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A great business name should help your company stand out and provide a canvas to paint your own meaning on. The Looka Business Name Generator helps you brainstorm ideas, check availability, and see logo ideas instantly.

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Generate business names
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Enter keywords or pick from a list of abstract ideas, then let the creation process begin!

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Review generated names, filter by length, and instantly check domain and social availability.

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Why use Looka’s business name generator?

Coming up with a brand name is tricky and can be an annoying roadblock when you’re trying to move forward with an idea: “I don’t have a name, sooo…”

Fear not! You’ve come to the right place.

Looka’s Business Name Generator comes up with tons of business name ideas in seconds — then lets you check the domain availability, social handles, and even see logo ideas in one click.

Skeptical? We get it — you’re picky! If you’re wondering how to start a small business and need the perfect name to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey, Looka’s Business Name Generator can help. We generate business names in a variety of ways, including invented names, compound words, and traditional names related to your industry. You can filter results by name length (character count) and get ideas for related terms right under the search bar.

How do I generate company names?

All you have to do is enter a keyword in the search bar above (at least one, but you can add more if you want and the list will update). You can also generate business names by abstract idea or industry — see the lists above.

What kind of business name ideas get generated?

We understand that you don’t necessarily need your keyword in your name, so we generate name ideas both around your keyword and including your keyword. If you don’t want to use a keyword, we also provide a list of abstract terms you can select to get the ideas flowing.

Using advanced algorithms, we generate names in five categories:

Traditional names - these are tied to your industry, so they’re a good choice if you want a more literal business name that describes your products or services. These names also tend to be on the longer side (e.g. Heirloom Property Advisors).

Invented names - these names are innovative and edgy — who doesn’t love a good made-up word? They’re one-word names, generally on the shorter side, and they tend to be easier to trademark and find domains for.

Compound names - these are descriptive and modern, which is a big reason why they're popular in the tech industry (LinkedIn, ZipSchool, PostEra). These names generally capitalize the second word for distinction.

Multiword names - these names are just what they sound like — two descriptive words separated by a space or an "&". These names are on the longer side, but they're viewed as elegant and discerning.

How is this brand name generator different from others?

Most online business name generators either prepend or append random words to the keyword you enter — so you get generic or random-sounding names and it's hard to find a good one.

We've worked hard to make something more human and inspiring — and because choice is KEY when coming up with a business name, we provide a wide variety of names and categorize them by type: invented, multi-word, traditional, and more.

Once you find a name you like, it's super easy to check the domain and social availability, hear how it sounds, and make sure the Google results for the name don't conflict with your business.

The result? Positive, unique, and high-quality company names that'll help you take the next step with your business.

How can you ensure a business name isn't taken?

Click any generated name to see the domain availability, as well as alternative domain availability if your exact business name isn't available with a .com address, for example. From this view, you can also do a direct Google search of the name (to see if there are any potential conflicts) and, if you want to take an extra step, it even links to the U.S. Trademark Office if you'd like to do a search.

Tip: Invented names are the easiest to trademark. Same with names that use existing words in ways not directly related to the product/service. Descriptive business names tend to be the hardest to trademark.

How do you check domain and social availability for a brand name?

Our brand name generator checks the domain availability of your selected business name by pulling from major domain providers. We check to see if the social handles are available, including social handle alternatives (e.g. those with appended prefixes and suffixes).

What should I do after I find a company name I like?

If you're ready to move forward with a business name — and you've made sure to Google it and check its availability — you can register a domain, design a logo, and start building your brand and business. Exciting times!