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Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Animal logos are a popular choice for companies looking to add a bit of bite to their brands—both in the pet industry and beyond. So, whether your business offers animal-related products and services, or you just so happen to think a bird logo would be the bee's knees for your new business, a well-designed animal logo will help your company to stand out from the pack. 

Before you start trying to hunt down the perfect logo design, get a little animal inspiration by browsing our collection of animal logos from companies of all stripes. Learn what colors, fonts, and symbols define this species of logo, as well as how best to use them in your brand. When you’re ready to make a logo, go wild with our AI-assisted logo maker. It’s free to try and fun to use!

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Animal logo best practices

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


With animal logos, you should have a symbol in mind right from the start. Since your symbol will contain your brand’s animal of choice, it’s central to the rest of your logo, and will determine many of your other design choices. Make sure your animal symbol matches your products or services—whether literally or figuratively. A cat symbol for a feline grooming company, a bull symbol for an optimistic investing firm, and so on.

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Just as animals come in every color of the rainbow, so do animal-inspired brands. As you choose colors for your logo’s palette, it can help to start first with the animal you’re looking to incorporate. Take inspiration from your chosen creature’s natural color scheme, to create a more cohesive impression of your brand. If you want to get a bit bolder, swap your animal’s natural color scheme for something never seen in nature.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Since you’ll likely want to have your animal front and center in your animal logo, you’ll need to choose a layout that gives your symbol more space. Aside from highlighting your company’s animal mascot, your layout should also be sufficiently simple to allow you to use your logo in a wide variety of mediums and sizes. A minimalist layout will look just as good on dog walking flyers as it will on a pet food website.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Many companies with animal logos choose to contrast the naturalistic lines of their symbol with a more structured font. Look for clean lines and heavier weights in your font, to help ground your logo’s design. For every font you consider, be sure to step back and check for readability. Even though your animal symbol is the star of the show, customers still need to be able to read your name to remember your company.

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Special Features

As you finish up your animal design, watch your logo take flight and soar with a few of Looka’s special features. To start, give your logo some structure with a container or separator. If you want to subtly convey the multiple services your animal company offers, try font and color pairs. By varying the text within your name, you can show your potential customers why you’re truly all the buzz. For a bonus treat, consider adding a monogram symbol. Monograms make for easy branding on any medium—from veterinarian stickers, to dog walking vehicles, to pet store T-shirts and much more. 

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