Accounting logo design

As an accountant, your reputation is everything. But it’s not just your numbers that clients need to be able to trust. If your brand isn’t trustworthy, clients will have a hard time trusting you—no matter how excellent your Excel skills are. Whether you run an accounting firm, freelance as a bookkeeper, or offer other financial services, a well-designed accounting logo is a perfect way to start building a trustworthy brand. 

Before you can create your accounting logo, you’ll need some inspiration. Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together logos from some of the accounting industry’s biggest names, along with helpful logo design advice. Once you’ve learned which colors, fonts, and symbols work best, make your own logo using Looka's easy-to-use, AI-powered logo maker!

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Accounting logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Many established accounting firms opt for simple, subdued color palettes, in shades of green, blue, and gray. These colors convey maturity and intelligence, making them great options. Meanwhile, yellow is a popular pop of color for more modern accounting logos and firms, possibly due to its association with gold. For your logo, look for colors that are serious enough to build trust, while still standing out from competitors.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Depending on where you’ll be using your logo most, you’ll want to choose your logo layout accordingly. For many accountants, this means business cards and company letterhead. In these applications, a minimal layout works best. By choosing a clean layout, you’ll also create an ordered, organized impression of your business.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


For many accountants, logo fonts from the Serif family offer a quick way to convey reliability and trust. These fonts are seen as more traditional and established, which can help young firms bolster their reputation. As you choose your fonts, make sure to test for readability, to ensure your logo looks great at every size.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


Just because you work in accounting doesn’t mean you're obligated to include a calculator symbol in your logo. If you do include a symbol in your logo, look for something that captures the spirit—as well as the services—of your business. Whatever symbol you go with for your accounting logo, make sure it complements your other logo elements and can scale well.

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