60+ Really Unique Things to Make and Sell Online

Today, hundreds of thousands of makers, craftspeople, artisans sell their handmade goods online. The crafts market is projected to reach $50 billion by 2024 in the US alone. If you have a skill or hobby you might want to consider starting a DIY business of your own. There are endless ideas for things you could make or sell online!

The world of e-commerce has changed how people shop and more and more folks are turning to handmade goods that have a personal, human touch. We’ve rounded up a list of over 6o unique and multi-cultural ideas for things you could make at home and sell online, with average prices included. To make it easier, we’ve bulked them into 10 categories:

Let’s jump in!

DIY Kits

Why not spread the wealth by helping people make their own things! DIY kits surged in demand during COVID-19 lockdowns, and tend to do well during cold winter months while people spend more time indoors.


Teach people how to make their own shelves, dolls, or jewelry boxes. Package your kit with the wood required as well as a set of instructions or video link.

sell DIY woodworking kit online

Candle making

Making your own candles is a fun and useful skill to have. Put together a DIY candle making kit with wax, wicks, essential oils, and jars.

Bread making

It seemed like everyone was learning how to bake their own bread earlier this year. DIY bread making kits were flying off real shelves and virtual ones. Include the basics in your bread kit, like yeast, flour, moulds, and seasonings, and ask your customers to provide any dairy or eggs required.

Bread making kit

Source: WithLoveFinland

DIY beauty ingredients

Natural, plant-based beauty products are trending, and very easy to make yourself! Put together a kit with natural ingredients for customers to make their own beauty products at home. Cocoa and shea butter are great bases, as is coconut. Add essential oils and oils like sweet almond, or avocado for added moisture, nutrition, and shine!

Crochet kits

There are endless items a crochet artist can make! Start your customers off with a simple plush toy, or simple clothing item. Include some yarn, needles, stuffing, and your unique pattern in your kit for customer convenience! Prices range from the $10-40 mark.

Crochet DIY kit

Source: Thewoobles

Cross stitching kits

Share your beautiful cross stitch patterns with people interested in learning the artform. Include thread, needles, a hoop, and fabric, as well as any embellishments like beads to incentivize purchases!


Beauty is one of the biggest industries in the world, and that goes for handmade products as well! If you’re looking for ideas of things to make and sell online, you can’t go wrong opting for beauty products. Having a killer brand identity will help your products stand out against the competition.

Face and body creams

More and more people are looking for clean beauty products. This includes homemade, natural face and body creams. Come up with a concept that makes you stand out from the crowd, maybe your ingredients are sourced from a special place, or a portion of your proceeds go to a charity.


Natural lip balms

Everybody needs a lip balm on hand. Sell them in packs with different flavors or scents to make the cost worthwhile to you. One pack of 5 lip balms can go for $10-15 online.


Soaps these days look edible! Handmade soaps make for beautiful gifts and sell easily online. Mix up your oils, colors, and other ingredients for some added WOW factor.


Beard care

What’s better than beard oil? An entire care package delivered to your door filled with handmade beard grooming goodies! Fill your package with beard oil, a comb, and some wax and watch the happy customer reviews come rolling in.

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are a super fun, colorful product to sell online. They look fantastic in product shots and make for awesome video content as well!

sell bath bombs online

Body scrubs

Exfoliation isn’t just for the face! Body scrubs can be made from coffee, baking soda, salt, or even oats. Sell your most rich, moisturizing, best smelling body scrubs online and watch them fly off the shelves. Body scrubs sell between $10-20 online.


A great option when heading into colder months, salves help to soothe blistered, or very dry skin. Salves are easily portable and last quite a long time, a thing to make and sell online!

make homemade salves and sell online


The world of hair accessories is highly competitive, and not all items offer great profit margins. We’ve taken a look at the most common hair products sold online and determined which items you’re likely to make the most from! You’re welcome.


Headwraps are long beautiful pieces of fabric worn both fashionably and to protect the scalp. Sell them online pre-tied or combined with a mask as an additional accessory. Headwraps can sell from $10-50 depending on the quality of material and branding.



Headbands are so easy to make, and a fun option to sell online. Find different materials and patterns and have fun with them! Knit or crochet them as winter-proof options for customers in colder climates.

Sleep bonnets

These are made of silk and used to protect the scalp as well as kinky and curly hair. Sleep bonnets are easy to make yourself and sell online!

Home decor

Get involved in making home decor items and never look back! These are endless options to choose from when it comes to selling home decor items online, you just have to pick what you know best.

Pillows and pillowcases

Making pillowcases is an entry-level sewing job that can bring in decent profits. Have fun selecting different materials, patterns, and colors. Think outside the box and make outdoor pillows, baby pillows or even pillows for pets!

make colorful pillow cases to sell online


If you have a knack for weaving, rug making might but be an option for you. Rugs can sell for thousands of dollars online depending on how unique they are and how much time went into making them.

Throw blankets

If you’re a knitter, these big woven throw blankets are really trendy right now and go for over $100!



Experiment with making lamp bases, or shades, or using fairy lights in jars to sell crafty lighting solutions online.

Concrete planters

Have fun making concrete planters at home! They can be painted, lacquered, and designed in many different ways. When selling online, take into consideration that these tend to be heavier than the average planter, so you might want to build in higher weight shipping costs into your price.

make concrete planters at home to sell online


Be they floating shelves, or wall-mounted, shelves are essential to any organized homeowner! Stand out from the crowd by selling shelves made from different types of wood, or alternative materials like marble, or quartz.


PCF Candles started as a small online candle shop in San Francisco and now stocks its candles globally. You never know how quickly your homemade products will catch-on!



Bird feeder

Invite nature into people’s backyards with your handcrafted bird feeders. Handmade birdfeeders can sell online for up to $100.

Woven baskets

The demand for hand-woven baskets has increased big-time as bohemian interior design comes into fashion. Sell them online for $20-200 depending on the intricacy and time spent making them.

handwoven baskets

Salt & pepper shakers

A fun and beautiful accessory to any tabletop, salt and pepper shakers can be made from wood, stone, glass, clay, or ceramic. These sell online for an average of about $30.

Handmade tiles

Handmade tiles bring an artisanal level of luxury into a home. If you know how to work with clay or cement you might want to consider offering handmade tiles as a home interior option. Tiles can go for $30 per square foot, with the average kitchen being 150 sq ft—that’s a lot of tiles!


Cutting boards

Everyone needs a cutting board. Making a cutting board is an entry-level woodworking project. Upgrade your cutting boards by offering to customize them with people’s initials, name, or a phrase.

Food & drink related

If you have a flair for cooking, people will benefit by having your incredibly tasty goods in their homes. There are tons of non-perishable food items you can concoct and sell online. Take a look at some of the options below.


With proper jamming processes, jams can last over a year unrefrigerated. Better yet, you can make them in bulk. Jams are a great idea for anyone looking for things to make themselves and sell online! Try brewing some innovative flavors to stand out from the crowd. Apricot and sea salt? Raspberry lemon and thyme? Yes, please!

homemade jams

Condiments & sauces

Similar to jams, with propper canning and sanitization, condiments and sauces can last a long while. People are always looking for hot sauces, curry pastes, oils, dressings, and chutneys to give as gifts. Make bulk batches leading up to the holidays and start your online shop in advance.

Spice mixes

Spice mixes are a fun and creative way to sell things online. Connect with your culture or ancestry, or somewhere you’ve lived or traveled, and experiment with your own homemade spice blends. Once you’ve nailed them down, sell them online in kits for specific meals. Try a Moroccan tagine blend, or a masala curry combination.

make spice mixes to sell online

Loose leaf tea blends

Loose leaf tea touts many health benefits and has a dedicated following. Try mixing your blends for different purposes, like after dinner or for cold/flu. Sell online in some nicely branded packaging for an elevated shopping experience. Tea blends can sell for up to $30 online.


Many artists make a living by selling their art online. It takes expert use of social media marketing to spread your art to the masses, but if you do it right, you can stand to make a decent amount of money through artistry.


The world of ceramics is a large one. From cozy coffee mugs to dinnerwear, plant pots, and vases there are endless things to make on a pottery wheel that you can sell. People love the handmade look and feel of ceramic goods.

make ceramic items at home

Source: EverDreamCraft


People looking for gift ideas around the holidays or special events often lean into handmade art pieces like sculptures. Sculpture art can sell from anywhere between $40-$1000 online depending on the size of the piece.

Wall art

From mobiles to macrame, tapestries, and decals, wall art is loved by many. Society6 makes it easy to turn your art into tapestries!



Whether you specialize in portrait, or landscape paintings, abstract or expressionist, your art will always have an audience. You can sell your art on Amazon, Etsy, Society 6, Redbubble, and Saatchi Art. These sites will take a small commission but will connect you to tons of collectors who love your style.


There’s so much opportunity over the holidays to make and sell your homemade items. While other items will sell steadily throughout the year, homemade goods made for the holidays will see a surge in sales around November into December. Making it a great time to make some quick cash!


Get the whole family involved in making ornaments at home! The nice thing about Christmas ornaments is the variety of materials you can use to make them. From clay to crochet people will love your handmade ornaments.

handmade christmas ornament

Gift wrap

Unique gift wrap is always a hit over the holidays! If you run a paperie, or know how to DIY your own gift paper, selling handmade gift wrap before the holidays is a great idea.


If you’re good with flowers and other botanical arrangements, you might want to consider assembling wreaths from dried or fake flowers for the holiday season. Wreaths can sell for up to $170 online!

Handmade holiday wreath

Reusable gift bags

More and more people are looking for zero-waste options for gift giving. Beautiful reusable bags are easy to make at home and sell online!


Add a bit of creative flair to the traditional looking Menorah by making your own! We’ve seen Menorahs made of ceramic, beeswax, and even concrete! These are typically sold on average for $50 online.

handmade ceramic menorah

Source: StudioArmadillo


Many people like to give cards to their friends and families over the holidays. If you’re poetic or have a good sense of humor, can paint or draw then making holiday cards might be a great option for you to sell online!


Wellness related products are some of the top-most purchased online. If you have a regular wellness practice yourself, you could always extend your practice to offering online some wellness products you’ve made yourself.

Crystal jewelry

The crystal craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Some people believe that crystals hold healing powers and will wear them as jewelry.

wellness crystals for handmade jewelry

Meditation beads

Many cultures use prayer or meditation beads during worship. If you have a knack for beading, you might want to consider making meditation beads to sell online. These can range from $25-75!

Essential oil blends

Essential oils and aromatherapy have many health benefits. Customers into wellness-related products will love homemade essential oil blends and aromatherapy products!

Make essential oils at home

Reiki mist

Reiki is a form of energy healing and can be given to water and other natural materials. If you are Reiki attuned, you might consider infusing essential oil blends, or mists with Reiki and selling them online.

Bath table

Bubble baths are a critical part of self-care for many. And folks are determined to upgrade their bath experiences with wine, or a cup of tea with a book or magazine. But where does one put all this stuff in a bath? Enter the bath caddy. If you know your way around a piece of wood, a bath caddy is a brilliant thing to make and sell online!

DIY bath caddy

Source: DIY DunnLumber


In 2019 alone the wedding industry in Canada generated $4 billion in revenue. In the UK, it was $10 billion GBP. There’s a lot of room in this industry for handmade items that add a personal touch.

Wedding bouquets

Folks opting to trade their real bouquets for eco-friendly, faux bouquets will look for handheld bouquets online. Put your floral arrangement skills to the test by crafting faux-floral arrangements for weddings.

handmade wedding bouquet

Wedding favors

There are so many varieties of wedding favors to make and sell online! From jars of honey to handmade masks, the world is your oyster! Favors are often sold by the dozen online, starting at about $90 for 12 wedding favors.

Invitations & stationery

Handmade wedding invitations and stationery are a truly magical thing to receive in the mail. Wedding stationery does well on Etsy, but look into Facebook marketplace as another option. And use Facebook wedding groups to share information about your stationery business online!

handmade wedding stationery online

Source: WindsorRoseAtelier

Hair accessories

Whether you’re good with beadwork, glitter, sequins, or florals, the world of online wedding hair accessories is wide open! Wedding hair accessories are sold online for an average of $45 per piece.

Bouquet press

So much money goes into a wedding and so little is left to remember the day by. Many brides opt to have their bouquets pressed to preserve them in frames.

wedding bouquet preservation

Source: Rejoiceandblossom

Cake toppers

Cake toppers add a nice personal touch to a wedding cake. They’re a unique piece done best when handmade. Customized cake toppers go for about $15 on average online.

Wedding bands

As people turn toward more ethical alternatives to wedding bands and jewelry, handmade options made from ethically sourced materials rise in demand. When you sell wedding jewelry online, be sure to explain your process in detail and be transparent about your source material. It’ll give consumers the confidence to buy.

handmade wedding bands


Wedding banners add celebratory text to a wedding. Offer customized banners with the option for newlyweds to include their names or wedding hashtag.

Flower garlands

Flower garlands are a beautiful addition to wedding decor and are used by many cultures. Hand tie your own floral garlands using faux flowers and sell them online.

Indian mala floral garland

Source: Garland Magazine


For animal lovers, pets are just another beloved member of the family. So when it comes to pet products, you can guarantee those pet owners are always on the lookout for fun new treats and toys for their fur babies.


While leashes serve a very practical purpose, pet owners will also buy leashes for strictly fashion reasons. Maybe you know how to work with leather, or can offer customized embroidery on leashes, you’ll have a lot to offer by selling these online!

Leather dog leash custom made

Source: Vacforpets


Collars are a great way to dress up your fur baby, give them some personality, and protect them. They can range based on the type and size of the animal, material, and use.


For the lazy animals that live on permanent vacation, a handmade hammock serves as both home decor and a resting spot for those furry friends.

cat hammock


Pets spend a lot of time at home. If you’re handy you could make a significant amount of cash by building custom pet playgrounds and selling them online.


All it takes is a little bit of sewing and stuffing and you’ve made a pet bed! Sell these babies online from $25-250 depending on their complexity and material.

hand crafted dog bed

Everything you need to start making and selling things online

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