5 out of 5

This will be the most expensive logo option. Design agencies often provide consulting as well as design, which can end up costing you extra.


4 out of 5

An agency will provide several options and make suggestions. Be prepared to take the time to filter through what option will work best for you.


5 out of 5

You should be getting many years' of experience from people who know what they're doing. In short, a great result.

Pros and cons of using a logo design agency


Why you should

  • +Professional design

    These are pros with a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction and help you make informed decisions.

  • +Fully customizable and original

    Agencies will create something unique and custom just for you. You'll have final say and will be able to give feedback throughout the logo design process.

  • +Excellent quality

    Not only will they create something custom, but they should provide you with all the files and formats you need, including vector files.


Why you shouldn't

  • Expensive

    Agencies usually work with large companies, and their pricing generally reflects that. Unless you're willing to pay big bucks, you might want to stay away.

  • Long process

    Agencies also work on many projects at once, meaning the timelines can be longer. They'll probably have a process they want to stick to so they can design the best possible logo -- a definite benefit, but one that can also add time.

  • Back-and-forth communication

    You likely won't go with the first option the agency comes up with, so be prepared to go back and forth to finalize your design.

Tips for working with a logo design agency

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Create a project brief

The first thing to do is spend time outlining exactly what you expect out of the logo design process. This should include things like project details, logo ideas and inspiration, business goals, budget, and desired deadline, to give you and the design agencies you reach out to a good understanding of what's expected.

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Find examples

Do online research and find examples of logos or brands you like. See what design agencies created them and check if you could hire them — are they available? Are they in your budget? This exercise is also helpful for when you're getting agencies to understand what you want for your logo. Having visual examples can help start a conversation about logo design goals and brand aesthetics.

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Research your options

Hop on Google and do some digging. Try searching for logo design agencies in your area and check out their online portfolios — they may even have customer stories or reviews. You can also visit their social media channels to see if their personality is a good fit for you and your business.

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Make a shortlist

Create a shortlist of agencies you're interested in working with and begin reaching out to them. They'll most likely have an evaluation process for new clients, so send them a friendly hello and see if they'd be interested in the logo project. Meet with them more than once to see what they have to offer and what they can provide you and your company. Remember: working with an agency is a significant investment in both time and money.

What you'll get from a logo design agency

When the design process is complete, you should receive all the formats and working files you'll need, including the vector files, logo variations, and brand guidelines. You should also receive solid guidance from the design agency on how to apply your brand’s fonts, colors, images, and more.

Learn more about file formats

Who this logo-making option is good for

A logo design agency is a good option for an established business looking to rebrand or differentiate their current brand from the competition. An agency can offer more research and resources than a single designer, but it does come at a cost. If you’re up for the spend, you can expect a quality custom logo that sets you apart from the competition.

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