7 Types of Videos to Elevate Your Brand Right Now

When it comes to marketing small businesses on social media, video is big — and it’s only getting bigger! There are so many different types of videos for brands to create.

Whether your customers want to solve problems, learn new information, or stay in the loop on the things they care about, it’s clear now they crave video content above all others.

The stats speak for themselves:

This voracious appetite for video means that you need a variety of video types to help your brand stand out and build a solid viewership.

7 Types of videos for brands to create

Ready to start? Here are seven different types of brand videos you can create today to generate more interest in your business.

1. Customer reviews and testimonials

What they are: These videos give your existing customers the floor to share their experiences and thoughts about your product or service.

Why they work: From a marketing standpoint, it’s pretty hard to overestimate the value of authentic, unscripted customer testimonials. We can thank the psychological phenomenon known as “social proof” for this. When we’re unsure about something, we’ll look to others for their opinions before we make a decision.

Social proof is the reason we’ll trust recommendations from friends and family before we believe even the most well-researched multi-million dollar ad campaigns.

Example: In this video made by Canvas Hair Studio, we hear from happy clients and get a bonus peek inside the salon.

2. “About Us” videos

What they are: These videos reveal the inner workings of your company to your audience, giving them a deeper insight into who you are — not just what you do. Many “about us” videos give a tour of the place where your products are made, or shine the spotlight on specific team members.

Why they work: These types of videos are a spectacular way to showcase your company culture on a human scale. Customers love getting a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes of a business. You’re giving them VIP access to stuff they wouldn’t normally see when interacting with your brand as a consumer.

When you put a “face” to your brand, you show your small business’s “personality” — something many faceless large-scale corporations lack. In turn, your audience will feel much a deeper connection and affinity with your brand.

Example: This behind-the-scenes tour of Lola’s Cupcakes Bakery in London leaves the viewer hungry for more.

3. How-to and tutorial videos

What they are: These educational videos offer value to your viewers by showing them how something works or how to do something they’re interested in doing.

Why they work: Not only do these types of videos show your target audience what your product or service can do for them, but they also expand brand awareness. If a prospect has a problem and you can offer them the solution they’re looking for, their search terms will bring up your video — which should, in turn, drive the kind of interest that’ll bring you more business!

Example: We have plenty of examples! Check out how our online logo maker works below.

4.Webinars and workshop videos

What they are: These themed videos usually zero in on a specific topic that’s under your umbrella of expertise. They’re usually scheduled for a specific time and live-streamed, with virtual attendees encouraged to interact on chat. They can also be pre-recorded.

Why they work: Webinars and workshops help establish people’s trust in your brand as you demonstrate and share your knowledge. These video types help you to connect and grow your audience, as more people are inclined to share information via video.

Example: Timsee Ceramics offers a series of lessons on how to throw clay on a wheel. Curious clay-loving viewers will click through to his ceramics store, potentially bringing in a few new customers.

5. Promo videos

What they are: Also known as “teaser” or “hype” videos, promotional videos offer viewers an eye-catching but easily digestible snapshot of the bigger story behind your brand. Often featured on social media profiles, many companies also put their promo videos right on the landing page of their website.

Why they work: With audience attention at a premium these days, these captivating videos get the word out about who you are and what you can offer them in record time. (No walls of text necessary!)

Example: Jackie, a Houston-based dog walker and owner of In Ruff Company, lays down the backstory of her business in just 40 seconds. In that short span of time, feel like we know who she is and what she’s all about.

6. Announcement videos

What they are: Have some big news about your small business that you want the whole wide world to know about? Announcement videos are an awesome way to get your message across, whether you’re hosting an event, launching a new product, opening a new storefront, or taking things in a new direction.

Why they work: Videos are the most shared content on social media. Posts on Twitter with video are retweeted three times as often as posts without. In other words, if you want to spread the word about something new you’re launching, there’s no better way!

Example: This dental hygienist, known as “Teeth Talk Girl” on Youtube, is all smiles as she announces the launch of her new company, “Happy Teeth”. Judging by the positive comments, her audience is happy about it too.

7. Vlogs

What they are: Vlogs are short for “video blogs”, and they’re usually recorded with a single person speaking directly into the camera. This breaks the fourth wall and makes the “conversation” between the vlogger and the viewer feel personal.

Successful small business “vloggers” make fairly regular vlog posts, offering personal experiences, a glimpse into their daily life, and advice on topics relevant to their product or service. Vloggers often pepper in video clips, text, stills, and visual effects like zooms and jump cuts to keep it interesting.

Why they work: If you’ve been on Youtube lately, you know it’s no secret that vlogs are an incredibly popular video format. They’re an excellent way to establish an ongoing relationship with both your existing customers and prospects. Once people feel a connection with your story on a personal level, they’ll keep coming back for more. And, if you keep it up, you — and your brand — will eventually gain a solid following.

Example: Yoga teacher and vlogger Silke Dewulf gives you insight into a day in her life at home.

Tips for incorporating your brand in videos

There are a few simple things you can do to keep your videos consistent with your brand identity. Here are some basics:

Add an intro and outro

As they say, “first impressions are lasting impressions.” Your video intro must pack a visual punch in the first several seconds to lure your audience in, or you’ll lose them. The video below is a great DIY tutorial on how to create super fast animated video intros and outros!

Make it as captivating as possible, but don’t forget your audience. If you stray from your brand voice, you’ll create confusion.

Make sure you add an equally attention-grabbing call to action to your outro, pointing viewers toward your website and social media channels.

Use your logo

Videos are shared widely across the internet, so it is vital to set your logo somewhere for immediate brand recognition. Don’t have a logo yet? Start by making one with Looka’s easy to use logo maker! It takes less than 10 minutes.

hen it comes to adding your logo, it’s all about location, location, location. It doesn’t matter how stunning your videos are or interesting your content is. A poorly placed or improperly sized logo detracts from your messaging, plain and simple.

In many designs, for example, logos tend to end up in the lower right-hand corner. But in video, that’s exactly where the controls and subtitles are. For maximum visibility, upper corners are best. Make sure your logo is not so big that it takes over the entire video, but not so tiny that it looks like an indecipherable blob on smaller screens.

While his logo symbol remains on the bottom left corner, celebrity gamer, Ninja, has also placed a small branded title box at the top-left of the video. Great placements of branded elements on the video without distracting the viewer from the content.

Check out this guide we’ve written on logo size guidelines for more information on logo size and format.

Incorporate your brand colors in your surroundings

Working your brand’s color palette into your videos in creative ways can maximize your brand impact in a subtle but smart way. If your logo is hot pink, for example, try adding a hot pink throw pillow on the couch behind you. If there’s dark green, add a little cactus to the scene. Identify ways to incorporate your brand colors into the scenery or environment your video is being shot. A little color goes a long way!

In every video, child Youtube sensation, Ryan Kaji, incorporates his multi-toned brand colors. Check out this video below, where the map Ryan uses to learn the states in America, match his logo colors perfectly.

If you think of your overall brand strategy as a recipe, consider video a vital ingredient. There are so many different types of videos to create for your brand, each serving a unique purpose. We hope these ideas have inspired you cook up some new content that will keep your customers coming back for more!

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