Looka-This Update: It’s Raining Logo Layouts!

New logo layouts

We’ve added four new logo layouts to the logo maker to make your logo look even more customized!

  1. Symbol between text
  2. Multi-font logos
  3. Multi-color text
  4. Symbol-as-letter

Let’s take a look at each one.

Symbol between text

You can now add a symbol between the text in your logo to break up the words. This looks great for logos with crests and emblems!

Multi-color fonts

Play around with different colors in your logo text! Logos with multiple words can now be different colors to create contrast or add emphasis on a particular word.

Symbol as text

We’ve curated select symbols that can be used instead of letters. Your logo will remain easily legible while having a more custom look to it.

Multi-font logos

Switching up the fonts in your logo is a great way to add or remove weight to different words. Doing this puts emphasis the part of your logo you want noticed the most.


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