10 Popular Types of Websites For Every Need

Your website is the face of your business, and choosing from the many types of websites out there is key to drawing in and retaining customers.

Studies have shown that it takes less than one second for visitors to form an opinion about your website and determine whether they’ll stay to explore or leave.

So, whether you’re operating a business or running a website for personal branding, it’s important to use a good layout and user-friendly design if you want your website to appeal to visitors.

Below, we’ll cover how to choose the perfect type of website along with every option available to you.

How to choose the perfect type of website

When determining the best type of website, consider your goals.

Are you designing a site to sell a product or gain new clients? Are you hoping to showcase your writing or photography? Maybe you’re creating a website to cover news stories or to collect donations for a charitable cause.

Whatever your intention, the type of website you choose needs to resonate with those who visit it. Consider your audience and who is most likely to visit the site:

  • What design styles are most likely to appeal to them?
  • How do they want to see information displayed?
  • What information do you want to convey when they click on your site?

Keep in mind, your website is a reflection of your brand identity so make sure that whatever you choose, it’s consistent with your other branding.

Different types of websites

Below, we’ve listed 10 different types of websites and provided some real-world examples. We’ve also added web platforms you can build a site on to help you choose the perfect type of website for your business.

1. E-commerce websites

mejuri ecommerce type of website

Ideal for: Selling products

Platforms to use: Shopify, Wix, Ecwid, WordPress, BigCommerce

Examples: Deceim, Mejuri

An e-commerce website is designed specifically for the facilitation of buying and selling goods or services over the internet. When you build an e-commerce website, you’ll have an SSL certificate built into the site, which shows visitors and consumers that your website’s connection is encrypted, making it a secure place to shop online.

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2. Portfolio websites

portfolio website type

Ideal for: Showcasing work such as writing, art, graphic design, and photography

Platforms to use: Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Behance

Examples: Florent Biffi, BLVR

A portfolio is designed to be visually appealing and is used to display a collection of work. Typically, it’s used by artists, writers, and graphic or web designers to show past successes and to share their capabilities with potential new clients.

3. Blogging websites

blog type of website

Ideal for: Sharing ideas and stories through writing, gaining traffic

Platforms to use: WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, Squarespace, Hubspot

Examples: Minimalist Baker, Color Me Courtney

A blog is a great way to build a brand for yourself. With a blog, you can drive traffic to other websites or social media pages, or simply share your thoughts and ideas with your website visitors.

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4. Business websites

the futur business website gif

Ideal for: Gaining clients and showcasing work in one place

Platforms to use: Wix, Squarespace, WordPress

Examples: Neil Patel, The Futur

A business website is more comprehensive than a portfolio and is a good way to share more detailed information about what you do. It can include everything from copy that describes your business and helps you gain new clients to a detailed portfolio of work you’ve completed.

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5. Media or news website

refinery29 news website

Ideal for: Gaining traffic and sharing important information

Platforms to use: WordPress, Custom design

Examples: Buzzfeed, Refinery29

A media or news website is ideal if you want to share news via writing, video or photo. It enables you to easily sort, store and share information within the backend of the site and can be easily customized to keep the most up-to-date articles toward the front or the top of the page.

Media and news websites are also a good way to build traffic and attract new readers to your website.

Follow this website checklist before launching your site!

6. Educational website

brit and co educational type of website

Ideal for: Selling a digital product/course and gaining traffic

Platforms to use: Teachable, Thinkific, Coursera, WordPress

Examples: Makocino, Brit + Co.

If you’re selling a course or sharing important educational information with the world, you’ll need to build an educational website or host your site on other platforms, such as Thinkific or Coursera.

Keep in mind that an educational website will require a platform that can host large video files and a high volume of content so make sure the platform you use offers plenty of webspace.

7. Forum website

quora forum website

Ideal for: Building a community, increasing traffic and engagement

Platforms to use: WordPress

Examples: Quora, Reddit

Forums are a type of website that facilitates the exchange of ideas and information among a high volume of users. Forums are a great way to drive traffic and build engagement for your website, thus increasing your exposure.

8. Nonprofit websites

WWF nonprofit type of website

Ideal for: Collecting donations

Platforms to use: Duda, Squarespace

Examples: WWF, World Food Programme

If you’re operating a nonprofit organization and you’re looking to collect financial donations, a website is key. Using an e-commerce-type website with an SSL certificate is best but it’s also important to keep your message clear, so opt for a clean design and a user-friendly website experience.

9. Social media websites

instagram social media website

Ideal for: Gaining traffic and sharing content

Platform to use: Custom design

Examples: Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Pinterest

Maybe you’re tired of the social media options that exist currently or maybe it’s time to finally realize your dream of becoming a social media tycoon. Either way, designing your own social media website isn’t necessarily an easy feat. There are a lot of intricacies that go on behind the scenes on this type of website so custom web design is typically best.

Learn how to promote your website on social media!

10. Directory websites

yellow pages directory website

Ideal for: Gaining traffic

Platform to use: Custom design

Examples: Yellowpages, Google, Yelp

If you want to build a directory-style site to act as a search engine or to profile local or national businesses, it’s best to partner with a custom web designer who can help you build the necessary tools to accurately crawl the web for up-to-date information.

Which type of website is best for you?

With so many types of websites out there, the one you select for your business depends largely on your needs and the website’s purpose. It’s important to think first about why you want a website and second about the intended audience before making any decisions.

To recap, the different types of websites out there include:

  • E-commerce website: to sell a product or service
  • Portfolio website: to showcase work
  • Blogging website: to gain followers and share ideas
  • Business website: to showcase your company
  • Media or news website: to gain traffic and share important information
  • Educational website: to sell or teach a course
  • Forum website: to build community and increase engagement
  • Nonprofit website: to collect charitable donations
  • Social media website: to share content
  • Directory website: to search webpages or businesses

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