Looka-This Update: See What’s New in the Logo Maker

We’re kicking off the new year with a TON of updates that we’re really excited to share with you. Designing a logo using Looka just got a whole lot easier. The app was given a little refresh, selecting symbols has never been easier, mockups look a whole lot cleaner, and the suggestions you’ll get while editing your logo are much more compelling. Read the details below!

The logo maker got a facelift

It had been a while since we gave the app a makeover. We made some subtle design changes to each step to give the logo maker a totally refreshed look and feel. We also reduced the number of steps it takes to get to the editing step (what we call “the editor”)— because sometimes, you know exactly what you want and don’t need much help to get there.

New symbol selection

We realized that selecting the right symbol could take up a lot of time. We’ve reduced this time by prompting people in certain industries with terms to select from, and immediately providing curated symbols. Of course, you can always change these symbols in the editor. It just takes less time to get there.

Better symbols

Speaking of symbols! If you’re someone who prefers to pick your own, we’ve handpicked the best symbols to choose from and put them at the top of your search. Yes, this means someone literally went through hundreds of symbols and chose the most relevant ones. You’re welcome.

New mockups

Mockups are vital for you to visualize your logo out there in the world. We noticed our previous mockups didn’t look as realistic as they could. We want you to be excited and be able to visualize your brand. These new mockups do your logo better justice. You can now see your logo on business cards, hoodies, documentation, storefront signs,  social media, and airplanes—hey, shoot for the moon as they say.

Better suggestions while editing

In our editor, you’ll notice suggestions on the left sidebar. These are meant to help you visualize alternate options for your logo’s look. We’ve given these suggestions a big update with better font pairing, color combinations, space, and alignment for logo ideas that really stand out!

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