30 Things to Post on Instagram When Building Your Brand

Looking for things to post on Instagram? Look no further!

What began as a simple photo-sharing app, has evolved into one of the most important brand marketing tools that exists. In fact, 1 billion people log on every month. As a result, the app is hugely important for business, with 200 million people visiting at least one business profile per day. ?

With 70% of users searching businesses on Instagram, the social media platform is an essential marketing tool for every type of business—from food service to e-commerce to design and marketing agencies, and more.

Ok, so we know Instagram is important, but it’s tough figuring out what to post on Instagram when you’re just getting started!

From ads to live streaming, long-form video, and the new TikTok-inspired feature, Reels, coming up with content ideas on Instagram can be daunting.

Don’t worry. Below, you’ll find 30 content ideas to help grow your brand (including what the heck to do with Reels!). But first, make sure you take the time to nail down your social media branding!

Post ideas for Instagram

While there are so many features on Instagram, regular posts are still a necessary requirement for keeping top of mind with customers and clients.

1. Your product in action

Show your followers what your brand has to offer! The swimwear brand Left on Friday loves to share photos of their products being worn in real life by real people, just as they were made to do. To attract users to their page, a brand like this might share a photo with hashtags such as: #swimwear, #madeinusa, or #funinthesun


2. Your clients’ or customers’ success stories

Everyone loves a success story. Share your customer or follower wins, with a screengrab of their feedback. Here are some ideas: These pet sitters shared some great feedback from a customer. Check out their hashtags at the bottom!


3. Promotions and deals

Special deals are always a great way to incentive a purchase. This restaurant used a post in their grid to promote 2 for 1 quesadilla (who could resist?!). Designing a social graphic for promotions is also a great way to celebrate the holidays and give some love back to your followers!


4. Contests and giveaways

Increase engagement and get people talking with a fun contest or giveaway. Cosmetics brand e.l.f shared this post to announce a $100 back-to-school giveaway, that you can win by following the brand and tagging your friends.


5. Countdowns and reminders

Big launch coming up? Use your feed to remind your followers in a cute and fun way, like this underwear brand, huha.


6. Selfies

This one goes out to all the solopreneurs out there: selfies are a great way to humanize your brand and help your followers connect with you on a personal level. This tattoo artist shared a rare selfie which helps followers get to know the person behind the photos.



Everyone loves an inspirational quote! Quotes like these are an easy and tried-and-true method to boost engagement.


8. Video

Video content is one of the best things to post on Instagram as it always performs well. Use a short clip of under one minute to promote a product, like Lululemon did here, or share some positivity.


Story ideas for Instagram

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours and are often more casual because of this. There are tons of features in stories that make them great for businesses to use!

9. Tease a Live

Planning on hosting a Live? Tease your upcoming Live event on Stories (more in Lives later!)

go live on instagram

Source: New York Times

10. Ask a question with a slider or poll

The interactive features on Stories are a great way to get customer feedback and easily collect free data. Got a question for your followers? Ask!

instagram polls

11. Answer a question

The question option goes both ways: if you want to engage with your customers and really help out and connect, give them the opportunity to ask a question and get a real answer.

12. Shoppable product stickers

If you’re in e-commerce or selling a physical product, shoppable stickers are the perfect way to send customers directly to your sales page.

shoppable instagram sticker

13. Repurpose blog content

Give your blog content some extra traction by sharing some of the main points on Instagram Stories.

14. Countdown stickers

Tease a new launch, promotion, or giveaway with Stories’ countdown sticker!

Countdown sticker on instagram

15. Celebrate company events

Show off your team’s wicked company culture with a behind-the-scenes dispatch from a company party, conference, or event

16. Advertise

Just like on Facebook and Instagram’s regular posts, advertising on Stories is easy and affordable.

instagram story ad example

Reel ideas for Instagram

Similar to Tik Tok, Instagram recently launched a new feature called Reels. Reels are 15-second video clips set to music that can be used to create short, catchy video content for businesses and their followers. Here’s how you can use them for your brand!

17. Start a challenge

Engage your audience by launching a fun challenge (or hopping on an existing popular one), like this Sephora eyeshadow challenge!


18. Repurposing a long-form video for new content

Got some great video content that you just haven’t been able to use? Repurpose it for a Reel!

19. How-to + DIY

Reels is a great place to share quick how-to or DIY videos. Show how your product works, like a photo editing tutorial or household hack, in a quick, fun clip.


20. Short stories

Story time! Talk about the inspiration behind the product, how you got your start in business, or how you overcame a challenge you have recently faced.

21. Your product in action

Show off your product! Share a skincare routine, an outfit idea, a recipe, or anything else that makes sense for your brand.


22. Day in the life

Day-in-the-life clips are always fun! If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, this is a great way to connect with your audience authentically.

Live video ideas for Instagram

Instagram live is a feature on Instagram stories that can be used in real-time to engage with your audience. There are tons of fun ideas for Instagram live, here are a few.

23. Interview an influencer

Strategic partnerships with influencers and other brands are a great way to attract new followers. Interview someone on Live for a free and fun way to get people talking.

24. Go behind-the-scenes

Similarly to a Day in the Life clip, Live behind-the-scenes videos, including interviews with team members, are a fun way to give your followers a new perspective and take questions from them live.

25. Tease product launches

If you have a big launch or event coming up, go on Live to tell your followers about it, show them how to use it or what to expect, and take questions in real-time.

26. Check-in from events

Got a conference or event coming up? Bring your followers with you by going Live from the event and sharing everything you’re seeing too.

27. Host a tutorial

Whether your product is new or not, customers may have questions. Hosting a live tutorial is a great way to answer follower questions, share any tips and tricks you may have, and promote the product while you’re at it.


IGTV ideas

IGTV is a new way to post on Instagram that allows for long-form video content. Posts can be shared in stories, saved, and viewed as many times over as you like! Below are a few ideas for how you can use IGTV for your brand.

28. FAQs

Because it allows for long-form video, IGTV is a great place to post longer clips that answer common questions from your followers. Make sure to give a shoutout to those who wrote in!

29. A free course

Use IGTV to teach your followers something new. This social media expert shared an 18-minute long, 3-part course on hashtag strategy!


30. Workshops

If your business allows for workshops or talks, consider hosting on IGTV. This will allow your followers to view, save, and share your video. It’s a great way to use Instagram for busy customers who don’t have the time to watch something right away. It’s easy to come back to an IGTV video!

Time to come up with your Instagram content!

Instagram’s different modalities offer countless possibilities to create content that engages your followers. Do some research, be creative, and get a little bit strategic to create butt-kicking content that will convert followers into customers in no time!

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