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Air travel opens up a world of adventure, with countless destinations just a boarding pass away. But before passengers can trust your airline with their travel plans, they need to trust your brand. Prepare your airline for takeoff, by creating a brand that speaks to vacationers and business travelers alike. With the right airline logo, attracting passengers and growing your business is a breeze. 

But before your brand can take flight, you first need to understand the fundamentals of airline branding. Browse airline logo ideas from domestic and international airlines to other air transportation business, and discover what colors, fonts, and symbols the world’s most famous wings are wearing. Once you’ve discovered the route you want your brand to take, make your own airline logo using our AI-powered logo maker!

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Airline logo best practices

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If you need inspiration for your airline logo’s color palette, look to the skies. Blue and white are popular color choices, evoking the sky and clouds. Blue is also associated with trust, which can help to reassure nervous flyers. To inspire visions of the warmer climes your planes frequent, try adding red to your airplane logo. Aside from sunny beaches, red is also associated with speed and strength—two key traits for any aircraft.

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Business cards, booking websites, aircraft tails—these are just a few of the locations your logo might appear. To ensure your logo looks great both on the ground and in the air, keep your layout simple. Complex symbols and long slogans can get lost at small sizes or from large distances. For more flexibility, try creating symbol-only, text-only, and symbol and text logo variations for different marketing applications.

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Create a strong impression of your airline, by using bold fonts in your logo. The thick lines of heavier font weights create a sense of confidence in your services while adding to your logo’s legibility. Look for fonts from the Sans-Serif family, a favorite among airline logos of all stripes. The sleek lines of these fonts convey speed and efficiency at a glance—perfect for attracting the attention of busy flyers.

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The right airline symbol will inspire a sense of adventure, while also clearly communicating what your company does. For many airlines, this balance comes in the form of bird or plane symbols. Others take a more abstract approach, using swoops and swirls to convey movements of the air and wind. For any symbol you consider, be sure that it works with your logo’s other elements, to create a logo that can take your company to new heights.

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Special Features

When designing a logo that will help your airline soar, try incorporating some of Looka’s special features. Features such as stacked text, color pairs, and containers can be great ways to showcase your airline’s personality and fly high above your competitors. After playing around with Looka’s editor, your logo will be looking just as good as Air Canada, American Airlines or British Airways. 

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