4 out of 5

Working with someone to create a custom logo from scratch will be more expensive than most other options. You can work out a flat fee or go on an hourly basis – just make sure you agree on the pricing before getting started.


4 out of 5

The designer will likely want to meet or arrange a call to review your ideas and get a feel for the company. From here, they'll send you logo options and iterations until you land on something you're happy with.


5 out of 5

Hiring a professional designer is one way to ensure you get exactly what you want for your logo. You'll work with them to create something unique and special for your brand.

Pros and cons of freelance logo design


Why you should

  • +Professional design

    You're working with a pro, someone who has done this before and knows how to design something original. They can offer advice and suggestions to produce the best result.

  • +Fully customizable and original

    You'll be involved in the design process from the very beginning. This means you can have your say and input, and the designer will make any changes you require.

  • +Excellent quality

    The designer should be able to produce a logo you're thrilled about. Make sure to ask for all the necessary files and formats you'll need.


Why you shouldn't

  • Expensive

    You can probably negotiate a flat fee or hourly rate, but beware: hourly rates can balloon if there are a lot of changes and back and forth between you and the designer.

  • Long process

    It's rare that the first option the designer comes up with will be the one you choose. Tweaking and changing things until they're just right is a good thing, but it's also time-consuming.

  • Not all freelancers are equal

    Not every designer has the same level of skill or collaboration. Finding a pro with a design aesthetic you're looking for – and one who's reliable -- can be a challenge.

Where to find freelance logo designers online

Dribbble logo

Dribbble is an excellent place to find design inspiration, but it also has an area to find freelance logo designers for hire. The great part is you can view their portfolio on the site and decide if their style and aesthetic are right for you. Then you can reach out and see if they’d be interested in taking on your project.

Check out Dribbble
Upwork logo

You can use Upwork to post your logo design job or describe what you’re looking for. The platform will then analyze it and suggest designers from its system who’d be a good fit for the project. You can also browse the site for freelance graphic designers, and designers can view your posted job and submit proposals for your review.

Check out Upwork
Fiverr logo

Fiverr is a little different from working with a traditional freelancer. It’s more of a marketplace, where you can browse through designers and their work, and choose someone that may fit the style you’re looking for. You can filter freelance designers by style, price, delivery time, and other options.

Check out Fiverr
People Per Hour logo

People Per Hour is a large freelancer site that lets you filter freelance graphic design professionals and design agencies by location, per hour rate, projects completed, availability, and more. Contact people directly through the site, or post a job that designers can apply to — you can even choose what experience level you’re looking for.

Check out People Per Hour
Freelancer.com logo

Freelancer lets you quickly post a project with details of what you’re looking for, and then get free quotes from freelance graphic designers within minutes. You can view designer’s profiles, ratings, and portfolios directly from the site, and chat with them about what your logo needs are to see if they’re a good fit.

Check out Freelancer

What you'll get from a freelance logo designer

When the design process is complete, you should receive all the logo formats and working files you'll need to build your brand, including vector files, PNG files, brand guidelines, and color variations of your logo to use on different applications. If asset delivery is incomplete, you can usually contact the freelance graphic design website you’ve chosen to get your money back or work with them to receive what you’re owed.

Learn more about file formats

Who this logo-making option is good for

Freelance logo design is an excellent choice for someone looking for a top-quality, customized logo. A professional designer can create custom artwork and take into account many aspects of your business to make a logo that fits your brand's personality; however, this level of care will cost more money and take longer than some of the other options.

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