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Some of the earliest examples of branding have come from bakeries. In ancient Rome, bakers used a heavy stamp to brand their bread and identify its maker. While branding has come a long way since then, bakeries today still need to set their wares apart—which is where bakery and bread logos come in. 

Learn the recipe to the perfect bakery logo, by exploring Looka’s bakery branding resources. Begin by browsing our collection of logos from bakeries, cake shops, other baked good purveyors. Then, read through our design best practices, to see which logo features are the ideal ingredients for this industry. When you’re ready to start cooking up your bakery’s logo, Looka’s logo creator is the perfect tool for the job. It’s AI-powered and easy to use—so you can get a logo in less time than it takes to preheat the oven.

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Bakery logo best practices

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Bakery logo color schemes tend to fall into two categories: savory and sweet. Savory palettes use warm reds, yellows, oranges, and browns to conjure up images of fresh-baked bread and woodfired ovens. Sweet palettes use cooler purples, blues, and pinks to create a logo reminiscent of colorful candy and desserts. Depending on whether your bakery skews savory or sweet, you might choose one palette over the other.

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While you likely won’t be stamping your logo into your loaves like the Romans, there are still plenty of places to use your logo. Will your cakes need branded boxes? Will your bread need paper bags? Will your cupcake shop need signage? Think about where your logo is likely to appear and look for formats that work for those applications. If you’re unsure of which layout will work best, stick with something simple and scalable.

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Many bakeries try to create a cozy, comfortable feel with their fonts. To do so, Script, Serif, and Handwritten fonts are often used. If you want to go against the grain, try looking for fonts outside of these families. Whether you go bold with Modern, Futuristic, or Funky fonts or keep things more classic, be sure to test for readability. After all, if customers can’t read your name, they won’t be able to remember your brand—or your bread.

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Symbols are the cherry on top of your bakery logo, adding a little something extra to your brand. While you don’t need to include a symbol, many bakeries choose to do so. Some take the literal route, with wheat and loaf symbols abounding, while others use mascots to add a personal touch. If you do choose to include a symbol, make sure it matches your other logo features, to create a beautifully balanced logo for your bakery.

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Special Features

When designing a logo that speaks to your bakery brand, try incorporating some of Looka’s special features, such as symbol between text, color gradients or stacked text.  These can be great ways to showcase your personality and stand out amongst your competitors. After mixing it up with different features in Looka’s editor, your logo will be looking as delectable as Tartine, Stonemill, Magnolia or Cob’s.

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