Brand Guidelines

Strengthen your brand

Consistency is key to creating a memorable brand. Get an easy-to-share style guide that covers your brand’s colors, fonts, and more.

  • Find detailed information about how to use your logo
  • Create a custom URL to share your guidelines with anyone
  • Brand Guidelines are part of the Looka Enterprise package — or add them to any other package for $9 USD

Get guidelines instantly

Don’t spend hours creating brand guidelines! After you design a logo, Looka lets you generate a custom document (and shareable link) in seconds.

Brand identity elements, showing pink and gold logo, brand colors, and font style.

Master your identity

Find everything you need to build a consistent brand identity, including logo guidelines, color palettes, typography, sizing, and mockups.

Logo color options within brand guidelines, with various background styles.

Share as you grow

Achieving brand consistency is easier with a brand style guide. Use them when you create marketing assets, work with a designer or printer, or bring on a new employee.

Create a logo you love, then generate your brand guidelines!

Your brand guide FAQs, answered

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