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Whether you're on the verge of launching your practical AI application or exploring groundbreaking AI technologies, our AI logo generator will help supercharge your brand. Find inspiration and craft the perfect, professional logo to represent your AI business—in just a few clicks.

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Enter your AI business name and select logo styles, colors, and symbols—it only takes 2 minutes! Our AI-powered logo creator (yes, we love AI too!) will use your inspiration to generate logo options.

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You’ll get 100s of custom logo designs based on your preferences. Simply click your favorite logo ideas and preview how they look on T-shirts, business cards, and more.

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Use our logo editor to perfect your design and make your vision come to life. Get many more logo variations by changing colors, fonts, layouts, and spacing—no advanced design skills required.

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Artificial intelligence logo best practices

Logo Best Practices Color


Did you know that colors make a huge difference in how your AI business is perceived? For example, a blue AI logo may evoke honesty and trustworthiness—things that may help you overcome AI skeptics. Orange, on the other hand, will appeal to an adventurous buyer. Choose colors that reinforce your brand and its key messages.

Logo Best Practices Layout


As an AI business, you’ll use your logo across a wide variety of mediums—from your website to social media and swag. Opt for a clean logo style that will look as good on your website as it does on a t-shirt or flask. You’ll also want to think about an element of the logo being usable as an icon, website favicon, and for your social media profiles, too. 

Logo Best Practices Typography


Your choice of logo fonts can convey as much meaning as your color choices. Make sure your font is clean and easily legible. Serif fonts can convey elegance and bring warmth and humanity to the AI space. Alternatively, a sans-serif font carries a modern impact. The weight of the font matters too — heavier fonts have more punch. So if you want your AI brand to have modern oomph, a bold sans serif font is the way to go.

Logo Best Practices Symbol


Lots of AI businesses rely solely on their wordmark and colors. But adding a meaningful symbol can help you stand out from the pack. Don’t just think of this as a decorative element; it should be a meaningful addition. For example, symbols that represent neural networks portray the learning and decision-making processes of AI. Once you’ve found a symbol that suits your brand and product, make sure it complements your other logo design choices and can scale well across a variety of mediums.

Logo Best Practices Special Features

Looka Logo Maker Special Features

AI is quickly becoming a cluttered field with many brands vying for top place. Signal your AI brand’s superiority with a few of Looka’s advanced logo maker features. Create a sense of visual hierarchy by stacking the text in your name and slogan. Or add variation by pairing different fonts and colors within your company name. Want to create a sense of unity within your logo? Try pairing a circular container with curved text. With a few logo design flourishes, you can create a logo that really speaks to your brand.

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