Avoid trends

Aim for a logo that's timeless. You want a design that will last for years to come, so stay away from flashy fads or competing elements.

ABC logo


Make it scalable

From business card to poster, your logo needs to look great at all sizes, both on the web or in print.

General Electric


Keep it simple

Don’t overcomplicate your logo design with too many colors, fonts, or creative flourishes.

Nike logo



Above all, your logo is about communicating your brand. It should tell people who you are clearly and memorably.

Shell logo


Think about typography

Type is an important part of defining brand personality, so don’t overlook your font selection and usage.

Amazon logo


Be choosy with color

Understand the psychology of color and why companies use certain hues to convey a feeling or industry.

Animal Planet logo

A word of caution

There's a lot to consider when creating a logo. Keep in mind that these are just a few handy tips, not an exhaustive list of rules. Logos should be timeless and classic -- if you fall into trends and gimmicks, it'll only end up costing you more as you need to change or rebrand in a year or two. Do your research, consider multiple options, and think long and hard about the brand you want to become. Good luck!

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