Automotive logo design

In the race to gain customers, a strong brand can give your company a competitive edge. Whether you work in auto repair, parts, or detailing, customers need to trust your brand before they can trust you with their vehicle. So, if you’re ready to leave the competition in the dust, it’s time to start building your automotive brand—beginning with an automotive logo. 

But before you start your engine, you need to first understand what makes a great automotive brand. Browse our collection of automotive logos from every area of the industry to see what colors, fonts, and symbols other automotive companies are using to stand out. When you’re ready to design your own logo, our easy-to-use logo maker is here to help—and free to try!

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Automotive logo best practices

Colorful Windows with Trees Indoors


Power. Reliability. Speed. These are just a few of the traits you’ll want your automotive company’s logo to convey. Within the auto industry, these traits are typically communicated using reds, blues, and metallics. Look for strong, saturated shades of these colors, to add an air of confidence to your logo. If you opt to go the metallic route, Looka offers plenty of gold and silver foil options to make your logo shine.

Phone Layout with Logo on Screen


Will your auto detailing company need business cards? Will your auto repair shop need signage? Depending on the type of automotive business you run, you might be using your auto logo in different mediums and sizes. If you aren’t sure where or how you’ll be using your logo, your best bet is to stick with a simple logo layout. With a minimalist layout, you can be sure your logo will look great in every application.

Large Letter A on Rusted Background


Like your products and services, your automotive logo’s font should be solid, reliable, and efficient. For many automotive companies, Sans-Serif fonts tick all of these boxes. With their clean lines, crisp angles, and simple silhouettes, fonts from this family are easily readable across a variety of sizes and mediums. If you want to be a bit bolder, try using a heavier weight Sans-Serif font in your logo.

Elaborate Ampersand Symbol on Crowded Desk


It should go without saying that cars are by far the most popular symbol in automotive company logos. But just because your business is of the vehicular variety doesn’t mean you need to go down that road. Animal and abstract symbols can also create a strong impression for your company. For any symbol you consider, make sure it matches the other elements of your logo, to ensure your brand works together as one well-oiled machine.

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