and Home Decor

Giving the gift of home decor is both practical and useful. A thoughtful gesture like this can liven up any home, especially when the gift is one of a kind.

Homley Knots


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A post shared by Hannah | Homely Knots Macramè (@homely_knots)

There’s something really special about handcrafted products, especially those home interiors. Homely Knots is a UK based business that is dedicated to creating beautiful macramé home accessories, using 100% recycled cotton cord. These items are currently only available in the U.K.

macrame logo

About the logo: We love the circular container in this logo that closely resembles a macrame item. The decorated animal symbol adds a bohemian flair to this logo which perfectly communicates both the feeling of the brand and the products it sells.

Phil Gautreau Wood Design

Phil Gutreau Custome

In need of the perfect gift for someone who loves to entertain at home? Check out Phil Gautreau Wood Designs for their wide selection of hand-turned wood vessels and cutting boards. This beautiful craftsmen ship is guaranteed to impress any charcuterie addict.

minimalist acronym logo

About the logo: With a long company name like Phil Gautreau Wood Designs, it’s important to consider design alternatives like a monogram logo. Having a responsive design like this allows you to change your logo size and complexity to accommodate and adapt to wherever your logo is placed.

Melt Me by Nadine

Meltme christmas decor

Do you know a candle enthusiast? Why not gift them with holiday-themed wax melts. We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days, so why not make it smell great. Melt Me by Nadine is an online shop that prides itself on handmade, wax melts that come in various colors and themes. Take advantage of their holiday collection before they’re all gone.

pink circle logo

About the logo: This pink pastel logo is soft just like its products. Notice the flickering flame symbol is mirrored by the flickering circular container? A great way to continue the element of “fire” in this logo without being too obvious about it.

Food Items

Food items are always a hit over the holidays. Whether it’s sweet or savory, a gift like this can be an affordable option while communicating that you care.

Cocoa Delicious

Coca Delicious small business shopping guide

Home of the Artisan hot chocolate on a spoon, Cocoa Delicious takes a different spin on everyone’s favorite holiday drink. This yummy treat can be stirred into hot milk, or a cup of coffee to create a delicious mocha. A gift like this would be perfect as a stocking stuffer, or even a gift for you, because why not treat yourself in 2020?

hot chocolate logo

About the logo: We love the moody grey and copper color combination of this logo. The colors alone set the perfect mood for sipping hot chocolate by the fire—which is exactly what this business is all about. Brilliant!

Melbourne Bushfood

MelbourneBushFood small business

Sad that you can’t travel this year? Bring a piece of Australia into your home! Melbourne Bushfood is committed to bringing native ingredients to Australia into everyone’s kitchens. Take advantage of this amazing gift box which includes some of their most popular products.

melbourne bushfood logo

About the logo: If the name doesn’t capture your attention enough, the symbol, font, and black and white color combination will! This logo uses bold choices to command a person’s curiosity and investigate more.

Craft Goods

Give the gift of something handmade this year. Whether you DIY it or purchase a handmade item, the one of a kind human touch makes these gifts extra-special.

See Love Share

Seeloveshare free sweater pattern

Do you know what’s better than buying a gift? Making one. See Love Share has a variety of free knit and crochet patterns, perfect for any skill level. Not to mention that they offer tool kits and tutorials to help get you started.

see love share logo

About the logo: The fruit icon matches the style of scripted font making this a sleek and minimal logo.

That’s all for now folks! We hope you have a lovely holiday season. Enjoy your holiday shopping, and remember to shop small when you can!


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