Top 32 Vintage Fonts for Retro Brands

There’s nothing like a vintage font to make you feel nostalgic for simpler times. They work perfectly to create retro logos, vintage-style posters or simply to evoke the charm and allure of a bygone era.

Although there’s no hard and fast rule of what constitutes ‘vintage’, it’s generally anything old, which – surprise – could be as recent as the ’90s! We’ll take a full circle ride from the groovy vintage fonts of the ’60s to the bright neon lights of the ’90s. 

So stick with us to find and download your perfect vintage font!

32 Vintage fonts for retro brands

We’ve compiled the best vintage fonts by era to help you find the perfect look for your vintage brand. Let’s get to it!

1. Victor Moscoso (Free download)

Victor Moscoso 60s vintage font

The Victor Moscoso font channels the 1970s, reminiscent of the iconic logos from that era. It’s drawing its flowy freeform lettering from the renowned artist Victor Moscoso’s Neon Rose posters.

2.Cocogoose (Free download)

Cocogoose mid century font

Cocogoose is a geometric sans serif typeface, perfect for those looking to design a logo that has both a vintage and modern touch. It draws inspiration from fashion eras, and its robust character, offers diverse weights and decorative versions.

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3. Brandier (Free download)

Brandier vintage font design

Brandier Font, a retro serif with warmth and playfulness, ensures a captivating read with its large x-height and harmonized styles. With its appealing retro charm, it’s perfect for logos, web design, branding, and packaging.

4. Labor Union (Free download)

Labor Union block font

Labor Union, a vintage serif font by McLetters, was crafted for “Students for Labor Action” at Ithaca College. While its roots lie in industrial themes and worker’s rights, its versatile design is free for diverse applications, embodying the spirit of open access.

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5. Milestone (Free download)

Milestone vintage 70s font

Milestone, drawing inspiration from vintage baseball and sign painting, is a testament to the importance of logos in evoking a specific era or sentiment. It is perfect for logos, product names, and labels, where you want a nostalgic touch.

6. Kitschy Retro (Free download)

Kitschy Retro font

Kitschy Retro, designed by Letterfly Studio in 2023, is a vibrant display font that infuses designs with a unique retro flair. Perfect for elevating any creative concept, its versatility and distinctive style make it a must-have for design enthusiasts.

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7. Black Orange (Free download)

Black Orange vintage font

Black Orange is a mesmerizing retro serif font with swirling serifs and thick strokes. Its unique characters create elegance and infuse a blend of vintage allure that works well in creative industries.

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8. Retrofunk Script (Free download)

Retrofunk Script font

Retrofunk is a dynamic script font that radiates 70’s nostalgia. Its influenced by vintage typography advertising from that era, and infuses projects with a classic retro vibe.

9. Retronic (Free download)

Retronic 70s font
Retronic Vintage Script is a versatile font that enhances designs, from invitations and books to logos, t-shirts, and posters. Its timeless appeal adds elegance to a wide range of creative projects.

Check out these Looka-made vintage logos with fun retro fonts!

10. Retro Gastroll (Free download)

Retro Gastrall font

Retro Gastroll is a mid-century modern vintage font, drawing inspiration from the dynamic yet straight lines of 80s typography. With its monoline neat angles and laid-back vibe, it’s perfect for themes ranging from sports and youth events to cafes, fashion, and murals.

11. Benguiat Caslon

benguiat caslon vintage font

Like a 60’s cocktail party, this font is sophisticated, full of contrasting shapes, and smooth as silk. Perfect for a brand that does traditional things in a contemporary way, or vice versa! Designed by House Industries, it’s got all the right elements for a modern vintage brand, reflecting various graphic design trends.

12. Thermind 

thermind vintage font

Thermind is a perfect rewind to the fun display fonts of the ’60s. With a script style that looks handmade, this 2021 font by Maculink is perfect for traditional yet exotic branding. It’s best suited for brands that live in printed mediums due to its elaborate lettering.

13. Bungker

Bungker vintage font

Bungker has a bold and bulky retro vibe suited for compelling brands that like to have a little fun. It’s great for signage, branding, and labels in a printed setting. Designed by Alit, it has 4 different display styles to choose from.

14. Gunydrops

guny drops vintage fonts

If you’re looking to stand out with a 60’s font – this is it. Gunydrops is an all-in groovy font with an undeniable psychedelic look. There are no straight edges here! A fresh release by designer Ahmad Jamaludin.

15. Sunfleur

sunfleur vintage font

Soft and feminine, Sunfleur is the flower child of vintage fonts. If it could, it would wear a flower crown and attend peace rallies. It’s great for feminine or elegant branding in skincare, apparel, or illustrations. Released by Valley Type.

16. Nectarine

nectarine vintage font

A fresh pick, Nectarine is a bubbly and whimsical 70’s font by Prioritype. With a hand-illustrated look, it’s perfect for fun brands that want a vintage and human-made look. Ideal for businesses in handcrafted skincare or artisanal pottery,  this font is deliciously vintage whilst bringing the latest logo color trends to fruition.

17. Bright 

bright vintage font

Dreamy and retro, Bright is a great font for personal branding and brands that live in printed mediums. Designed by Ahmad Jamaludin, it’s a sophisticated and retro font that also works well in the fashion industry.

18. Mainstay

the mainstay vintage font

Yeah, baby! The Mainstay is an Austin Powers-esque 70’s font that has all the characteristics of the cool era. Loud and audacious, it’s meant for bigger-than-life brands that have a sense of humor. Designed by Ahweproject, it’s the perfect font to get your groove on.

19. Laguna Vintage

laguna vintage font

California dreamin’ about a road trip down the coast? This font is a freewheelin’ hipster with an edgy side(literally). Made for vintage branding in food, hospitality, or illustration industries, it’s a fresh release by Ricky Rinaldi.

20. Seventies

seventies vintage font

If bell bottoms could be a font, it would be the Seventies. It’s suitable for hardcore funkadelic 70’s brands in vintage clothing, furniture, or cannabis industries. It’s smooth jiving and bold enough to knock you off your platforms.

21. Brice 

brice vintage font

The “Dude” of all fonts, Brice is fun, friendly, and boasts a hand-drawn 70’s font appeal. It works well for illustration, logo design, and printed formats. Designed by Cahya Sofyan and released by Studio Sun.

22. Endless sunrise 

endless sunrise retro font

Endless Sunrise has an eclectic 80’s font look fit for brands making their own path. Bold, scrappy, and unapologetic, it’s built for the James Deans of the world. Released by Wing’s Art Studio.

23. ITC Benguiat 

benguiat retro font

Need a serious and spooky font? ITC Benguiat has hook-like edges that grip you at first sight. The perfect 80’s font for brands looking to make a sharp impact, it works well for product packaging, posters, and unique illustrations. It’s not for the faint of heart!

24. Saturday night 

saturday night vintage font

What’s a better combo than Scooby-Doo and Shaggy? The Saturday Night font family. A funky display font paired with a slender script makes for a perfect duo. Inspired by the ’70s and ‘80’s font style, Saturday Night is for funky brands that won’t turn down a night at the disco.

25. Gazpacho 

gazpacho vintage font

On a more serious note, Gazpacho is classy, sophisticated, and made for logos and brands that live in display settings. Easy to read and timeless, it’s a fresh release by Santi Rey.

26. Balgin 

balgin vintage logo

A font fitting for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Balgin is retro and is a sharp reminder of the memorable 90s logos that made a lasting impact. Bold and dynamic, it has 5 different weights and widths to work with. Published by Studio Sun.

27. Retrolight 

retrolight retro font

Ready for a night at the Roxbury? This energizing 90’s font is a great retro font for loud and confident brands. The outlines make for bold logo design or posters, posts, and headlines. A fresh release by Abdul Malik Wisnu.

28. Strippy

strippy retro logo

Inspired by 90’s fonts, Strippy is like a graphic novel with a pulp fiction and blade runner mix. Perfect for statement branding with a unique and unparalleled look. Published by Just Font You.

29. Lolapeluza

lolapeluza vintage font

Get your outfit ready! Inspired by Lolapeluza music festival, this font has sharp curves and a bright personality. It stands out from the crowds and works well in entertainment, toys, or event planning industries.

30. Ranch Vintage

ranch vintage font

Ranch is a classic western font that has the good without the bad and the ugly. Great for branding old-fashioned industries like whiskey making, baking, or barbershops. It’s a modern cowboy font designed by Gleb Guralnyk.

31. Plinc Hasler

plinc hasler circus vintage font

The old western font, Plinc Hasler will get you through any competitor shootout thanks to its distinct and eccentric look. Suitable for logos, packaging, posters, and illustrations, this font is a fresh release by House Industries.

32. Old Harbor front

old harbour vintage font

A vintage font collection isn’t complete without ye old sailor font. Perfect for tattoo parlors, artistic personal branding, and anything traditional – but edgy. Designed and published by Anastasia Dimitriadi.

How to make a vintage logo

Vintage Fonts-Infographic

Vintage fonts aren’t for everyone. If you’re in Bitcoin or AI – a vintage font might not suit your business or brand identity. But industries that have tradition and history, like organic skincare, natural health, beer or winemaking, outdoor apparel, and even food work well with a vintage logo font.

Tip: Vintage fonts work well in older industries. Anything to do with tradition, history, or even classic approaches to contemporary things!

1. Use a vintage font

With an endless array of vintage fonts to choose from, narrow down your options by asking yourself: “What is my brand personality, and which era best embodies it?”

From there, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for.

Vintage fonts lean towards older, more established font types. For example, serif fonts, handwritten or cursive fonts, and display fonts are all great choices since they existed before the internet.

Check out the funky vintage font below!

A Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-inspired font, this 70’s swirling display font is fun, playful, and great at getting attention.

2. Use vintage color palettes

Vintage color palettes can be bright and retro or faded and muted. They vary depending on the era, so gather inspiration from older TV shows like That 70’s Show, Scooby-Doo, or Stranger Things! Try visiting a vintage shop or listening to music from that era to get the ideas flowing.

Here’s the whole gamut of vintage color palettes for inspiration!

The font and color palette above are as funky as bell bottoms at a roller derby. The dark teal and mustard yellow are a retro combo. The dark orange slogan adds balance and depth to the palette.

3. Use retro design elements

Whatever industry you’re in, use a simple, wholesome symbol that represents your business. Stay away from abstract or modern symbols, and look for symbols with hand-drawn or minimalistic strokes.

Look at these vintage logo symbols from Looka’s logo maker to get you going in the right direction:

vintage logo symbols

Vintage fonts FAQ

What font is used for vintage?

A great font for a vintage feel is Benguiat Caslon. Its elegant curves and distinct character strokes evoke a timeless charm, making it an ideal choice for brands seeking a classic touch.

What is the best old-style font?

The best old-style font is Ranch Vintage, capturing the classic Western spirit, making it perfect for brands with a timeless touch.

What font is used in midcentury numbers?

The font often used in midcentury numbers is Thermind, with its handcrafted style evoking genuine 1960s charm.

What is the best font for vintage posters?

The best font for vintage posters is Gunydrops, offering a unique psychedelic look that stands out in retro-themed designs.

Get jiggy with it

With a full list of vintage fonts, create a logo or design that emulates your chosen era. Have fun with it and keep these key points in mind:

  • Vintage fonts work well for industries rooted in history and tradition
  • Use vintage-inspired color palettes to supplement your vintage font
  • Find vintage inspiration from old movies, music videos, and songs to inspire your vintage branding.

Go forth and bring back some old-school magic!

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