15 Spring Color Palettes You Can Steal From Us

We’ve finally crossed over the Spring Equinox and are looking at longer, sunnier days on the horizon. We’ve got a ton of spring color palettes to lift your mood!

These days, you might be spending more time at home than usual and looking to revamp or launch a new project or business. Spring can bring on a strong desire to start something new, so we thought we’d provide you with some spring color palette inspiration to help you bring your designs to life. HEX codes are included!

1. Robin-egg blues

The birds are finally chirping! Outside, spring brings a beautiful mix of the dry earthy colors of winter with pops of life and color in hidden places. Use the muted, earthy hues to ground your designs and pops of blue or green to bring in some personality.

blue Spring color palette

Color Hex Codes: #427884, #8ed6ee, #f0e6e3, #574c47, #2a2124

2. Spring break

Inspired by the vibrant, tropical colors we’re often exposed to on spring break after a drought of color from winter, this palette brings in rich and saturated hues.

vibrant spring color palette

Color Hex Codes: #ff416d, #fe98ab, #ffe9e7, #add1d1, #00b5a1

3. It’s all in bloom

Take inspiration from the landscape around you coming into bloom. Notice the color of the sky, greenery, and flowers. Keep your colors in the same tone. Here we have muted colors with cool undertones paired with a soft grey.

a fresh spring color scheme with yellow and blue

Color Hex Codes: #2e81b3, #f5f5f5, #f8be45, #bec398, #3c6d4b

4. Rainy day jazz

The lush rain of springs is what brings everything back to life! We love this soft lavender purple as a background, layered with the jazzy, festive colors of the season on minimal text in a logo.

muted spring color palette

Color Hex Codes: #f0e9f0, #fecbc4, #b7426a, #327d8e, #114060

5. A moment in time

Everyone flocks to the cherry blossoms in spring. These are some of the most memorable early spring days. Something about the cool blue sky background with bright pink blossoms just encourages a sense of relief.

pastel spring colors

Color Hex Codes: #f2dae8, #d699b5, #a3d2ed, #f5e68c, #51342e

6. Let’s bake bread

Spring is a transition season, there’s still lots of room for the warm tones of winter. We love the cozy colors that come with all the winter baking. These kinds of color schemes look great on vintage-style logos.

warm spring color palette

Color Hex Codes: #41252b, #67301a, #c67430, #f2d7c0, #f8f7f9

7. Spring fling!

Spring colors are whimsical and joyous! If you like lots of color, now is the time to draw from this season’s playful varieties and carefully layer them. Remember to think about complementary colors and the use of contrast when combining colors.

vibrant spring color scheme

Color Hex Codes: #ddcf4c, #87689b, #63b6ba, #c673a5, #479e70

8. Budding with life

It’s fun to play with monochromatic color schemes. Take one spring color and break out its various hues and layer them to make a professional, and streamlined looking logo.

Color Hex Codes: #3c21ad, #6942c2, #b0a7f7, #dae0ef, #dbcacc

9. Splish splash

Balancing blacks and greys with bright, pastel hues is the ultimate way to go when using a spring color palette. The contrast created when using these colors will make for a highly visible, perfectly legible, standout logo indeed!

Color Hex Codes: #80838b, #9bc4c1, #f7d5eb, #e39ca9, #1b1721

10. April showers

Cool colors are a spring staple. But you can be playful by using brighter tones as a background and darker colors to ground your design.

Color Hex Codes: #45616c, #9fc4d6, #e4e6e6, #dceaa4, #293933

11. Warm and fuzzies

Ok, we just couldn’t resist this adorably cute picture. We love the warm and cozy tones coming off of this cute little guy, and see them reflected well in an organic, rustic themed logo.

Color Hex Codes: #6b594b, #a89586, #e8e5d2, #ead88b, #cb965a

12. Easter egg hunt

We love the pastel colors of easter eggs. Layer them for a soft, romantic feel in your logo or design.

Color Hex Codes: #c8dbda, #a696cc, #d0adb1, #fcf4c3, #a09a96 

13. Warmer weather

Here we have a warm spring color palette featuring luxurious purples, rose, and orange colors. There’s nothing like the promise of warmer weather for spring to lighten the mood. Bring soft pinks and purples into your spring color palette for a calm and inviting appeal.

warm spring color palette

Color HEX Codes: #B78AA7, #CC8498, #EB9794, #F0B191, #FDF3C0

14. Spring breeze

This clear spring color palette is like a breath of fresh air! Bring cool blues and light greens into your design to create a refreshing ambiance. Add depth and contrast with a bold pink or red tone.

Clear spring color palette

Color HEX Codes: #C6E4E8, #F3F7E9, #EFC1BC, #F2664A, #CDD370

15. Feeling fresh!

There’s nothing like a monochromatic green color palette to freshen up your designs. This fresh color palette feels clean, classic, and elegant. Add some depth with a pop of a warm tone, like the sandy color you see here and you’ve got a beautiful color scheme for spring!

Fresh spring color palette

Color HEX Codes: #F2F4ED, #D7E0D4, #9AB59A, #B0B08D, #D6B293

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