9 Mattress Logos that Make Sleep Even More Appealing

Remember when people used to go to big-box stores to buy mattresses?

Times have changed with the proliferation of mattress-in-a-box companies that have popped up serving a core Millennial market that craves convenience (and is obsessed with getting a good night’s sleep). 

Strong visual branding is a must when it comes to these types of companies, because what better advertising space is there than giant boxes that arrive on people’s doorsteps? Not to mention that this type of packaging makes for cute Instagram props

After looking at nine mattress logos, we noticed a few common themes:

  • Wordmark logos (only two of the brands we looked at used symbols)
  • Sans-serif fonts with one standout letter feature, like a swoosh or overlap
  • One-word company names 

Let’s take a closer look at each brand.

1. Casper

Casper was one of the first mattress-in-a-box players on the scene and continues to lead the pack when it comes to brand awareness.

Its simple, deep-blue wordmark logo stands out with a signature swoop on the end of its “C.” The letter also serves as a standalone symbol in the company’s favicon and social media profile photos.

For its packaging, Casper opted for crisp white boxes with bold blue stripes, drawing attention to a horizontal, wraparound version of its mattress logo in the middle.

Casper mattress

Source: casper.com

2. Endy

This Canadian-based mattress company is named after a legendary character in Greek mythology. The all-caps wordmark logo stands out with a dark pink primary color. Like Casper, the font is straightforward, save for a squiggle in the middle bar of its “E.”

On Endy’s boxes, the pink logo gets swapped for a grey-blue version running vertically. The pink makes an appearance on the “made in Canada” stamp and the interior flaps.

Endy packaging and branding

Source: techvibes.com

3. Tuft & Needle

Touted as “the mattress that started it all” in 2012, Tuft & Needle uses a classic-looking wordmark in a skinny, soft gray font. The ampersand is used as a circular symbol for the brand’s favicon, and is spruced up by a bright minty color on its social media channels.

Tuft & Needle’s boxes display two versions of its name: a vertical wordmark running up one side, and a giant wraparound “T & N” to add visual interest on all sides.

Tuft and Needle mattress logo and branding

Source: stylelullaby.com

4. Tulo

Tulo is a newer player in the market, and is owned by a larger company called Mattress Firm. The brand stands out with bright, youthful colors, and a bubbly logo with the “t” crossed halfway.

Tulo offers three types of mattresses, each with a distinct color scheme (orange, bright pink, and dark pink, respectively). The boxes switch between a white background with colored text, and a colored background with white text to make a statement on delivery days.


Source: sleepzoo.com

5. Helix

Helix is one of the only brands on this list to use a symbol in its logo: a line-drawn bed with two layers to highlight the company’s distinctive mattress + foundation product. The symbol is stacked on a spaced-out, all-caps wordmark.

Instead of the usual rectangular box, Helix’s delivers its mattresses in an all-blue hexagonal tube, with its wordmark displayed top-to-bottom on one side.

Helix mattress logo and branding

Source: helixsleep.com

6. Leesa

Leesa’s brand focuses on its social impact, including donating one mattress for every ten sold and planting trees with every purchase. This mattress logo is a calming blue wordmark perched on a simple low-profile bed symbol.

While slimmer than Casper’s, Leesa’s boxes have a similar look with blue stripes on an all-white background and a horizontal logo positioned right in the center.


Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

7. Purple

Dubbed the world’s first “no pressure” mattress, Purple’s branding includes — you guessed it — multiple shades of purple. The logo is a deep eggplant-and-white combo in a rounded font, with the two “ps” overlapping with their neighboring letters. A lowercase “p” serves as the brand’s symbol.

Instead of a box, Purple opts for bright tubing with a white version of its logo printed on the side.

Purple mattress packaging on doorstep

Source: onpurple.com

8. OSO

OSO is an offshoot brand of the sleep products company Reverie, with a mattress that can be rotated for different levels of support. Its logo consists of three, spaced-out Os, with the center one splitting off to create an “S” (which also serves as the brand’s symbol).

The classic black-and-white branding continues on the company’s color-blocked boxes. One super cool feature? OSO is a palindrome, and the logo looks the same no matter which way it’s flipped.

Oso mattress logo and branding

Source: girlsgonesporty.com

9. Avocado Green Mattress

Piggybacking on Millennials’ eternal love for avocados, Avocado Green Mattress delivers a non-toxic, made-in-California product. The green mattress logo features a slightly compressed, all-caps font with the “O” representing the inside of an avocado (this “O” also serves as the symbol version of the logo).

Keeping with its eco-friendly theme, the company ships its mattresses in plain, unbleached cardboard boxes.

Avocado mattress branding

Source: avocadogreenmattress.com

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