Red Logo Inspiration

Ready to create the red logo of your dreams? We’ve put together everything you need to craft a logo in this powerful color. Explore logo designs sourced from companies across the globe. Then, read up on some of Looka’s favorite red logo color combinations. Finally, find your perfect shade of red, by browsing a few of our recommended color codes. 

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  • Power
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Desire
  • Determination
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Love
  • Fire
  • Anger
  • Danger
  • Motivation

Popular red logo color combinations

Red and white logo color combination.

Red & White Logos

Red and white logos evoke feelings of power, timelessness, and versatility. Lululemon and Levi's are great examples of companies that use this logo color combination. If you plan on adopting this classic color combination for your logo, consider using a bright, bold shade of red. With a saturated red against a stark white background (or vice versa) you create a strong sense of contrast—and a strong impression of your brand.

Red and blue logo color combination.

Red & Blue Logos

Red and blue logos evoke feelings of strength, reliability, and trust. Pepsi and American Airlines are great examples of companies that use this logo color combination. Because both red and blue are primary colors, their combination adds a simple, straightforward appeal. To amplify these traits, try keeping the rest of your logo's design similarly simple and straightforward. By doing so, you can build a greater sense of trust in your brand.

Red and yellow color combination

Red & Yellow Logos

Red and yellow logos evoke feelings of energy, excitement, and optimism. McDonald's and Lego are great examples of companies that use this logo color combination. Like red and blue logos, red and yellow logos also leverage primary colors. Similarly, this logo color scheme has an honest, straightforward appeal. However, yellow skews more playful and friendly than blue, making this color combo a great fit for restaurants and toy companies.

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