7 Ways to Monetize A Blog in 2021 & Beyond!

Every business needs a blog. But figuring out how to monetize a blog isn’t easy!

A blog can help your business in developing a clear brand voice, increasing traffic to your website, and building a strong email list. Ultimately, your blog helps you attract new clients.

But a good blog helps you make more money.

Whether you’re an established business or are still figuring out how to launch your website, there are a number of ways you can earn extra money, all thanks to a handy little blog. Some bloggers earn money through running ads on their blog, while others use their blog as a marketing tool for the services they offer.

The good news is: your business can do it too. 

Read on for seven different ways to earn money from a blog.

1. Running ads

Running advertisements on your website is an easy and convenient way to earn passive income. The more traffic you have, the more likely that advertisers will want to work with you. But, if you are just getting started, you still have some options!

  • Start by signing up for Google’s AdSense program, which will place Google Ads on the side or bottom of your website. It is free to join and Google does all the work — you just collect the payment.
  • You can also sign up for Amazon’s Associate’s program and run ads that way. These ads feature products you use or endorse.
  • Other companies like Mediavine or AdThrive work specifically with bloggers to help them run ads on their websites. Do your research and find the program that’s best for you!

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money through your blog. When you’re an affiliate of a brand, you post and share about that brand’s products on your blog. When someone buys a product thanks to your blog, you’ll get a commission. Depending on the affiliate, you could make between 10 and 50 percent commission from the sale!

According to blogger and coach Melyssa Griffin,

“Affiliate marketing [is] easier if your blog has a clear niche or focus. I imagine fashion bloggers could earn decent commissions because they have the chance to link their clothing using affiliate links.”

There are thousands upon thousands of brands that run affiliate programs, so it’s up to you to find the ones you love and sign up. (Psst: Amazon has an affiliate program too!)

3. Brand partnerships

Many bloggers really start making money when they partner up with established brands. Once your blog is more established and you’ve grown a following, you can reach out to related brands to do sponsored posts or giveaways and get paid to host them on your website or social media.

Danielle Finestone, who runs the popular Toronto-based food blog ToFoodies, says, “I work with different brands. Sometimes they want really specific things, like campaigns or contests. Sometimes we do “advertorials” and giveaways, which are great for the following and something they want to know anyways. That’s when a partnership is at its best.”

In order to secure a sponsorship, you’ll have to put together a proposal and pitch it out to brands you want to work with.

Tips for pitching to sponsors

Start with your mission statement and why the sponsor would benefit from working with you. Then describe your audience demographics (average age, geographies, gender identities, etc) and the type of traffic and viewership you can guarantee for the sponsor.

Then ask for how much you’d like to be paid for each post. So how much money can you make from a blog? Don’t sell yourself short! Some influencers start out earning around $100-250 for a sponsored blog post and can eventually earn up to $1000 for an Instagram post!

4. Sell online courses

Once you have a lot of traffic coming to your blog, you’ll want to think of a product or service you can sell to your audience as another way to monetize your blog. Many bloggers create and sell online courses!

According to entrepreneurship blogger Neil Patel, you can create and sell an online course even if your blog has under 50 visitors per day. Find out what those 50 people are looking for and create a course for them!

Patel attests that you can make over $100,000 per year selling online courses. We recommend getting started on course-creation websites like:

5.  Run events

A great way to monetize a blog is to host parties and networking events for your community (right now, they’ll have to be online!).  Depending on your blog’s niche, you could put together a fun online event, charge a participation fee, and hopefully turn a profit. Events are also a great way to grow your audience and earn more money in the long run.

Sami Huda, a writer for music blog Serious Betty, says,

“We run events featuring local artists and while we are still growing and just breaking even, our shows earn enough for us to pay the artists and cover expenses. Whatever is left over goes into brand growth and long-term development.”

6. Teach workshops

Not unlike online courses, in-person workshops allow you to connect with your audience and monetize a blog, too. By identifying a need within your audience and hosting a one or two-hour workshop on a certain topic, you can charge a fee of $20 or more per person to teach them what you know.

Secure a perfectly Instagrammable location (or host in the online space with Zoom), use Eventbrite to sell tickets and promote the event, and draft up a slideshow and workbook to go along with your unique content!

7. Create a digital business

Whether you already have a digital business that your blog supports, or you started with a blog and are looking to sell a product online, you can use your blog to promote and sell digital services. This is a great way to make upwards of $1000 a month blogging!

Levenna Meyers, who runs a blog called Wildflower Nation, uses her online content to market her branding and coaching business.

“The key to running a successful blog for your business is to align your content with your mission. It lets your ideal clients know who you really are and if you could be a great match together before they even reach out. I let my blog draw in my dream clients and I really enjoy creating what I wish other people were creating content on.”

Levenna uses Pinterest to drive traffic to her blog. The search engine sends over 147K monthly visitors to her blog, who in turn follow her on social media and subscribe to her email list. From there, she can convert those followers into clients.

Time to monetize your blog!

The success of your blog and your business go hand-in-hand. By increasing your website traffic and blog readership, you can earn more money through service offerings. And by building on your digital product offerings, you can send more traffic to your website and email list.

Earn money through your blog by running ads or teaming up with brands, teaching workshops, and online courses, hosting parties and events, and promoting digital products and services.

Save and share our infographic below for quick tips on how to make money from your blog and create lasting income!

infographic describing how to make money from your blog

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