Purple Logo Inspiration

Looking to add a pinch of purple to your brand? A purple logo might just be the way to go. This powerful color inspires images or royalty, creativity, and wisdom—but perfecting your purple logo takes work. Learn purple best practices by reviewing our gallery of logo designs that share this shade. Then, find a pairing for your purple by browsing our favorite purple logo color combinations. Finally, choose the perfect shade of purple, with our recommended color codes. 

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  • Power
  • Luxury
  • Ambition
  • Wealth
  • Extravagance
  • Wisdom
  • Dignity
  • Creativity
  • Royalty
  • Vibrancy
  • Fun
  • Calm

Popular purple logo color combinations

Purple and green color combination for logos.

Purple & Green Logos

Purple and green logos evoke feelings of warmth, playfulness, and ambition. The FedEx Ground logo is a great example of a company that uses this logo color combination. Since purple and green both share a common primary color of blue, there is a sense of continuity between the two hues. Depending on how much blue is in your chosen shades, you can create more or less contrast in your logo’s color scheme.

Purple and yellow logo color combination.

Purple & Yellow Logos

Purple and yellow logos evoke feelings of wisdom, enthusiasm, and stimulation. Hallmark is a great example of a company that uses this logo color combination. Situated on opposite sides of the color wheel, purple and yellow are a prime example of complementary colors. By combining complementary colors in your logo, you create a strong sense of contrast. This visual impact can help your brand to stand out in a crowd.

Purple and turquoise logo color combination.

Purple & Turquoise Logos

Purple and turquoise logos evoke feelings of creativity, ambition, and warmth. The Charlotte Hornets is a great example of a company that uses this logo color combination. Since turquoise is classified as a blue-green color, it creates less contrast when paired with purple than pure green would. Together, the cool tones of purple and turquoise give your logo a visually cohesive look.

Purple logos are often seen in these industries:



Travel agency

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