What is Looka and How Does it Work?

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers. Here’s what you need to know about Looka and how it can help you build your brand and launch your business.

What is Looka? 

Looka is an AI-powered graphic design platform that lets you design a brand identity from scratch, starting with your logo.

After you design and purchase a logo, you can use your Brand Kit to generate marketing materials like business cards, social posts, letterheads, posters, and more — in short, everything you need to make your business look great from day one!

You can also sign up to Looka’s website builder to create a business site, online store, portfolio, or blog using customizable themes and a drag-and-drop editor.

Why do I have to make a logo before I do anything else?

Your logo sets the foundation for all your other branding efforts and helps determine your color palette and typography.

After you use Looka to make your logo, the platform can quickly generate other assets you need for your brand based on that logo — and you’ll barely have to lift a finger. Which is important, because time is of the essence when you’re starting a business!

How do I get all the files? Are they ready to print?

After you purchase a logo and other branding assets, the files will be emailed to you. They’ll also be accessible from your Looka account page, which you can access by clicking your purchased logo.

When you purchase a Premium or Enterprise logo package or a Brand Kit subscription, you’ll get vector files (EPS, PDF, SVG) that are ready to print and a “Getting Started” guide with information about your logo colors and fonts. We also deliver Business Card Designs as PDFs, which are easy to print on your own or send to a print shop.

You talk about how the platform is “AI-powered.” What does that even mean?

Good question. Many other logo makers offer editable templates, which means the logo designs they generate are limited and not unique.

Whereas another platform might offer a few hundred templates, we use a non-templated approach to logos and provide thousands of different symbols, fonts, colors, and layouts.

The combination of each of these four inputs (what we call “ingredients”) allows Looka’s AI-powered technology to generate endless designs. Our platform also uses machine learning to apply design principles around color contrast, visual hierarchy, font pairings, stacked text, and more.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence does the heavy graphic design lifting and idea generating, but you have the ultimate creative control in choosing your favorite logos and editing them until you’re 100% happy.

Are you looking to replace designers? My friend is a designer…

At Looka, our mission is to make design delightful and accessible for everyone. That doesn’t mean replacing graphic designers — it means offering entrepreneurs and side hustlers a “middle” option between doing it themselves and hiring a professional, which can sometimes be a long or expensive process.

Many people starting a business don’t have the budget to work with a graphic designer or agency, so they face a roadblock at the very beginning of their journey. These are the people we’re looking to help!

You used to be Logojoy. Why’d you change your name?

To achieve our mission, we needed to position ourselves as more than just a logo maker.

Although we love the name Logojoy, we’re now a platform that gives entrepreneurs a way to design their own brand — and we wanted a name that reflected that.

Why did we land on Looka? As our CEO Dawson explained:

“When I say Looka, I think of one of our customers saying “look at this!” And when I think of one of our customers saying that, they’re proud of their design and what they’ve done; they want to show it off to people.”

To learn more about why we rebranded, check out this blog post.

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